Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Slow Blog Day!

Louis Dean and I have had a super slow Thursday! We started with his pre op visit and got that out of the way! He was outfitted with a really good knee brace to wear after surgery and is already wearing it and gaining a bit of relief. Surgery next week will be VERY early!!! For once in my life I will be getting up at the same time my friend, Sandra at Mad Snapper does!

Louis Dean's most favorite thing to do when he gets a bit stressed is - EAT!
So I took him to Big State Grill for lunch! Even though I asked for a to go box, we ended up eating every single bit of our burgers, fries and a basket of onion rings! We shared the onion rings lest you think we really DID go way overboard!
I took this picture of him and say what I say nearly every time -
"I may need it for a slow blog day!"
He's such a good sport and has really come to enjoy my blog ans asks me to read it every night before I post - and then asks me to read him the comments the next morning!
He preens like a rooster!!
Next week we will have been married 10 years. It simply does NOT seem possible and then again, it seems like we have been married MUCH much longer - and I mean that in a good way!

So much for our squirrel proof feeders!!
When we drove up in the driveway this afternoon, we saw squirrels scampering all over the place!

Squirrels are our least favorite 'wildlife' around here and Louis Dean discourages them as much as he can! I think they know they're not welcome because they tend to act a bit jittery.
When Amber opened the front door to leave yesterday, she startled one and he fell right off the rook and into the rosemary bush!

After lunch we did some 'loose clothes' shopping for Louis Dean.
The morning of the surgery he will wear shorts - his first EVER pair!!
Did you know you can't even buy sweat pants this time of year?
We settled for something similar and added two soft shirts to go with them - both with V necks. He refuses to wear crew necks and I don't blame him. They feel like they're choking him!

We got home at 1:30 and went to bed where we stayed until this evening!
He is the guest room and I in the bedroom.
We both napped, rested and read.
I guess it was 6:30 before we met back up in the den!
Now he's gone up to the jam session - not to play but to return a pair of glasses one of the guys left here. I have piddled around doing little things; got a package ready to mail, started a load of laundry, put some pinto beans in to soak. 
It's not quite dark yet so I think I'll go out in the front yard and pull a few weeds out of a flower bed while I wait for him to get home.

He is so relieved surgery is just a week away!
He's actually looking forward to it!


Deb said...

slow days are are on the go so deserve slow days...
hoping all goes well with the surgery...hope to see you soon... Too bad Sandra aka Madsnapper doesn't live in Texas...oh the fun we could have

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A good day. Give LD and extra hug or two. Shorts are very useful to wear during physio. Easier to make sure the exercise positions are correct so that a GOOD recovery is the outcome (lots of math and angles coming up). Hugs for you too Linda.

Jutta said...

Sounds like a relaxing smooth day together with the most important person. The surgery will make a big difference after awhile. He will be enjoying his life without any pain - something to look forward to definitely. Great that he got this settled so soon!!!

Say What? said...

If LD has a hard time with those shorts, I can give you a tip. My brother was in a nasty motorcycle accident that badly injured his leg. He had problems with it for a long time. A friend of mine told me that some people, as a charity, make shorts with velcro down the side for our wounded warriors. I took a few pair to a tailor shop (I am embarrassed to admit I don't know how to sew) & had them altered for him. It was so funny to me, but he was overjoyed! He said he'd never been so happy to see velcro in his life.

Will be praying for LD and his caregiver in the weeks to come.

Say What? said...

Doest this make sense? My brother's left leg was injured, so his shorts had velcro all down the left side. He had not trouble dressing himself.

Linda said...

Of course, it makes sense and I appreciate you sharing this idea!

Arlene said...

I love seeing pictures of Louis Dean!! So tell him to keep posing. The love between the two of you shows through on your blog Linda. Happy Anniversary. Prayers going up for a good surgery for LD and a complete and rapid recovery!!

Vee said...

If he is looking forward to surgery, you know he is hurting. God bless him...glad that the brace will provide some relief until then. Oh I love onion rings...yummo!

Kelly said...

I'm so glad to know that LD is going to be feeling better soon. I don't blame him for looking forward to his surgery. Hopefully, his quality of life will be greatly improved afterwards. We have a lot of squirrels in our yard too. They are very entertaining. Especially when they're hanging upside down on the "squirrel proof" bird feeders while the birds wait patiently in the background.

Susie said...

Linda, We like to look at squirrels, but they and their chipmunks friends are trouble. They chew up things and can get into your attics and such. I bet LD is eager to get the surgery over so he can recover and feel good again. Get him some sweat pants at goodwill, then cut them into shorts. As long as LD doesn't wear his cowboy boots with them...he'll be cool.
I am praying for both of you...LD for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery and you sweet Linda for patience...I think you may need it. Hope you aren't getting more rain. We are still. Blessings for a great weekend, Love you guys, Susie

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Good to know Louis Dean is all set with some comfy fashion - a must after surgery! Saying a prayer for a successful surgery and an early happy anniversary to you. (By the way - those onion rings look verrrry tempting!) Jane

Penny said...

Here is a little comment just for Louis Dean (I didn't realise that he loves all the comments where he gets a little mention)
'Louis Dean, wishing you LOTS of luck with your knee surgery. I will be thinking about you all day,and wishing you well. Lots of love, your friend in Scotland, Penny X'

Carole said...

We had a pheasant out by the pool this morning - very unusual - I had to dash out and shoo it away becasue the next door neighbours cat was getting ready to pounce! Wishing LD all the best for his op. Cheers from Carole's chatter

Carla said...

Is the knee being replaced or scoped?
I'm sure he did great. I'll find out as soon as I catch up with my reading.
Hugs to you both.