Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Good Saturday With Family and Our First Rain Since Flooding......

We went to bed last night at 11:00 and we both read for an hour before turning out the lights. This has now become our custom. I have ALWAYS read before going to sleep but it's a novel thing to have my husband lying in bed beside me reading as well! His first book to read at bedtime was 'COMANCHES - The Destruction of a People' by T.R. Fehrenbach. Now he's reading 'Killing Patton' by Bill O'Reilly. He's nearly through with that one so this afternoon we stopped at Half Price Books for him to choose his next read. It's ALSO about the Indians! I LOVE being married to a reader and he is a NEW reader!!! Good to know that - at nearly 79 years old - you can still develop new habits! Louis Dean is a LIFE LONG LEARNER!!! He is always learning something new! That's what keeps him so YOUNG and entertaining!

It was wonderful to wake up this morning with NO WORK on our agenda!!
We spent a leisurely morning - after I finally got up at 10:30 - having coffee and doing our devotionals. Then it was pretty much time to get ready for a Family Gathering at my sister, Nita's, house in Fort Worth!

I am known for being late and today was no exception.
Bless my sister's heart! She called me as we were on our way just to make sure we remembered it was THIS Saturday we were meeting! Louis Dean was so proud of himself for answering my phone!
I was driving so he actually PUSHED the green 'Answer' button and SLID it to the right. It's a simple 'Push and Slide' motion and I am happy to find he has mastered this move!

We gather every other month and it's usually just us siblings and some of our cousins.
Today was special because BOTH of Nita's children were there. Leah and Bill. We don't see her son often as he lives out of state but we ALL want to visit with him when he comes to town!!

Our one and only brother, Lonnie!!!

Louis Dean was handsome in one of the new shirts I bought him yesterday.
If he didn't have a hat on, you could notice the good hair cut I gave him!!

I failed to get pics of all the cousins there as well as Deanie's daughter, Trish!
This is Pam - the daughter of our cousin, Joyce. I will show my ignorance here by saying - does this make Pam our second cousin or ??? I don't know the rules on that!
(I just Googled it and I think Pam is our first cousin once removed. That just doesn't SOUND good!!!)

I LOVE this photo of Deanie and Charlie!!!

Sweet Andie came along with her dog, Winston.

Isn't he a cutie???

I filled up all the bird feeders not long after we got home this evening.
Just as I was about to water the plants and flowers - it started to RAIN!

I admit - it kind of scared me!

We ran around outside getting all wet while we checked the drains and the gutters.

We found a few trouble spots - some in the workmanship and some in the design.
Good thing they are coming back next week to put up the splash guards we asked for!

It's been a restful Saturday! Other than the routine housework - I did NO work today!!!
We are in the gazebo as I write and I told Louis Dean, "I need a picture to close my journal entry with tonight."

THIS is what he gave me!!!!

Goodnight, folks!!! 

We are heading to bed a little early so we can read a little longer!!!


Wanda said...

What a nice family time. You do have the cutest hubby. I know we've just love you too if we lived closer. Would love to go thrift shopping with you too.I got up early, and since we were gone on our trip, our house really needed a cleaning. So from top to bottom. Even took everything out of my swivel hutch and polished it with Old English. Put a butternut squash in the crock pot and made some apricot bread....a good day! Now it's bedtime. Enjoying your reading...and sweet dreams.

Deb said...

You have such fun! I had just snapped my last photo at a photo shoot when it started to fortunately I wasn't parked close do I got drenched...I looked like a wet puppy by the time I got to the truck...I sure miss seeing you...

Sandra said...

so there is hope for my hubby to read more than magazines. he gets 4 magazines, NHRA and radio control planes magazines and reads the articles from start to finish and even makes me read one now and then. in 30 years he has read 4 books. 3 books i found on Smokey Robinson, a race car driver and Cold Blood.. i read every day of my life and i wish i could find something that would interest him other than TV..
a wonderful day you had with family and i would have freaked out when it started raining. will be years before you get over that if you ever do

Kathy said...

I used to read before I went to sleep too and now just watch TV. I think I have to get back to reading. Looks like you had a really nice day with your family. I think Pam is your second cousin but I may be wrong! It looks to me as if you need that drain spout moved. Maybe have it drain on the other side of the house into an outside drain? That's what my drain spout does.

Kathy said...

P.S. We will be getting your rain today and all week.

Arlene said...

What a good idea your family has to get together regularly. We try to have Cousin events but only pull them off about once a year. I am going home next weekend and I am visiting one of my cousins then. As for Reading...I love it!! I read each night before falling asleep as well. Are you on Good Reads online? I love to keep up with what my friends are reading and I have found a lot of good books that way! Have a blessed Sunday blog friend.

Linda said...

You sound so peaceful and happy! How much fun is that to have a family gathering........I'd love to do that but we are not close at all. Recently a first cousin has found me and we plan to meet later this summer....I am excited. I am a reader too and would like to consider myself a lifelong learner too. Right now I am reading a book I don't care for but I promised to write a review on it so I must forge on...........

Susie said...

Linda, Another fun weekend at your place. I can see why you'd be a bit worried of the rain. Yes, make those workmen fix anything they have not done's hard to get what we pay for if we aren't standing on top of them at times. Hope you and LD are enjoying a beautiful Sunday. Love you guys, Susie

Vee said...

Pam is Amber's second cousin and the quads second cousin once removed and on it goes. These family times are very special and I am glad that you keep scheduling the next one. Say, has Andie recovered from her tumble?

Had to laugh over Louis Dean's success at answering the phone. I love to watch John trying to use the phone. Gosh, it's better than the monkey house, especially if the phine rings while he's holding it...straight up everything goes. ROFL!

Nonnie said...

My husband loves for me to read to him each night. Sometimes I'm too tired for that and so we listen to a lot of audio books. He also belongs to a book club and every month they meet to discuss whatever book they've read for that month. My husband is the one who insisted we have phones in the first place, but now I'm having to teach him cool functions on his smartphone.


Look at you enjoying life with family my friend. You are so are so very blessed sweet lady. If you guys get together regularly it's a blessing...I'm repeating it.
Love always and big hugs.

Bev said...

I love the picture LD gave you:)

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

Family time is the best. I still get nervous when it rains hard. We had a major flood in Nashville in May 2010.

Penny said...

My husband wasn't a reader when I first met him, but I slowly converted him, and now he reads avidly. It's good when we can be a positive influence on our nearest and dearest X

Carla said...

LOL David bought a book but never read it. I have a 1000 books and I'm no way gonna read them all but I like my books. LOL
Love your family and how they all get together.