Monday, June 1, 2015

A Day of Rejoicing and Celebrating!!!

Today we had SUNSHINE and NO rain and that alone would be cause for celebration!
Add to that the fact that we attended church for the first time in a MONTH and we had even MORE reason to rejoice! LAST Sunday we were sucking up 100+ gallons of rain water out of our den and sewing and kitchen. The week before THAT we were stuck in the mud out at the ranch and the week before that we were celebrating my step son's birthday down there. The two weeks prior to THAT we were sick so it has been a long time since we were in church. 
I NEED to go to church! I MISS it when I can't!

We made a decision to place our membership where Amber and Mike and the kids worship.
I love being able to see them on Sundays and know who their Sunday School teachers are and we intend to be fully present in every area of their life!

It simply thrills Louis Dean to no end to hear them scream GRANDDAD when he goes in to pick them up in the nursery!!!

We changed vehicles with Amber and Mike and while THEY went off to get a bite to eat and pick up the birthday cake - WE headed to Kentucky Fried Chicken to pick up LUNCH!!!
The kids thought it was FUN for MeeMaw and Granddad to be driving their car!!!
We took the food back to Quadville, ate and were all napping by the time the parents returned.

My Loga Bear!!!! I think she is going to be left handed! She can throw up that THREE with ease!!!

Summer took this photo of me and the quads!
As you can imagine, it's hard to get a pick of all four but she DID it!!!

We were OFF to the party place!!

Amber is one of those 'glamour' moms!!!
I am so relieved to see her gaining her health back - slowly but surely!!!
She has had to fight tooth and nail to do it - but fight she DOES!!!

Kailey is never far from her Granddad!
As much pain as he is in with his knee - he still carries her whenever she asks him to!

Sugar Coma Cookies - the most beautiful cookies ever and DELICIOUS!!!!
These are made by our Triplet Mom friend - I have known her and her twin sister since they were 18 months old!! The party theme was tutus and choo-choos....and these cookies are works of art!
I'm eating one now as I write......YUM, yum!!

Amber came up with such great party favors!
Conductor hats for the boys......

and tutus for the girls!

It was a fun party!!

The kids played and played!

I loved seeing this little guy!
His name is Christian! Isn't that a great name?
His parents are pretty great, too!
"For this child they prayed"......
Amber hasn't lost her touch - she could comfort him when no one else could!

No matter how many friends they have around them - the quads enjoy playing with each other best of all!!

Our sweet Andie!!!
She is a trouper and one of the quads favorite cousins!!

While it was exciting for most of the kids - Crew was yawning and wondering what all the fuss and bother was about! Crew is another great name and this baby boy is an extra special blessing!
Another child born as an amswer to prayer!

There's Medley!!!! Amber's long time friend and honorary aunt to the fab four!

Louis Dean was a good sport.
He was in pain but would NEVER dream of missing out on a minute of the celebrations!

The kids had a BALL opening all their gifts!!!
They love to call them PRESENTS!!!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Can you guess which quad THIS is???

We all had fun!

This little boy is the son of one of Mike's childhood friends.
He is BEYOND adorable!!!

Eat cake right out of the box??
Why NOT???

I love how Kailey mimics her mama's mannerism's!!!

The beautiful Quad Mom!!!
As pretty INSIDE as she is OUT!!

She was willing to give her life to have these babies!

Summer made a cool video of the party and is showing Amber and Medley.
Modern technology! It seems to come so easy for some people!

My two daughters!
I am so blessed!!

The quads and their parents and grandparents!


Jo Ann is a family friend since Amber was a child!
I love that they both are mothers and sharing their lives and experiences together.
Jo Ann was Amber's Awana teacher long years ago.

I just LOVE this picture!!! Jo Ann is Crew's mommy!
Mommy Juice! Love it!!

The fun continued to spill over as some of us headed back to Quadville.
Friends who couldn't attend the Jump Street part of the party joined in the 'after party!'
We had food and wine and lots of visiting!

They are THREE!!!

Before Amber had children, she said she would be the kind of mother that would only have to lift an eyebrow for her children to obey her! I asked her, "What if you have a child that can lift their eyebrow HIGHER than yours?"
Trystan can!

We had left our gifts in the truck and since we rode to the party with others - the kids opened them last tonight.
We gave Trystan Frozen puzzles, Kailey got relay cones, Harrison received a golf set and Logan got a metal tea party set!

It was a wonderful day and a lovely party for children, infants and adults!


Jutta said...

Wow - that truly was a great bday party!! Lots of fun and food, activity and colors, laugh and happiness. Something to remember and cherish!!!

Nita said...

Looks like it was a blast ! I bet they slept good.

Stacey said...

Linda, you have such a precious family. It's fun to see everyone in action.

Hallelujah for our sunshine!

Kathy said...

i waited all day for this post, Happy birthday to the Quad Squad! I don't know where the three years went and I guess you don't either;. The party looked like a huge success. I love that you gave them different gifts to their individual tastes.

Sometimes I would like to eat cake out of the box too. Ha, ha!

Estelle's said...

Now this was the party to end all parties! You captured such wonderful fun-filled memories Linda...thank you for letting us take a peek! Lovely!!!!Happy 3rd birthday to these little precious ones!

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is awesome! Mike and Amber have lots of energy and lots of help from Memaw and Granddad! So wonderful! Y'all are blessed!


Changes in the wind said...

And to think I started following you when Amber was carrying them in her belly! They are so sweet, have enjoyed it all.

Sandra said...

Quad mom pic is beautiful, Amber is a lovely person inside and outside and love those deep dimples... i can see everyone there was so happy and what a great way to celebrate turning 3.... Crew is a baby doll

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Definitely a day of rejoicing and celebrating! Happy birthday to your quads! How wonderful to have followed them these three years...and even before. What a great day of celebrations!

I so understand why you would switch to the church where your grands attend. It is always nice to meet up at I know from experience!

Nonnie said...

We would attend church with our kids if it were possible. You are truly blessed and it's great to see your daughter doing so well. Hope the sun dries everything out. Such a mess.

Sweet Tea said...

Happy Birthday to the Squad. I still remember praying for Amber and then for the babies. God has truly had his hand upon them. Glad Amber is getting her strength back. You and LD have played a big part in their life and you'll always have these wonderful memories!

Penny said...

Happy Birthday little Quads! What wonderful photographs Linda. Amber looks so happy, and no wonder. I love those party favours, I used to so enjoy putting together goody-bags for the boys when they were small and having parties. X

Vee said...

I read this last night and loved every second (still have the vids to watch). I knew that I was too tired to be coherent so waited for this morning. Such a beautiful photo Amber captured of the five of you. I think it proves that she knows how to get her kiddos' attention. So glad that a happy celebration was enjoyed by all. Don't you just love lovable three-year olds? Me, too!

Carla said...

Love all the pictures. the party looks like a blast. Can't believe the little munchkins are 3.
What cute party favors and those cookies are too cute and they do look yummy