Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our Weekend.....

Life has slowed down quite a bit over here lately. Louis Dean continues to recover well; he naps a lot and stays in the bedroom reading for hours on end. I kind of miss him.
The house has stayed pretty clean - not much damage control since he's not been UP much!

It's really summer weather now - even though it hasn't officially hit 100 degrees yet. Saturday evening, after the heat of the sun went down, I went out in the backyard to pretty things up a bit.

Louis Dean had left a wheelbarrow and ladder on the upper kitchen deck - and I MOVED them!!
I also strung up some more lights.  I just love little lights! They make me smile.

I pulled weeds and watered, spruced up the gazebo and used the blower to 'vacuum' the floor.

Then I built a fire and added two Pinyon Pine pieces to make it smell really good!

FINALLY Louis Dean came out! He didn't last long, though, so I sat out there and read several of the essays in the book I'm reading now - 'At Home in Vermont' by Marguerite Hurrey Wolf. She wrote this back in 1990 and I purchased it when Amber and I were visiting Vermont after a synchro meet. That must have been in the late 1990's and would you believe I am just now reading it?

This morning I woke up at 7:00 and hurried to get my pot roast in the oven!
Amber and Mike and the quads would be here right after church and I wanted to have Sunday Dinner all ready!

This old pan was used when I bought it over 35 years ago!
It has cooked many a Sunday pot roast!

This time I added some rosemary stems.
A one dish meal + salads - a garden and a 'fluffy.'
Louis Dean especially likes the fluffy one!
It's just cottage cheese, Cool Whip and a package of Jello or instant pudding and a can of drained crushed pineapple. Today I didn't have pineapple so I added a can of peach pie filling to the instant vanilla pudding and threw in a handful of pecans and maraschino cherries!

Dessert was carrot cake from a box and cream cheese frosting from a can.
Easy and delicious!

The table was already set for six so I just added two more places and the silverware.

I knew the kids would enjoy eating at the big table and I was right!!

Logan wanted to sit by her MeeMaw - and so she did!

Only Kailey ate the carrot cake, the others opted for the strawberry donuts!
Trystan had powder on her nose - powdered SUGAR!!!

Harrison ate so many he finally handed me a half eaten one and said, "I'm done."

We ALL honored the tradition of taking naps on Sunday afternoon!
Granddad and Harrison napped in the guest room, Amber slept in the den, Mike stretched out on the living room sofa and I took all three girls with me in our bedroom!
Logan and Kailey were side by side with me while Trystan slept across the foot of the bed under my denim quilt. We ALL like to sleep in a cold and dark room!
They were asleep as soon as I finished reading The Cobbler in Farmer Boy.
I slept in a twisted shape angling my legs to the left of Trystan's body!
Must not have been too uncomfortable because we all slept for over and hour and a half!

Look how sweet they were when they woke up!

I love these little girls and they love their MeeMaw!!

Tea Party Time followed naps!

We left the other grown ups asleep in the house (and Harrison was still asleep as well) and went out to the gazebo with tea cookies, china tea cups and a pitcher of iced tea.
They wanted an ice cube in every cup!

I was tickled that Trystan just as a matter of fact assumed we would be having a tea party after naps!

Such big kids to dink out of china cups.

We played out there for nearly an hour!
I used a fogger for mosquitoes and turned on the fans AND used OFF!
The citronella plant at one corner of the gazebo is huge and I also have a pot of lemon balm.
With this mosquito season, we need all the help we can get!

We all gathered in the den before they got ready to go home.

Trystan has the most adorable giggle!
She was teasing Granddad because he's been sleeping so much.

He claims he needs his BEAUTY sleep!!

These kids all love a camera!
I'm used to finding photos Kailey has snapped without me knowing but this is Harrison's first 'selfie!!'

I wish I had recorded them driving off this afternoon. Little arms were waving and little voices were calling, 'Good BYE! Good BYE' through the open car windows.

It seemed so still and so quiet when I came back inside.
They bring such joy and energy with them that when they leave it takes a minute to adjust!
I smiled as I found a baby doll here and a tiara there and a little toy car under a chair.
I'm already looking forward to their next visit!!

Louis Dean brought his guitar in while I was working on my journal post.
He asked, "Is this a good time for a little LOVE music?"
I recorded a whole song although he said he sang the wrong words a time or two.

It's the thought that counts!

It's been a good weekend!
Tomorrow Louis Dean starts his Physical Therapy.
He is doing SO well!!
I think we will go down to the ranch mid week and he can finish his recuperation there!


Wanda said...

What a delightful Sunday. I so enjoy ready your life journal. Your quads just me me smile over and over.
You have me wanting to make a roast.....
The cookie jar was empty and we wanted something sweet, so I used up the apricot pulp and made three small loaves of Apricot Bread. It served the purpose with some drizzle on top and crushed pecans.
Have a good night and a good week. Hope therapy goes well for LD.

Wanda said...

I should have used spell check...haha...sorry for all the typo's....

Small Kucing said...

I love the tiny lights to but it's very troublesome to light up over here


First, I too love the tiny lights in your back yard...such a delight.
And speaking of delight...I enjoyed your lovely family weekend together...what a precious time together.

Truly, it WAS a DELIGHT!!

Nita said...

What a wonderful Sunday, the memories the quads will have of being at Mee Maws & Granddad are just priceless. I'm sure Amber & Mike appreciate the bond you & Louis Dean have with the kids. It's always a treat to see & read your blog. I love the Tea Parties too !

Sandra said...

this post brought back fond memories of our Sunday dinner after church, for all my life at home and for 20 years after I married, my mother made this one pot just like yours, she put it in the oven to be ready when we got home. my husband and 2 boys and my brother and his wife always went there after church. sunday was roast day. i would buy the food and she would cook it

Arlene said...

I love your pot roast pan...I can tell it is perfect!! I used to make a roast each Sunday when the children were growing up. Mine was in the crock pot! Now we go out to Sunday lunch with our friends. Times do change!! Glad LD is doing well, loved your comment about the house being

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

What a sweet get together. You have been busy and it shows. I am sure with the expressions of faces, your Sunday dinner was a great success! Love seeing the cute quads....having so much fun and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks for stopping by Linda.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that LD is doing well now! I hope physical therapy and the surgery will bring him back his quality of life. He's lucky to have you taking care of him so well. Your pot roast looked good! isn't it nice to get to smell it cooking all day?

Linda said...

Linda, I am so happy that Louis Dean is better! Slow days are great, and your pot roast looks divine! :)

Nonnie said...

Mmmmmmmm. I want some pot roast now!
What precious kids and what precious memories you make with them.
So, you do take a break every now and then. :-)

Penny said...

Lovely post Linda, glad to hear LD is making a good recovery, but then he does have a very good nurse looking after him! X

Vee said...

You describe things so well that I feel as if I had been watching you in a movie. Sounds as if everyone had a lovely long nap...some longer than others! Glad to know that Louis Dean continues to improve...down to the ranch to recuperate...and to spend the 4th!

Susie said...

LInda, I love that roasting looks like the one my MIL used to have. I do not know who ended up with that...that woman sure could cook. The quads are little kids more babies, no more toddlers. I could see the change in my Emma this weekend. I pray to always have the good memories. So happy that LD is doing well. I know what you mean about how quiet it seems once the children leave...almost sad. Bless you, love, Susie

Diana Ferguson said...

Good to hear Louis Dean is doing well!

Carla said...

Love the post. Glad to hear LD is progressing along.