Friday, March 4, 2016

Celebrating FRIDAY and Decorating for SPRING!

I am loving NOT having anything on the calendar for the next several days!

This will give me time to decorate for spring!
The bunny is the ONLY thing I put in our bedroom as far as spring 'debris' goes.

However, I piled the sewing room up pretty good!!

I'm cleaning each room as I go and this is actually yesterday's room!

Today, Louis Dean repaired the wooden man bunny on the right. His head had come off!
I love this little bunny family! I found it last year at the Goodwill. The mama is holding one bunny child by the hand and has another one in her pocket!
The dada bunny is doing his share by carrying two baby bunnies in his basket!

So many of my decorations hold memories.
Amber painted these Easter eggs back in 1990 when she was just 5 years old.

I used an Easter egg vinyl tablecloth underneath a lace one this year since we have little ones eating at this table on a regular basis.

I am loving this corner and the shabby chic look.
It's a birdhouse, a birdcage and bunnies and eggs.
I am not a real decorator and I know I junk things up - but I do love to see all my pretty things and I also like to display them in different places each year. The birdcage and birdhouse was in our bedroom last spring.

I continue to enjoy my new wallpaper!!
At least what you can SEE of it!!

The sewing room is done and now the dining room is all dressed for spring!
Normally I host a Family Dinner either on Good Friday - where it is a picnic menu and served outside on the patios - or an Easter dinner on Sunday.

I tend to fill every nook and cranny with 'stuff!'
They make me smile.

In my cleaning today, I came across this broken bit of graham cracker and I immediately recognized it as Logan's! I remember her saying she wanted a new one! So, OF COURSE, she found a dish to put her old one in!!

When I pulled the chairs out to vacuum under the dining room table, I found Harrison's socks!

I also found his lost dinosaur!!!
All four of them were playing under the table Wednesday so it's a wonder I didn't find anything from Trystan and Kailey!

Louis Dean made a lot of progress on the patio this afternoon.
He is such a hard worker!

He and I often tease about it being 5:00 somewhere - but it was 6:30 before he stopped for the night!

We enjoyed the wine combination so much last night that we had the same blend to night!

Isn't he the cutest thing???

Our evening fires serve two purposes. 1 - we enjoy the ambiance and 2 - he is getting rid of HIS debris!!!

We start our day with our feet up in the den having coffee and end our day with our feet up in the gazebo having wine! LIFE happens in between!!!



Deb said...

You get so much done every day 😃

Linda said...

You would be wonderful preparing displays in a vintage debri shop. Your love of wine intrigues me. You apparently passed that and a love of candles on to Amber. I have essential tremors & a little drink of alcohol will stop them for several hours but I don't like the taste of alcohol. I've tried a number of kinds but so far I'd rather put up with the tremors. It's still too cool here to sit outside. I didn't know you could have an open fire in the city limits but it looks like great fun.

darlin said...

Linda you continue to amaze me the way you go all out for all seasons and holidays, it sure looks good but I definitely don't have the energies to keep up to you... especially now that I'm working full time!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend! Cheers.

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm always finding things my granddaughter leaves behind! The socks and dinosaur made me smile!

Your place looks cheerful and spring like!

Wanda said...

Your Spring and Easter decor is so cute. Love all your bunnies and everything else that makes your house enchanted and whimiscal. The broken graham cracker in the cute is that!

Enjoyed your day..very special.

Kathy said...

I really have to get my things out and about. I haven't been in much of a decorating mood lately. I love all your pretty things. It looks like Spring!

Changes in the wind said...

I think with all your things you must smile all day and that is a good thing:)

PATI CLARK said...

Your house is in full Bloom !!!! Love your Spring/Easter decor !!!! I'm ready for the new Season !!!I have St Patty decor out right now then after the 17th I'll start to decorate with Spring/Easter and I'll leave up til end of April !

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, I say if your things make you happy in your home, that is what you should do. I watch a lot of decorating shows and I use some of their tips but I love having things around me that make me happy, whether they are stylish or not!! I loved all the little grands things you found! At present there are three Ninja turtles sitting on my end table. And that fire looks like it kills two birds with one stone. You need to come to Alabama and see me and your sister!! We would have fun I am sure.

Susie said...

Linda, I love that sign at the end of your post.LOL. You make me laugh out loud. I love it. Yes, that LD is the cutest thing !!! So funny the things you found...I am surprised you didn't find more. The quads are good about putting things away. Blessings for more feet up relaxing good times. xoxo, love you, Susie

Jan said...

So sweet to find those little reminders of the grandkids visits!

Vee said...

Oh Harrison will be happy that you found his dinosaur. I don't think Logan will care about the graham cracker. I always love to see what you do with your seasonal decor. It's not my turn this year so my Easter decor will be limited. I don't want to haul it down and haul it back...feeling tuckered out just thinking about it. But I sure am glad that someone has the energy because I love to see it!

Sandra said...

i am loving your bunnies.. and we all know how fast rabbits multiply so you better watch out. yes, LD is just to cute.

bj said...

yay...everything looks so springy...i don't decorate for Easter..just a cute table and that's about it...
Love your pretty house....

Carole said...

A wine truck - what a fab idea! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You are so good at decorating for every season! Smiling at the 'lost and founds' left behind by the grands. Looks familiar!

Debby said...

You have so many treasures. So beautiful. You seem to have lots of energy.

Nancy Chan said...

You have decorated your home so beautifully. Love the evening fire and you and LD ending the day with feet up in the gazebo with wine .

DREAMS ON 34th STREET French Bread & Family said...

Linda! Your home is a magical place for your "grands"! Such a breath of fresh Spring! It's just around the corner! Can't wait!

Gypsy Heart said...

If you enjoy your things then you should have them out so you can see them. :) I don't have much space and I feel claustrophobic with a lot of stuff out. I don't follow any designers or "trends" ~ if I like it, that's all that matters! And...I have to have color, lots of it!


Carla said...

Geez I wish I had your ambition and energy when it comes to cleaning. I suck. Have fun I might be okay at but cleaning I suck at it and it shows. Poor little Daddy bunny lost his head. Glad LD could put Daddy bunny back together.

Penny said...

You are well ahead with your Easter decorations Linda, I have still to put mine up! Maybe tomorrow x