Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Summer Monday! My Den is BACK!!!!

Since we went to bed so early last night, I actually woke up early! NOT my norm, I assure you!
It is a wonderful thing to wake up leisurely and know you can linger in bed as long as you want.
It is a luxurious feeling!!!

It was rather a shock to me when I took my coffee outside and discovered that I needed to WATER some of my plants!!! After all the rain we have had it was a SHOCK to see some of my flowers shriveled up and turning brown!! *Note to self - hand water daily!!*

Our Texas Sage does NOT need watering as it is a native plant and does well left alone.
This was the very first time it has bloomed this season and is usually a sign of weather change.
No weather changes that I can tell. Today was our 9th dry day in a row!!

However, rain is in the forecast for the weekend and, while it is NOT the drenching floods that we had recently, I DID dream of water coming in last night so I dumped the makeshift sand bags into the purchased ones and they are now neatly lined up just in case we need them!!!

So after watering my wilting plants - and while Louis Dean was still sleeping - I hauled out the den coffee table to freshen it up with a new finish!

See that greenery growing there below the upper deck?
It's a dearly beloved WEED and I wish I could get seeds and plant it between all the stones on the patio!!!

I am a methodical housekeeper and cleaned the living room and kitchen before going on into the den.

I love candles!!! Even in the daytime!

The living room is Louis Dean's very favorite. 

It's a small intimate room full of our combined favorite things.
HIS dolls and doll cases, MY paintings and furnishings, OUR shared memories of hours sitting in here talking and sharing our stories about our lives together.

The kitchen - DONE!!!
I do love a clean house - and especially when the ENTIRE house is clean!!!

It was late afternoon before I was ready to tackle the den!
That was a bigger job than I had figured.

I started with the front half - what we see when we sit on the sofa.
It was a work in progress as we watched the season premier of Major Crimes.
While we enjoy that program - we sure do miss The Closer - our all time favorite program!

During the commercials I cleaned the back half.
We can now walk around and between the two sofas.

It took longer since we made a few changes in the traffic flow pattern.

So this is where I am blogging tonight! 
First time I've had my lap top out here since the end of April!
It's good to be back!!!
I missed the midnight mark but that's more normal than not!

Good night from the Chapmans!!!
Good night, Megan!!! I love you and  know you are still awake!!!
I secretly LOVE that you wait up for my journal post each night!!
I promise to try harder to post earlier!!


Jutta said...

Midnight posts are the best! Good news from TX are worth it all.

Arlene said...

Now that I am home from vacay, cleaning is on my list. This morning the grands and I are making some banans bread to take to our neighbors who got our mail for us while we were gone. I love traveling but home is BEST.

Estelle's said...

Bless your heart! It looks lovely and cozy! Can you believe after a month of drenching rain, we now still have to water daily! Don't you just love Texas!! The house looks inviting...no place like home!!!

Sandra said...

I love the table and chairs next to your laptop.. that is beautiful... you should be exhausted doing all that cleaning... so happy you have 9 days DRY.. hope you don't ever need those sand bags again... i love candles to and even in the daytime, but my house is bright and open, all windows go open when we get up and closed when we go to bed...

Susie said...

Linda, Your home always seems so cozy . A wonderful place to relax in. Glad you can get it cleaned and back to normal. I know you do love your candles. I hope you and LD can sit back and relax the rest of this year. Blessings, love you, Susie

Kelly said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're no longer getting rain! I bet you feel like your life is getting back to normal now with sunshine and a clean house.

Debbie said...

i NEED my home to be clean and organized, i don't do well when it's not!! everything looks beautiful at your home, very warm and cozy!!!

Vee said...

Glad that all has been put back to rights. It's a good feeling and it always looks so fine. Now I zeroed in on the weed ground cover because I just ripped a bunch of it up, but you're right, it would be good between my pavers. I hate having to mow and I hate having it look so bad. I am going to go round up some clumps and try transplanting it. Mine also has a pleasant spicy aroma...does yours?

Kathy said...

Your house is so beautiful. Any time you want to come clean my house, feel free. I'm glad things are settling down and the house is getting straightened up.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

Sometime the little changes make the biggest difference. The little things in life...

Beth said...

Hi Linda, Your Texas sage is beautiful. Love your home too. It's very comfortable and love your style. Glad the weather has improved for you. Have a great evening!