Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quad Wednesday and Thursday Spring Projects!

 We get up a little earlier on Wednesdays knowing that 4 nearly four year old quads will be arriving on our doorstep soon! We were so glad to see them and they were glad to see US!

Our Amber is a Quad Mom Extraordinaire!
She has such wisdom and discernment and seems to know EXACTLY what each one of her four children need. She spins plates like a magician!! The kids went straight to the sandbox and they played in it off and on ALL DAY LONG! Granddad did a GOOD thing when he built that thing! 

Amber had us in STITCHES as she told of her experience at the vacuum repair shop!!!

I just LOVE her!!! 
Wish I had taken a photo as well as a video!

After having total responsibility for HALF of the quad squad for ONLY a weekend - I told Amber I would totally understand if she dropped them off and ran out of here like her hair was on fire!!!
Instead, she lingers and visits and this just makes us feel so very good!

The Ball Bath that the kids love so much has a problem.
The balls are fine and the frame is fine but the fabric liner has bit the dust!!
I am working on a new one using a sturdy sheet instead of the flimsy nylon. Although I AM using that as a pattern!

Trystan was my helper! She dearly loves to stick pins in the pin cushion!

We had a good lunch of Tuna Noodle Helper using chicken instead of tuna!
So this makes chicken and noodles!! Paired with watermelon, pineapple and strawberries, bread and butter AND a Cookie Butter cookie - the kids gobbled it right up!

Nap time was magical! After our reading, all FOUR fell asleep at the SAME time!!!!

AND they all slept soundly and woke up at the SAME time!
I napped right along with them!! Go, ME!!!!!

Our craft that day was painting sea shells with markers.
The kids really enjoyed doing this and when we were through, they put their shells in a jar and added a little sand. Instant sea shore! We did a little art appreciation as well but I found some better paintings to use next week.

Louis Dean had dug out the patio before they arrived and they were fascinated by the DIRT!!!
When Neighbor Joe came over to see Louis Dean, Kailey informed him, "Granddad is outside in the DIRT!!!"

It was a good Wednesday!

Louis Dean picked up pizzas for an easy dinner!

The we all hung out in the gazebo waiting for the parents.
Amber and Mike gave them baths here and we got to visit a little while before they carried the munchkins off to put them to bed!

We ALWAYS sleep late on Thursdays!!!
No matter how easy the  Quad Day seems, we are so very TIRED!!!!
We had coffee, read and watched a lot of news before getting up and getting with it!!!

Louis Dean had his work in progress.

I love seeing him use that little yellow sand shovel as he works.

While he did THIS, I was busy inside paying bills, doing our taxes and cleaning the sewing room and giving Lucy a bath! Lucy has just about shot my nerves to pieces!!! Her barking at LD nearly drives BOTH of us crazy!!! I told him Tuesday that he had my blessing to take her to find another home!
We didn't want to do it then as the quads would ask so many questions! He has threatened to turn her into glue so many times I can't count them but when I gave him the go ahead to find another place for her - he can't do it. We do love her and she loves us. It is just so HARD to deal with her barking at him! SO, we put her in the kennel or outside when he is walking around and let her out when he is sitting down. She never barks when he's seated. It's lucky for HER that he is older and SITS a lot!!!

Here sits a tired, tired man!
He did a lot! He also helped me get all my spring 'debris' down and I started decorating for Easter!

We do love an outdoor fire!!!
The winter was so mild, we seldom had one in the den fireplace!

We had a good fire and I love the sound of the pond right next to it!
Louis Dean and I have been reading a biography of Henry Fonda and he is asking me if I ordered a copy of Mr. Roberts online yet.

The answer would be YES!!!

I had potatoes baking in the oven and steaks ready to put on the ceramic grill.
While we were waiting for the food, I poured our wine - a combination of white wine with a splash of strawberry/mango moscato and an orange slice. Delicious!
For the most part, we live a very simple life. It gets a little complicated at times but that's life.
I will forever treasure these 'normal' days Louis Dean and I share.

We are back inside listening to the tail end of the debate on TV.
I will be glad when this whole election is over and am praying for the Lord to help us choose the right leader for our country!

My, oh MY! How the quads have grown!
This photo was from March 1st, 2012!
Lock down was OVER and we all went out to dinner as a family for the very first time!

It was a night to remember! The first of so many that followed and so many more to come!!


Linda said...

Love that picture from three years ago. I recognized all of them. I believe Trystan is the most different, maybe because of her reddish hair and her little round face. Always easy to recognize Kailey. I watched a little of the debate but not much. It's so embarrassing, shame on them. Louis Dean seems drawn to projects that are a lot of work. Moving dirt and rocks ain't easy. I'm ready for spring but it will be awhile here. Will enjoy your decorations.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I loved your today and yesterday. Thank you Linda SO MUCH for sharing. Hugs.

Deb said...

The weather has been so nice for out door adventures

Nancy Chan said...

I love your quad Wednesday and Thursday spring projects and it is really good to enjoy your family time with you.

Changes in the wind said...

Loved the video of Amber:) Have you ever considered trying a muzzle for the dog? Maybe if he stopped barking because he can't he would realize there is no reason to bark. Just a thought....

Arlene Grimm said...

I hope I have as much energy as you and LD when I get a bit older. Frankly, I do not think I have it now. :) Glad you took a day off on Thursday. And I agree totally with you about this election. My heart is sad for our country. I keep reminding myself that God is in control.

Susie said...

Linda, The sandbox is a good place for the kids to play and give you a breather. LD seems to find a job to do most every season. LOL I think he is the Working man, that Meryl Haggard sings about.:) So good the kids slept well and you could nap too. Amber is a marvel in my book.The little ones have grown so much. I know it must be easier for some things and harder for other now. Blessings to all, love you girl, xoxo,Susie

HoundDogMom said...

Morning Linda, we have a long haired basset that we rescued. We have had her 4 years this March had she barks at the husband as well. She does it mostly when he comes in the house or is moving around. She does calm down after a while but I totally get that bark bark bark bark. We have been using a Calming Collar on Rosie and it does seem to help her, plus she smells wonderful as it is natural herbs that mellow her, she wears hers all the time it helps the most with storms but does help with her anxiety with the husband. Check out and see what you think.

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so sad to hear that you might get rid of Lucy. :( Have you talked to a vet about her barking? Is she a rescue? Is there a particular thing that triggers the barking? Dogs are territorial and protect their owners and property. My boy is a rescue and hates men, especially in uniforms. He has always adored my former SIL but it takes time for him to warm up to anyone, male or female. Have you tried Bach Remedy or essential oils? Just a thought...


Sandra said...

this blog should be renamed Quad Adventures. i love hearing and seeing what they are doing. most kids love dirt and sand... they took a nap because they were exhausted from all the fun. i had an idea about the barking dog. have you tried putting a leash on Lucy and letting LD walk her around with him when he is up. might take a few times or more but she might get used to him walking. there are dog people who can come and help train her. i am an avid dog lover, but can tell you i could not live with a bark dog

Carol Slater said...

I adore your quads, but I am sure they are a load of work. I don't know that I would have the energy anymore. I have a dog that barks a LOT!! We have done many things to try to stop her but she consistently barks at all who enter ,even us. She also barks at anything that moves outside. It is very annoying and I really would like to send her on her way as well, but we do love her.

Wanda said...

Oh Linda, what a wonderful quad day. How fun to have that great sand box LD made. You are amazing me with your energy and still getting a post done. I'm slowing down. Don noticed it and I have to admit I'm not going 90 mph as I used too. Trying to pace myself and just enjoy a nap...thanks for encouraging that.
Your Amber is such a your simple (most people wouldn't say it's simple) life as your live it to the fullest. Hugs.

Wanda said...

PS ~ Like your new header and wallpaper.

Kathy said...

You always have such interesting and fun Wednesdays with the quads. I'm looking forward to seeing your Easter decorations. I have to get started on mine.

NanaDiana said...

You are so blessed-all the way around, Linda...but hyou know that! I am always in awe of all the things your honey can do. He is really handy. LOVE those QUADS!! xo Diana

Penny said...

Catching up on my blog reading Linda and it is always such a joy to read about your adventures with the Quads. Louis Dean is such a hard worker too, he is always workimg away om a project. I love that you two always work together as a team. X