Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rainy Days, Daffodils, and Thursday Thoughts

Wednesdays are a bright spot in our weeks - come rain or shine!

Who doesn't love puddle jumping?

You can see Trystan sure does!! They ALL do!!!
Don't YOU? I know I do!!!
As soon as Amber brought them over this morning, we were donning our rain gear and heading out the door. It wasn't raining when we started our walk - but it was by the time we returned!!

 Don't they look cute in their raincoats and rain boots?
I found ALL of these last spring at Goodwill!

We walked around the block and they STILL weren't ready to come in - so.....
I took them to a 'secret path' - the drainage ditch!!

This ditch snakes through the neighborhood and was a forbidden to my children when they were growing up. Back then gangs hung out in there and it was no place I wanted MY kids to be!
Things have improved over the years and I spied no gang graffiti on the concrete and no 'debris' anywhere around! Of course I STILL would not allow a child of mine to go down there alone. 
I am a bit over protective....maybe.

Anyway, I was with them and we had a BALL!!!!!

The water was running under our feet!!

The kids all had a fine time!

We were soaked by the time we got home!
Harrison literally POURED water out of his boots after he took them off!

I stripped the kids down, toweled them off, warmed them up and put dry clothes on them!
I warmed their little fingers and toes with my blow dryer and then put all their wet things in the washing machine!

They settled right down at the game table in the den and did their learning books.
See the little Bibles beside them?

I bought them Tuesday and they absolutely LOVE them!!!
They carried them around all day and Kailey and Logan would 'read' to anyone who would listen.
They read stories as in every day activities or what was going on.
Kailey read, "Lucy peed in the den AGAIN and MeeMaw was NOT happy!!! That was not a good thing for Lucy to do. Granddad is helping MeeMaw. Harrison is asking Trystan to play cars with him......" I dearly love listening to them!

Lunch was an easy peasy child pleaser!!
Harrison LOVES hash browns and Kailey LOVES corny dogs!!
They ALL ate well!

Naps are an important part of our Wednesdays!
I couldn't do this without them!
Normally, I am messaging Deanie right about this time.
THIS is the pic I sent her......
The kids were all asleep at my feet.

THIS is the one she sent me!
Deanie had taken Mother to the doctor and she had an EXCELLENT check up!!!
I swear she is in better health than any of her children!!!
They celebrated with Mexican food so she was a happy camper!

After the quads woke up - and they ALL went to sleep as did I!!! - it was time to bake some cupcakes!

The kids love playing outside any chance they get!
They played while the cupcakes were in the oven and then we all went to the gazebo to eat them while they were still warm!!!

What can I say???

Am I right???

Louis Dean wanted to cook dinner last night. He really LOVES to cook. AND he is getting better all the time at cleaning up. Still, it gives me pause for any serious cooking to be done on Wednesdays when we have the kids. However, he made goulash AND home made biscuits!!

While he was in the kitchen, we did our craft.
Each child stenciled their initial on their Bible Bag and then they did free art where they could be as artistic as they wanted to be!

Louis Dean's version of Goulash and his heavenly biscuits!!!!

That's all I have, folks, for Wednesday. I hit a stone wall of exhaustion all of a sudden.
Normally I can push on and on and on.......
Not any more!
Amber and Mike came in and I went straight to bed. They wound up the evening and gave the kids baths and visited with Louis Dean. I meant to lie down for 15 minutes. It was more like an hour,
I could hear the kids laughing and I could hear the grownups talking - but still I stayed in bed.
I did manage to get up when they were leaving but I walked straight back to bed when they left.

This morning I woke up after a sound sleep. 
I was in bed for over 12 hours!
I thought I would be back in the game but I wasn't.
It took me all day to clean the bedrooms and bathrooms.
Of course I didn't start until after 2:00.

Louis Dean and I had strawberry shortcake for a late breakfast/ early lunch.
Then I did my Yoga.
I was shocked I could still do all the positions.
I guess all those Karate exercises have done some good.

I stripped off the flannel sheets and warm blankets replacing them with my favorite set of smooth sheets that make me feel slinky when I crawl in bed.
I also spent a lot of time cleaning my bathroom.
It reminded me of the days years and years ago when I would clean my Granny's bathroom.
I cleaned out cobwebs, dust and powdery residue - and I don't even use dusting powder as my Granny did! When I finished, I took a hot shower, washed my hair and went to bed! For a little while at least! I sent my sister this photo and she said that we all do what works for us to keep us sane.
She is a germaphobe and I CLEAN.
Works for us! 

I always burn every drop of candle wax possible so I kept pushing the melted wax toward the wicks as I sat up in bed and read while sipping a glass of Pinot Grigio! From a BOTTLE and not a BOX!!!

After I rested I got a second wind and blew into the guest room!!

Mother will be coming home with me tomorrow and this room was a WRECK!!!
I had pulled linens from the closet and stripped the bed!
Order was restored!

I fixed up a coffee bar for her on the dresser.

Deanie sent a brand new coffee pot home with me Tuesday.

I am hoping my friend, Dawn, in Florida recognizes these napkins.
I always think of her when I use them! Thank you, Dawn!
I think I am ready!
In the morning I will go to Fort Worth, take my mother to check out the new place and meet and greet some of the staff. We are still praying this will all work out!!!

And now I am going to bed!


Linda said...

Good luck on your trip tomorrow. Hope your mom likes the new place. Always enjoy reading about the quads.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your grand quads are getting so big and are all adorable, Linda!God bless!

Kathy said...

Splashing in puddles... I remember doing that when I was little and it was so much fun! What great memories you are making with the quads.

You must have been very tired to sleep so long. I hit those walls of exhaustion too. There's nothing to do but go to sleep. Hope you are feeling rested today and that your mother likes the facility you are taking her to see. I really think if it is a good place that this is the right thing to do.

Arlene Grimm said...

I really do not know how you take care of four preschoolers Linda!! I am having my three older grands to spend the night tonight. We will go to Bham tomorrow to pick up 10 month old Audrey who we will have for 8 days while Charles and Nancy are on vacation. I am just praying we are up to it. Thankfully Aunt Mimi lives up the road so she has offered to come by and help out. There are days that I remember that I am no spring chicken!!lol

Changes in the wind said...

Love the is a perfect way to end the day.

Susie said...

Linda, I am so very glad God is up all night...cause some times when I wake up in the night I say more prayers. LOL. I guess kids' rain gear helps keep them from drying out. LOL I laughed about Harrison pour rain form his boots. Gotta love those kiddos. Please that sweet LD making a good supper for all of you. I was happy the kids liked their little bibles. Wishing you a good day with your mom and hug her for me. Blessings to all there, love you guys, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

I spent many happy hours of my childhood playing in the rain and wading in the puddles, mine was barefoot though and we lived on a dirt road, so it was really messy and fun. i enjoyed stomping through the rain with our quads. there hair is so beautiful. i must say you look quad-exhausted in the selfie... another fun day

Pondside said...

Good luck today, Linda. I pray that the new place will work out for your mother, and in the meantime, I hope that your time with her is good.

Vee said...

And have no concerns about falling asleep praying as it is the very best way to fall asleep. So much on your hearts that it is no wonder that you are exhausted. It is always pleasant to see how you bring order to your world. Those children must have had a blast walking in the rain. No, I do not enjoy walking in puddles and most especially I do not enjoy jumping in them. What an old stodgy I am. You, on the other hand, are one hip grandmother!

Carol Slater said...

It looks as though you truly do great with the kids and have a lot of fun. I am glad you enjoyed the puddles as much as the kids did.

Sweet Tea said...

Just like Peppa the Pig, the kids like "jumping in muddy puddles". What fun!

Nita said...

I love hearing how Wednesday with the Quads went. You're so good at showing them and bringing out their creative side. You and LD will always share a very special place in their memory & hearts.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What fun for your four puddle-jumpers! Yes of course...EAT DESSERT FIRST!

Estelle's said...

There is nothing as good as puddle jumping and especially when you have darling rain boots on! Love it! Best wishes with your plans for your mother! Adorable photos of family, food and fun and Miss Lindas!

Jutta said...

Your cozy bedroom is beyond beautiful. It is so outstandinglywonderful.. The path in rain was a good choice. Happy times!

Blondie's Journal said...

My first thought was how expensive it must be to outfit the quads in rain gear...then you said second are a savvy lady, Linda! They look like a million bucks, how fun!!

You exhaust me with the time you spend with the kids doing so many interesting activities. I applaud you in finding so many ideas Where do you get them? And yes...take those naps. I read magazines and I laugh when they say its healthy to sleep, to try for 7-8 hours. I'm free as a bird and can easily sleep 10-12 hours every night (and sometimes do...shhhhh!). I should be perky and wrinkle free so that's not necessarily the tonic!

Love what you did to your guest room. I'm looking for ideas for the two we have at the lake. I need to sneak up early (we are always outside having bonfires till late) to make a small ice bucket and bottles of water and maybe some small chip and cookie packs. People don't want to disturb others walking downstairs.

Thanks always for visiting my blog. I get so caught up with yours, and always feel like a lazy slouch. Ha! Seriously, I always enjoy your day to day happenings, we are twins separated! I'll try to visit more often. :)


Penny said...

I am not surprised you were so exhausted Linda, with everything you are dealing with at the moment! You did the right thing to rest. Sending hugs to you X