Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Treasures!

Ruth Ann and I enjoyed a relaxing low key Tuesday and, of course, I found plenty of treasures on our haunts today! I picked Ruth Ann up around noon and we decided to go for lunch FIRST! Good choice! One of our favorite places is La Madeleine - and we go there as often as we can because neither one of our husbands ever want to! They think it's a 'ladies' place and they may be right. I told Ruth Ann today that I always FEEL like a lady when I eat there! A European lady at that!

We shopped Home Goods and TJ Max afterwards and found some treasures worthy of Goodwill prices for NEW merchandise!

Goodwill and Thrift Giant were our next stops.
I am going to LOVE that handy Samsonite suitcase!

Tropical Storm Bill has hit the coast and the storms and rain are heading our way.
We kept our umbrellas handy all afternoon, carrying them from store to store - and they were not needed!
The rain IS coming and should be here by morning.
We are dreading it but have done all we can to prepare.
I bought some drain spout extenders this afternoon to attach to the ones in the front so we can direct the water down the driveway and out into the street.

Another look at that cool suitcase!
Perfect size for short trips or overnight stays in Quadville!

You never know what you're going to find at Goodwill.
I can always use a nice t shirt and that set of Revere Ware with copper clad bottoms (no lids) will be used a lot! Either here or in the camper! 

A cute sleep shirt to go with some pink sleep shorts I already have.
I couldn't pass up the cool bowl - who can't use a good sized bowl?

I think I got a pretty good buy! $2.99 less 25%!

I am seriously in need of a trip to the beach so when I sniffed this fragrance - I was THERE!!
My eyes weren't good enough to read who made this - even with my glasses on.
I used a magnifying glass when I got home and it's from Bath and Body Works.
LOVE the way it smells!!!!

I bought this candle at Home Goods because you could smell it an isle away!
It was made in England by The British Fragrance House and it smells LOVELY!!!
I lit it for a little while tonight before art class.

Another Home Goods buy was this wind chime for just $8!
When Ruth Ann and I met up at the check out - she had one, too!!

Peaceful garden sounds - wind chimes and water!

I forgot to take any pics of art class tonight but we had a good time painting and smelling the turp!!
The dining room really feels like an art studio on Tuesday nights!

This is the way we spend the last hour of the day before turning out the lights.
I took this photo last night but Louis Dean is already in there reading while I finish up my journal.
Bedtime for us is usually midnight so I am right on time to get that hour of reading in!


Wanda said...

You did good, girlfriend. Nice overnight suit case and all the other goodies too. I made a quick trip to the local thrift shop just a couple blocks away, and came home with a cute pair of wedgie white sandals and two sleeveless summer tops to wear with my white pants.
It was cookie day..so I had plenty sugar cookies from your recipe. Don loves them too.
Love that you and LD read at night ~ Don and I both read, but haven't done it in bed...I like that. Sweet dreams...Night, Night.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I had to smile! Goodness, are we ever alike in so many ways! We even end our days the same...and shop the same places. :) I'm older, but we won't talk about that. I envy your rain. Praying we get some.

Penny said...

Hope the rain is kinder to you this time Linda X

Kathy said...

I just love your garden. I played the video a couple of times just to hear the sound of the wind chimes and the water. So calm and peaceful.

You got some great finds in your travels. That sleep shirt is so cute.

Have a good day, Linda, and hope that rain doesn't cause any damage to your house this time.

bj said...

It's really foggy here this morning...rain in forecast. Our drought has been broken here in West Texas...we've got sooo much rain.
Glad you and friend had a great day...always fun to shop with family or friends...or both. :)
Have another good day today....xo

bj said...

Your painting in the header is just wonderful...

Debbie said...

good finds today linda, i really like the wind chimes and may check my hg for that!!! i hope "bill" does not wreak too much havoc for you guys, (just what you guys need, more rain) fingers crossed!!!!

Sandra said...

i do hope Bill does not get in your house and passes on by your area with no more water damage... the suitcase looks red in one pic and beige in the other. so which color is it.

Vee said...

Praying that the rain will not be an issue today! I still want to go shopping with you and Ruth Ann! You always find the good stuff. (Do you, as I do, use old perfume to scent sheets in the rinse water? Heavenly!)

Linda said...

Hahaha! It's really an ORANGE! Camera shots are funny!

Debby said...

Hello there. There is some strange weather going on. Glad I live on a hill. We are under flash flood warning today.
Great finds. Stay dry.

Susie said...

Linda, I laughed about you and Ruth picking the same wind chime...so cute. I am worried about how much rain you may get again. We had a huge rain this morning already. Yesterday it didn't rain and I was glad. Blessings to all, Love, Susie

Carla said...

I always smile when you speak of your finds. Pam and I hit Home Goods just recently for the first time. I wasn't in a shopping mood but she wanted to check it out. It had some good decor stuff. Maybe our next trip