Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Always Something, Isn't it?

It's been a crazy few days around here!
Friday I picked Mother up and we went over to tour RiverPark Assisted Living.

Mother LOVED it!!!

She charmed everyone and was all ready to move in right then and there!!

If only it were that simple.
This would be our first choice but it is way beyond her means - or any of ours!!!
We will continue to search for a place for Mother.
Until then, Deanie and I are going to share 'joint custody!'

We stopped for burgers at In 'N Out and she was SMILING!!
This is NOT one of her favorite places to eat but she was being a real good sport about it!

Friday night we settled in for a good movie!

You can't go wrong with a classic!!
We have been reading about Henry Fonda so I bought the movie, Mr. Roberts.

Believe it or not, this was the first time I have seen it!!!
A great way to spend a Friday night!

Saturday was a good day to catch up on housework.
Mother is enjoying that coffee bar I set up for her in the guest room.
This is a Win! WIN!! all the way around.

I was rummaging around in the pantry and found the three little spring tea pots up on the top shelf!
I had forgot all about them! Next Wednesday we will be having a High Tea with the quads - complete with all the things featured in the Tea Party Game - sandwiches, fruits and pastries.
This will be a dinner meal for them as well! Of course, we will be playing the game that day!
These kids really do love a tea party!!

As I was sprucing things up around here, I heard the loudest commotion from outside the kitchen!

The birds in this bush were really getting into it!!!

It was a good Saturday. I made a big pot of potato soup and Louis Dean made a batch of homemade biscuits - adding a little extra sugar since I was going to use them to make strawberry shortcake.

We had learned earlier in the day that Kailey was not feeling well, so we went over there to visit and brought dinner with us!

Poor little thing!

She perked up when she saw us!!!

I let the kids help me with the strawberries and then they all went off to take baths before we ate.

It was a real Family kind of evening!

We watched the movie 'Up' all together as a family.

The kids watched every minute of it and seldom even moved!

Kailey Girl snuggled up next to her mommy!!

Harrison reclined on Granddad, using his belly as a pillow!
I glance over from my position on the couch and thought what a sweet picture it was of Harrison's small feet resting on Granddad's big ones!

This just makes me smile! 

Sunday morning we went to Granbury to celebrate the life of a dear cousin in a memorial service.

This is a photo I took from last July of Mother and her niece, Paula.
They were very close. 

No matter the occasion, when you get together with family, it is ALWAYS a good thing!

It brings out the smiles and the memories!

There is joy even as we share the sorrow of losing a family member.

My dear neighbor called me as I was driving to Fort Worth to tell me a large potion of our big elm tree had fallen in the back yard. We were dreading what we would find when we got home but she assured us the house was okay and we still had power.

So we decided to go ahead with our plans to eat at Babe's Chicken today after the service.
We had planned this awhile back so we did it!

Charlie is always teasing me about the bazillion pictures I take!
When I asked him and Louis Dean to get closer......

he puckered up!!!!!

He is such a character!!!

Memorial services remind us we never how long we have to spend with our loved ones.

We came home to survey the damage!

Stephanie had told me on the phone that our gazebo had been dealt a fatal blow!

I do believe she is right!!!
Louis Dean can fix a lot of things but THIS is pretty bad!

The tree portion fell and caught on the power lines but didn't break them.
Praise God for that!!
 PRAISE GOD that this didn't happen when the quads were out there playing!

You can see the inside wasn't destroyed but the gazebo is a goner!!
As I told Louis Dean, it is ALWAYS something!!
He didn't even get the patio and upper deck finished before another project came along!
I was so overwhelmed, I just came in and put my gown on and went to bed!
Now it's time to go BACK to bed again!!
Everything will work out. It always does. I must not fret or worry.
Just take things one step at a time!!!
But goodness, gracious!!! My back yard is a MESS!!!!


Amber B. said...

yall will get it cleaned up and better than before! Don't overdo it, hire help if needed.

We are still talking about Saturday night and how much we enjoyed it and how nice it was!!

Say What? said...

Bless your hearts. I'm so sorry about the place for your mother. I'm praying something even better comes along. And please don't fret over the repairs. You are right. If it weren't this thing it'd be some other thing.


Jutta said...

So sorry - but then again it was great that your house is intact! For sure you can get help with the damage control in your garden. Hugs!

Nita said...

It is a mess...but it is outside. Your warm and cozy so inviting home is just the way you left it. But than again, you do have to go outside & deal with getting things back to rights ! But it's what you & Louis Dean are good at ! It will be alright, you will make it alright. Love you.

Arlene Grimm said...

Like you, I am glad it did not happen while the children or you or LD were out there. We do have to look at the blessings when it is easy to fret. And I know because I am a big time fretter!!:) I imagine Louis Dean will build something even better!! Sorry it did not work out for your mom to go to assisted living but maybe you will find a better solution. Caregiving is hard so I am glad you and Deenie are sharing it. Prayers for you Linda!!

Nancy Chan said...

Whatever the mess, it can wait till you get a good night sleep. Worry about the mess will not take the mess away. Hope to see your gazebo back in good shape again.

Vee said...

Oh that is just the kind of thing that would send me spiraling IF I did not recognize and refuse it. You are so good at doing that. It does seem as if life just conspires to send one thing after another, but God is good and has protected you in so many ways. I am sorry for the loss of a well loved cousin. Odd how the family gatherings at a Memorial Service are so comforting and healing. All the best with the clean-up. Pace yourselves and don't be shy about asking for help.

Sandra said...

OH NOOO not your gazebo.. you have had your share of weather related disasters this year. so sorry. love the puckered up kissing guys.... i will ask Murphy to suspend his law for you. hope it works out.

when i saw your other post that showed us your visit to the facility and how beautiful it was, i thought they must all be putting together a lot of money each to live there. assisted living here is really high, and the prettier it is the higher it is... even the smaller
ones are thousands per month for just a room.. in 2005 daddy's was 1700 a month for a semi that she shared, 3000 for a room of his own and that was 11 years ago.. that 3000 was one room..

Debbie said...

Oh Linda....first of all I am sorry your plans for your mom didn't work out. We found ourselves in that very same boat. LOTS of places mom would have been happy with, but no way our wallets would have been. We had kind of a joint share going on to in that mom lived here mon - friday so that I could get her to the bajillion appointments it seemed she had [doesn't seem like it now] and throw her laundry into with mine etc., and on Friday nights she went to one of my sisters and stayed there until Sunday evening. That gave hubby and I a little break, and some time to ourselves. Poor mom while she enjoyed going there occasionally and seeing everyone else [the other brothers and sisters visited her there] she occasionally begged to stay as I think she was just more comfortable here. Sometimes she did but it made for a long week for me..sigh. Don't get me wrong. I loved mom SOO much, and we got along and she was wonderful, but she did require a lot of physical assistance etc., and physically it was hard for me. She knew that and felt bad, and sometimes we get to laughing over both of our "handicaps" etc. How I miss her! Looking back now I feel like I was the blessed one [I will confess I didn't always feel like that then!] as I got soooo much of that last little time she had here on this earth. Moments I cherish now. Sorry to hear about your cousin. Your right, family at those times are just the best. And the tree! And your beloved gazebo! I am soo sorry about that. But it was my first thought too when I was reading that. Thank God you and Louis Dean or those sweet little guads were not in there or out there at the time. Take your time on the clean up..and I agree with Vee....maybe get some help! HUGS

Kathy said...

Assisted living is so expensive no matter what part of the country you live in. My aunt spends about $4000/month for a beautiful apartment. That's cheap. But I'm sure you will find something that will work out.

So sad about your gazebo. At least no one was hurt, that's the most important thing. Things can always be replaced. But I know this was such a part of your life. Maybe you can get someone to help you with getting rid of the wood and fixing things up. It sounds like too big of a job for just LD.

Susie said...

Linda, So sorry to hear your mom could not stay at the place you all dreamed of...Those places are very high dollar...It will work out. You know you can be so thankful, that none of you were in the gazebo when the tree limb fell. Let the power and light boys tend to that dangerous while on the power lines. Sending prayers and well wishes for the grandgirl. I just hate when my kiddies are sick. Blessings to all of you, love , xoxo,Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Sorry that the place didn't work out but think you will find just the right place. Also sorry for the damage and hope you can rebuild it.

Cheapchick said...

Well, it certainly sounds like you need a hug! Sending one (or more if needed) your way. I am sorry the place for your Mom didn't work out but hopefully there will be other options that surface. That darn tree! Your gazebo was so nice - I hope you can get another as it is certainly your little oasis.

Carol Slater said...

Sorry that the gazebo is destroyed, but like you said at least you are blessed that it did not happen with the quads there playing. I am sorry to hear that your mom can't move in where she wanted. I have my mom living with me so I understand.

Wanda said...

Life is so full for you every day, but it seems this week even more. Finding a place for parents is SO HARD. Didn't have to do that with my mom or Don's as they passed before they needed assisted living. But being in the church for so many years have shared the heartache with many who are facing what you are. The costs are unbelievable, and some are not so lovely. Know God has a plan for your mom, and she will be a charmer wherever you find the perfect place.

I was hoping the Gazebo didn't ruin everything inside. At least thats a blessing.

We never know what a day will bring...but your attitude is to be admired and followed. Love and Hugs.

Sweet Tea said...

Oh No! Not the Gazebo!! I know how much you enjoy it and how much time you spend there in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Sure hope you can replace it. Thankful your house wasn't damaged and no one was injured. *sigh*

Pondside said...

You've got a lot on your plate Linda. I think that you and I could enjoy a glass of wine together to chat about mothers, and grandchildren and falling trees. I could hardly sleep last night for fear that the large fir in the back yard might come down in the gale. It's still there, but not for long, as I am going to call around for estimates for its removal!

Beth said...

Hi Linda, I've been helping and advocating for my mom for about 3 years now. She has dementia and lived alone until it became unsafe for her to do so. We did get her into assisted living several months ago. I became part of an online community where people share their experiences to help others. One thing I have learned that may benefit your family. When it comes to a person living in a facility, there may be Medicaid or VA monies available to help. Also, that there is important paperwork (power of atty, power of atty for healthcare, etc) and a certified elder care law attorney can help you sort through all of these things. I would recommend you consult with one as they can help you know what your options are. I said a prayer for you. Best wishes!

Penny said...

Sorry to read that the assisted living apartment wont work out. The hunt continues. The most important thing is that the staff is caring and kind, even if the 'frills' aren't as nice. You'll find somewhere I'm sure. What a shame about your gazebo! I always like to read that you and LD convene there after your busy days for a glass of wine. X