Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Weekend Stacked! Friday, Saturday and Sunday.......

It was another weekend of celebrations! Last week the quadruplets had their THREE year old birthday and this week my mother celebrated 89 years while Amber turned the big 3 0!

We all gathered at IHOP a day early surprising Mother!

Two little glamour girls!!!

Mother was happy to see everyone!

We all had such a good time visiting and just being together!

With possibly the exception of Louis Dean!
He just has NOT felt well lately!
The photos don't lie!

We took our party on over to Aunt Deanie's where the quads had a ball!!!

OOOOOhhhhhh......bunk beds!
We plan to get some of these in the near future for the guest room.

Aunt Deanie is SO much fun!!!!

I think Mother enjoyed seeing the kids!
She will be 'talking' about this for a long time to come!

The girls even checked out Mother's bedroom!
The great grands all call her GiGi!

After we all parted ways, Louis Dean and I had some errands to do. All the rain of recent weeks has made the mosquitoes a real problem. We bought foggers, sprays and other things to combat them.
By the time we got home we were bone weary and still had so much on our to do list - that didn't get done!!!!

I was awake EARLY to take Summer to the airport Saturday morning. As in 6:00 IN the car early!!
She is off on a 10 day vacation in Puerto Rico and I am so happy for her!!!
Louis Dean was up and had our coffee ready when I got back home so we read and visited and then I went back to bed for some  seriously DEEP sleep!!

We caught a few minutes together in the gazebo in the afternoon to do some bird watching.....

then Amber and Mike dropped the quads off to spend the night with us while they went off to celebrate Amber's 30th birthday!

Harrison and his granddad!!!

I gave sets of old keys complete with key rings to the quads!
Logan and Harrison seem to like them best of all.
Logan thinks she really does unlock the front door!

So many things we take for granted hold such great fascination for three year olds!

Someday soon they will be playing Chinese Checkers with me! For REAL!

Aunt Deanie gave us this Polly Parrot and the kids get such a kick out of him!!

We made an early dinner and took 'shower baths' which proved to be a hit with both the kids and with me!!! Faster and FUN!

We have a system when they spend the night.
Granddad takes two and I take two.
We do baths, reading, drinks of water and such all together and then Kailey and Harrison sleep in the guest room with Granddad while Trystan and Logan sleep with me in our bedroom.
We were ALL so tired that all four kids AND their granddad were asleep by 9:00! I followed at 10:00!

While I woke up at 8am - I stayed as still as I could until the girls woke up at 8:30.
Granddad the other two woke up at 9:00!
I guess we WERE all tired!!!

Trystan posing with the birthday card she made her mommy!

They all painted a wooden cross for her last week and yesterday they made birthday cards.

Kailey is sporting some of MeeMaw's lipstick!!!

Sweet Logan!

They did a good job of their gifts and could hardly wait to give them to her this morning!

For whatever reason, Louis Dean and I can't seem to get our engines going.
I had LOTS to do today but I felt like I was moving in slow motion.

LD has been itching to cook chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and biscuits -
so that's exactly what he did!

We ate while watching a good movie!

It's not even 9:00 yet and Louis Dean has already taken a bath and gone to bed. 
I am just about to do the same.
It's a little unnerving to have changed our habits so much lately!
We have never been early to bed before! At least not for several days in a row!
Perhaps after his knee surgery we will be back to our old selves. Emphasis on OLD!!! Haha!
His cardiologist called Friday giving him the clearance for the surgery. Tomorrow we will schedule it. For the time being - I guess we will be getting a lot of rest!!!!


Jutta said...

Lots of celebrations around! Congrats from me to all, too!
Today is my daughter and her hubby have their 2nd anniversary! Time certainly flies by sometimes.
Please do take it easy and rest a lot in the sun - healing will help along with the sutgery and in no time you two will be mastering well your wonderful weekly program with something special on every week day aka art, music, mother, kids, ranch etc etc. Send you lots of comforting hugs! Good Night!

Penny said...

You are probably more worried about Louis Dean than you realise Linda, and that will be making you tired, and poor Louis Dean just looks so miserable with that knee! You are doing the right thing, getting as much rest and sleep as you can. It doesn't stop you being wonderful, active grandparents to the quads! X

Sandra said...

if your body says rest you should rest it.. IT knows when it needs rest. love all the pics, your quads are now little PEOPLE not babies anymore.. 3, 30 and 89... that is a lot to celebrate in one week. love the glamour shot and the one of the quads and your mom is pretty glamorous to

Susie said...

Linda, What a glorious celebration, of the birthdays. Happy birthday to the children, Amber and your mother. You are right the photos shows that LD is not his jovial self. He will feel so much better after the knee is fixed. He will just have to go very slow till it's healed completely. So you may have to tie him know how that man loves to work. Take care fo yourself too Linda. Blessings to all, love you, Susie

Arlene said...

You did have quite the weekend Linda! Hope LD's surgery will prove to be what it takes to get him going again. After all that you two have had at your home, I would be going to bed early too!!

Changes in the wind said...

As active as the two of you are...going to bed early is a good thing.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Life is a gift...and you know how to celebrate that well!

Vee said...

First of all...happy birthday to Amber who makes 30 look fantastic! Your mother looks cute as a button as always and happy vacation to Summer. We go to bed with the chickens most nights. We are also up with the chickens. Some very good pics of the children...they're making three look awfully good, too! Praying that Louis Dean gets all the rest he needs prior to surgery and that the surgery makes a big difference, once recovered, in how he feels. No fun to be feeling poorly.

Carla said...

All those birthdays together. Happy Birthday to all!
I love the picture of Deanie and the kids. Too sweet
Little Mike I mean Harrison is just like his dad