Friday, March 18, 2016

Second Half of the Quad Squad Go to the Camper!!!

We set this date just as we set the one with Harrison and Kailey and just hoped the weather would work out for us. It worked the first time and it worked today! Despite the rain and storms in the forecast, when I messaged my step son yesterday, he said it was fine down here!
So...............Amber popped into gear and packed Trystan and Logan's bags!
Guess what I did yesterday? Very little!
Deanie and Charlie came to pick up Mother and stayed to visit for a few minutes.
Mother's visit went so well and we will be making this 'Joint Custody' work - all of us together - including Mother! She has been a real good sport and that makes it so much easier!
When they left that afternoon and LD went off to do errands - I went to BED!
I stayed there much of the afternoon and then took another little nap around 7:00!
Louis Dean and I went out to look at the gazebo - or what remains of it.
I took down all the netting and the scraps of tops that were left and bagged them up and took them to the curb along with the bent rods and framing.
We will deal with the rest when we get back!

It was nearly bedtime when Mike brought the girls over and we traded vehicles.
These are two excited young ladies!!!!
They went to bed and were asleep in no time!!
This guest room of ours is staying pretty busy lately!

This morning I had a LOT of help in getting ready!

Logan informed me that SHE would do my hair!
Trystan said she would pick out my jewelry and help me with make up.
And so they did!

THIS is what traveling light looks like for US!
As one friend pointed out, she didn't see a kitchen sink!

We loaded and buckled up, said a prayer and we were OFF!

Let's DO this thing!!!!

The girls napped until we got to Hillsboro where we ate lunch. 
Then I napped until we made it to Waco.

HEB!!!! My favorite store!
We stocked up on groceries for the weekend.
I always look forward to this errand on our way to the camper every single time!

They are about ready to BE THERE!!!!!!

Next stop - the CAMPER!!!!
It takes nearly an hour to get things set up.
We take the chairs and bikes OUT of the camper and bring in all the groceries, supplies and bags.
My dream of walking out to the car with only my purse, book and laptop and leave for the ranch will probably never come to pass!
The girls were super patient as we put things in order inside.
We left Granddad to start the campfire and pull out the awning while WE went off to explore!

We didn't get past the vintage tractors!
The girls insisted on checking them out and then climbing up on them!

Cutie Patootie is what her mama calls this one!!!
She sure is!!

Logan and Trystan are so considerate of one another!
Taking turns is never a problem!!!
As a matter of fact, Trystan didn't get to ring the bell when they came on Wednesday since I was already outside. Logan remember and on Thursday night when their Dada brought them over, she reminded Trystan to ring that bell!!! Are they so thoughtful of each other because of being multiples in the womb? I think that might have something to do with it.

Pretend play......

From the tractors, we headed down to meet the chickens and roosters!

A loaf and a half of stale bread made the girls pretty popular!

Just look at the nest of eggs we found in the hen house!!

All the critters down here are so colorful!!!

Sounds at the big tank.....
I just love listening to them!

Even the goats and their kids have such personalities!

The meadow is my all time favorite place at the ranch!

The sounds of the meadow in the spring.

I think it's a favorite place of the goats, too!

As we walked back up toward the camper, I noticed the peacock strutting around with his feathers fanned out!!

Just beautiful!

So many pretty critters live down here!!!
The peacock has started calling - maybe since there is a pea hen in the pen as well.
The fanning of the feathers and the calling are both mating signs.
We may be seeing some baby peacocks before too long!
They generally lay their eggs, 4-6,  in the spring and after 28 days of gestation, the baby peacocks hatch!

By this time the girls had noticed their feet were dirty even though they were wearing their shoes.
Country kids wash their feet off with a water hose!

Dean and his dog, Rufus!

It was about this time that Uncle Dean and Aunt Sherry arrived back at the ranch with a bunch of baby ducks!!!

How exciting!

Not bad for their first trip to the country!

It was fun to see them so happy!

Uncle Dean asked them to pick some grass and make a grass bouquet for the ducks to eat.
A buffet of sorts!

We came back up to the camper so I could start some dinner for them.

While I cooked, THEY cleaned!!!

Little helpers!

Logan started the cleaning first! She really IS my Mini-Me!!

Day #1 of this Camper Adventure has been awesome!!!
I won't kid you - I am beat!!
Both girls have been asleep since 9:00.
As is our tradition, Louis Dean and I are watching LOST - Season #3.
We just finished the first disc!


Linda said...

A wonderful first day. Logan & Trystan smile more I believe than Kailey & Harrison did their first day. You can't have a better treat than baby ducks. It seems like every time Louis Dean sits down a quad climbs in his lap. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's report.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great experience for the girls...truly. I'm also grateful and pleased for you that you have some extra help with your mom. You need that and it's only fair.

I admire you as a mother, daughter and grandmother. But I know why you nap. You make me tired reading your posts but most of all, you inspire me to be better at all I do.

Happy camping!! :)


Jutta said...

Oh my - that is so much fun!!! What a much needed break from the home / gazebo situation. Trystan and Logan are soooo cute and make me want to hug them. What a precious way to bond with your grandchildren. They will remember their first ranch visit forever! Have fun and love one another in the most beautiful nature around you - plus the warm sunny weather also! So happy to know that you are there right now!

Nancy Chan said...

Love your trip to the Camper. How I wish I can join you all and enjoy the countryside and your cute grand kids. Have a lovely weekend!

Sandra said...

everything you and the kids did is something i would do and love to do and that includes the sounds of the meadow and petting those goats.. what a week end getaway

Susie said...

Linda, I can see why that is an exciting place for the kiddos...I would have loved those baby ducks myself. It sounds so different road noises either. Once my daughter Kathy and I saw a peacock at Magnolia Plantation, S.C., all fanned out. I told my daughter he was saying, "This old thing..I only wear this when I don't care how I look. " It's amazing the beautiful colors of their feathers. I wish all of you a fun time down on the ranch. Have a safe trip back. Blessings and hugs to all, love you, xoxo,Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

How much fun is this? And they are sleeping! Awesome!

Such great adventures!

Arlene Grimm said...

Good for you Linda...I totally forgot to post on my blog last night because I was so beat!! One more day with our sweetie then she goes back to Mom and Dad tomorrow. I have enjoyed having her but I have learned that I am not up to a whole week with a ten month old and she is an excellent ten month old. Hope to be back to posting next week.

Changes in the wind said...

Another adventure through new eyes:)

Deanie W said...

I LOVE these Kiddos:)

Christi Duke said...

I want to come to the ranch!!! There is something so sweet about those two! Have fun, can't wait to hear more about it!

Vee said...

What a great introduction to the country! Baby! And the videos all played so all is right with me, too.

Penny said...

Sweet times! X

Carla said...

Oh what memories you are creating for those babies. Love how these two work together.
I want to be at my farm after reading this