Monday, April 7, 2014

A Creative Monday - Just for ME!!

I have enjoyed every minute of this Monday! It was MY kind of day in that it was all about ME!!

I slept in - I seem to get my very best sleep from 4 - 9 am!
The only reason I woke up then was Maggie!
If we leave our bedroom door open she sleeps with us.
So, Yes! She sleeps with us most nights.
But when SHE wakes up she thinks we should too!
Louis Dean nearly always gets up before I do and turns the coffee pots on.
He has a big pot - I have a small one.
We prepare the coffee the night before because we do not function very well when we first get up.

On Mondays I take a medicine for my osteoporosis as soon as I wake up.
I have to sit up and not drink anything or take my other meds or eat for 30 minutes.
Maggie and I played Scrabble!

Maggie has a water bowl in the guest room and two in the kitchen but she prefers to drink from her wine glass. She 'Barks' when it gets low.

Louis Dean and I had coffee and our reading time. I did Yoga and some light housework.

I noticed the quilt I used this morning needed some repair on the binding.
This was a Goodwill find but I want to keep it mended as we use it a lot in the spring and summer.
It is lightweight.

I cleaned out a sewing box while looking for some binding material.

I improvised with some front strips from some denim shirts.

The buttons were still on some.

I didn't try to match the binding......I think I used a half dozen different pieces.
All done and ready to use again!

This is another Goodwill quilt that we have been using for years now.
I will have to think about how to repair it........

Next project?
My birthday quilt I am making for myself!!
It is made from MY old denim jumpers and shirts.
I am satisfied with the top - now to embellish it!!

The creative juices were flowing today!
I used 2 denim skirts sewn together for a rustic tablecloth for the bridge table I use for crafts.

Next up! A summer Paint Apron made from a very nice dress shirt of Louis Dean's.
It has a mustard stain we could NOT get out!
Win! WIN!!
It even has a pocket for my phone.
I may add one or two MORE!

Louis Dean built a nice fire outside and we sat in the gazebo eating our supper of leftovers.
I LOVE leftovers!!

The only place I have to spread out a quilt top is on my deck!
While I fooled around with placing trim on it - Louis Dean practiced his aim with his BB gun.
We had just settled down with a glass of wine when the wind swooped down and swooshed in!!!
The sky grew dark and the wind was whipping around making a lot of racket!
We gathered our toys up and came inside.
I am still enjoying a ME day.
I have color on my hair and will soon be taking a nice hot shower and then crawling into bed with my book for a good hour of reading before going to sleep.
I have an early morning planned and I don't do 'early' easy!!


Deb said...

sounds like a good day Linda...get a good nights rest...

Kelly said...

Having a "me" day is always fun! Sounds like yours went great. Love the way you turned LD's shirt into an apron.

Wanda said...

What a perfect "Me" day. I spent Saturday with our oldest daughter as we looked for the perfect "Mother of the Bride" dress for her. Monique's wedding is June 14. We found the perfect one at Nordstrom Rack on the clearance rack...$178.00 on the tag, and she got it for $69. While we were having dinner at Olive Garden, she said Mom, you need to take more Wanda Days...I guess I should listen to you and her. I think I'll plan one for Thursday.
Love all the things you did today, and love Maggie.

Ginny said...

I do not do "early" at all, so I sleep through it all! Unless I have an appointment or some such thing. Your home is so beautiful...shabby chic. and you are so talented! Maggie is just beautiful! Maybe one day on my blog she will meet our Sunny and Simba. What a clever idea for a paint apron, and it fits you, too.

Jutta said...

Linda you live the life as its most.
I admire tvat talent of yours - and LD's too.
To be straight I am in lost when it comes to pure true simple HAPPiNESS.

Sandra said...

i am happy for you that you got your ME day... the only thing you did that i would like to do is eat in front of the fire LD built and I would love to practice with the BB gun... the rest of your day to ME sounds like are blessed to love all these things that keep you busy and having fun. you will never ever be bored.

Sandra said...

forgot to ask, is the energizer bunny in your family tree?

Estelle's said...

What a lovely fun, "ME Monday!" I so admire your zest for life Linda!! Enjoy the day precious!

Vee said...

A terrific kind of day! One where much was accomplished. I come to the end of every day saying that I did nothing.

Have you ever tried the "wall method" of quilting? I haven't, but I'm sure giving it a close look. I don't think that I can crawl around on the floor enough to put together the layers of a quilt.

Kathy said...

What a nice day. We all need "me" days now and then.

Angie said...

We all deserve ME days from time to time. Sounds like you spent yours perfectly :)

Carla said...

Sounds like a great day! You're sew creative