Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Cold and Windy Day in our Camper!!!

Last night the wind picked up and it turned colder! Louis Dean took the awning down before the wind blew it away! We slept snug as bugs in a rug, though! Both girls and both grandparents slept well through the night.

It WAS a bit chilly in here by the time we woke up! I plugged in our small electric heater and Louis Dean cooked us up some farm fresh eggs and sausage! It was warm and cozy in no time!
We read the Bible together using a New Testament Logan found in the camper. When I couldn't find the Bible I THOUGHT we had left here, she brought me the NT she found on a shelf.
I read a children's Bible book written by Sarah Young for the girls and then our devotional book for us, also written by Sarah Young! She really is a gifted writer!

It was too cold and windy to take the girls outside so I popped in a classical Looney Tune Cartoon DVD and left the girls sitting with their Granddad while I tucked myself into the bunk bed and took a good nap!!

Once I woke up, Louis Dean went down for a nap!
I fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and potato soup for lunch and we left some for Granddad on the stove while he slept on! I did the dishes while Trystan and Logan read books and played quietly in the lower bunk.

The girls are so good at entertaining themselves!
I guess we were ALL very tired today.
The girls napped.

Louis Dean napped.

And I napped. Again!

I had thought we could go outside this afternoon after we all woke up but we lingered some more inside where we were warm! We did an illustrated story book and played at the table.

Finally!!! In the late afternoon we donned our hats and sweaters and headed down the lane to the gate!

There was a lot to see on the way!
The neighbor's cows are always so photogenic!

These two horses live here on the ranch.

This is the neighbor's horse. I caught all of them visiting together over the fence!

The girls and I had fun on our walk.
We noticed a lot of tracks on the road.....including ours!

I brought out the turtle shells for a show and tell!!

The early evening sky from our camper door!

Uncle Dean was a hit with Harrison and Kailey and is just as popular with Trystan and Logan!
Both girls showered Dean and Sherry with some of the papers they colored this afternoon!

This evening's entertainment was 'A Horse for Danny', a good movie with Robert Urich.

I always loved him! Too bad he passed away in 2002.

The girls are in bed sound asleep as is Louis Dean on the couch!
'WE' are watching the 5th episode of LOST. I guess I will tell him all about it - tomorrow!!


Kathy said...

Sounds as if even though it was cold you made the best of the day. Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow and you can get out and about on the ranch a little more. You all must have needed the sleep.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

What a great day! Cold and windy should be changed soon. The farm looks like so much fun. Having fun with the kiddos is always wonderful. I love to take a nap too.

Sandra said...

so glad you had fun even though the weather did not cooperate.. i love all the pics of family, they are super duper shots.. pink coats are adorable. i can see you would have to have naps in shifts and figured that out... looks really cozy and fun.

Deanna Rabe said...

I used to love to camp, but haven't done it for years. It's fun no matter what the weather is like. Glad you all are getting lots of rest!

Susie said...

Linda, I was amazed the girls sleep so much. That makes it nice for you and LD to catch a nap too. It's going to be a good memory for them, seeing all the sights of animals and learning about them. They looked so sweet walking ahead of you on the path. Warm hugs to all and blessings for a fun filled 1st day of spring. xoxo,love you all, Susie

Estelle's said...

Cold....yes!! Such beautiful photos of the ranch! Should warm up in the next few days! Y'all enjoy!!!

Cheapchick said...

The kids are so lucky to have you guys - must be a real novelty to get to go to the farm and spend some time with their Aunt and Uncle

Nancy Chan said...

A great day to relax and rest and catch up on your naps. The girls looks cute in their pink sweater and pink cap. I think the animals enjoyed the visitors too!

Linda said...

That's great that the girls let you nap and that they can spend time entertaining themselves. Looks like everyone had a great time, the quads are soooo lucky!

Hula La said...

Wonderful post! And a very inviting spot to share! Aloha.

Debby said...

Your camper looks so cozy, like your home. The little girls look like they are having fun. Catching up on your posts. That wind did some damage. Glad you weren't there
Isn't it terrible how much assisted living is. Glad the joint custody is working.

Pondside said...

What lovely memories you are making with those four. It's nice that the girls didn't have to wait too long for their turn in the camper. Such a lot of napping - and fun!

Vee said...

A very different kind of weather day, but still a very good day! I think their aunt and uncle at the ranch are very thoughtful of them. It's no wonder that they return the love.

Penny said...

A cosy day together. The girls are so good! X

Carla said...

Those little girls are good. Keeping themselves entertained all day in the camper. It was cold that day. David was at the farm. He was pretty cold and ready to meet me at Pamela's early.