Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Quad Wednesday!!

We woke up to rain this morning! I must admit to feeling anxious when I went through the house checking to see if water had come in.....but all was well! WHEW!!

I put the coffee on and while it was brewing, went out in front and attached the drain spout extenders to the front drains. I believe it helped!

We were ready and waiting out on the porch for the quads to arrive this morning!

Our first activities - Play Dough and an art project!!
The kids painted mini bundt cake liners for a Father's Day card.

Lunch and naps followed and Louis Dean and I BOTH napped along with the quads!

All children love button boxes!
I know I did!

Fun times!
Simple entertainment!

I think their Father's Day Card turned out great!!!
Thanks. Deanie, for the inspiration AND the liners!!!

It was a Tea Party kind of afternoon!!!

Tea PARTY and Baby POWER!!!!

After it had rained all day, we were relieved to see the sun come out!!!

Once AGAIN, we had a dove get stuck in the bird feeder!!!

Granddad got him out and I am happy to say he flew away - fast!

We DUMPED that feeder and I put up two new ones I bought yesterday at Lowe's!

We all enjoyed seeing all the birds swooping in and around the feeders!

The kids were excited to see the rainbow.
Trystan is quick to tell you that the rainbow comes after the rain is gone and that God put the rainbow in the sky! I just LOVE to hear her talk!!

It was wonderful to get to pay outside for a good while!
I'm not the only one that enjoys walking in the rain puddles!

We walked next to the curb only!!!

What a pleasure to see little ones experience all sorts of experiences!!

The high winds earlier today brought down quite a few dead limbs from the pecan trees.

Kids can make games out of anything!

A dear neighbor came by and let the kids pet her dog - another good life experience.

Notice that Kailey is NOT over there petting Fudge the dog!!

Strawberry cake was a hit tonight. Trystan did NOT like the Amish Sugar Cookies I served after lunch. I am impressed she remembered the entire name of them....AMISH sugar cookies.
The rest of us liked them!

Just a boy and his granddad!!!

My handsome husband!

The kids went home and Louis Dean and I sat outside with a glass of wine to 'wine down' our day!

It was a FUN Quad Wednesday!!!


Amber B. said...

That picture of Logan in the water with her dress hiked up is so cute :) Glad it was a good day for all - mama included!!

Kathy said...

What a fun Quad Wednesday! I'm so glad the drainpipe extensions worked for you and got the water away from the house. Love those flowers you made for the Father's Day card. I might just steal that idea for Sunday School.

I'm glad you got rid of that bird feeder that the doves kept getting caught in. I wonder why that happened.

Have a good Thursday!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What sweet 'puddle jumpers' those four are!

It's been a long time since we awoke to rain over here. We need some desperately!

Penny said...

Glad to hear no damage from the rain this time. The quads love playing at your house and always have an action -packed day. X

Susie said...

Linda, I am so happy the rain didn't come in the house. I know that feeling of anxiety. Those children have grown so much. I like the father's day card. The picture of granddad and Harrison is adorable. That's your boys. :) Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

rainbows and wading and umbrellas ... so much in your day and all fun. LOVE the fathers day card... at my grandmothers house she would let me go through all the drawers in her old desk, it was full of junk from years and years.. i loved those drawers.

Estelle's said...

I love, love, love this Linda...just look at those precious children having a lovely summer day with their grandparents...just being kids! You have an eye for capturing sweet moments! Happy are your days!!!!

Carla said...

That was a cute art project. How in the world did the dove get stuck in the bird feeder. Was it being greedy?
Love all the pictures but the one of harrison and LD and then the one of the girls playing in the water are my fav.
Glad you were water free in the house that morning. Hugs

Arlene said...

I always enjoy seeing what the quads are up to!! Button boxes...I spend many an hour playing with my Grandmother's button box. Thanks for the reminder of simpler times.