Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Bread and Easter Preparations!

Louis Dean and I have been making Easter preparations today......

I put several gospel CD's on while we worked in the kitchen.
We took a break and sat in the living room and listened to them.
Maggie has not ventured out to the gazebo since we returned from the ranch and discovered she had been left outside!

Lucy is living the life!

Our Easter Bread - ready for the last proofing!

All done!!! Traditionally I made these for Easter morning breakfast.
That's when Louis Dean and I will eat ours.

We will be sending these home with everyone tomorrow!
They will have a MONDAY breakfast!!

A better pic of the recipe can be found HERE!
Robin, you were my ONE comment on that post from 2010.
I am so happy our friendship has continued over the years!

Tonight we have enjoyed sitting in our gazebo!

We want to use it as much as possible in the spring because all too soon it will be a HOT Texas summer and we can only be out here in the early mornings and late nights!

Nothing like a fire to watch! I can lose myself in a good fire......

The view from our side gate.....
slowly but surely we are making progress in getting our property in order!

This afternoon we met up with my youngest son, Benjamin, at Fellowship Church in Grapevine.
I am so thrilled to have him back in Texas!!
Next week we will be 'neighbors' as he is moving back to Irving!

Pastor Ed Young is a gifted and talented man!!
Everyone left the service this evening with a print of his artwork.
He started a series tonight called 'The ART of Easter.'

Not even 10:00 as I write.
Louis Dean and I are outside listening to the night sounds.
I think we shall go in and raid the refrigerator and perhaps watch a TV program and call it a night!
The Easter Bread is made.
So is the company mashed potatoes and the sweet potato casserole and the candied carrots AND the Funfetti pound cake (which is Ben's favorite!).
Tomorrow we will bake the ham, cook the green beans, make the fluffy salad and the cream cheese corn AND the hot cross buns!
Ben is coming over early to hide the Easter Eggs for the quads to find.
Deja vu. Jesse, Jr used to do that for Amber and Ben - years ago.......


Bev said...

I love the Easter traditions... we have been on the I missed them all this year!

Angie said...

That bread looks delicious. Sounds like you all had a nice day prepping for Easter. I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow. I can't wait to see pics of the Quads hunting eggs!!

Kathy said...

I haven't had Easter bread in years! I'm glad you have such traditions from year to year. This year is all mixed up because of my health problems. Didn't even remember to get my hot cross buns for Good Friday.

Have fun tomorrow with all your kids. I know you will. Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures!

Ginny said...

Your Easter bread looks glorious and is beautiful! I wish you a wonderful and meaningful Easter Sunday.

Wanda said...

Thanks Linda...I love new Easter Recipes to add to my old traditions. Our Easter plans fell apart this year (long story, but our oldest daughter's FIL passed away and it changed a lot of plans. Death likes to come at holidays I think. So our Easter will be just Don and I tomorrow. That's a first. Will look forward to all your Easter Pictures.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Your Easter bread looks delicious! I have never tried making it, but would love to.


peggy said...

The bread is just beautiful. Hoping you will post egg hunt pictures soon.

Deb said...

Happy Happy the rain waited till this evening...

Susie said...

Linda, I love how pretty the bread looks. So nice that you and LD work like troopers together. Then get to sit out and relax at the end of the day. The tradition continues, only now Ben hides the eggs. What fun. xoxo, Susie

Gypsy Heart said...

That bread looks beautiful!! I will have to read the recipe. I like that you've put the dates you baked it ~ great memories! Love your gazebo and the fire. I agree that I can get lost in one too...just mesmerizing and relaxing for me.


Sweet Tea said...

I feel your anticipation as you prep for Easter with your family. Good, rich times!

Carla said...

The Easter Egg bread looks so tasty and your Easter Dinner sounds very tasty. I'm hungry.
Thats a pretty view from the side gate.