Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday and a Tea Cup Wreath!

The day I had been looking forward to was here at last!!
I was SO ready!!

I took pictures of the table BEFORE everyone arrived!
Nearly all of the cooking was done ahead of time and simply put in the oven.
I must say Louis Dean's ham was superb!!

My first bouquet of Roses and Honeysuckle!

Ben and I had the honor of hiding the Easter eggs.
Have I mentioned how HAPPY I am to have him back in Texas??
Years ago when he was small his older brother would come and hide them for us!

It's been awhile since I've hidden Easter Eggs!

We were outside watching and waiting as Amber and Mike drove up!

Kailey Pooh!

It was so much fun having the family here!
My son and his wife and children arrived after the Easter Egg hunt.

This was one of a very few pics where all four are together!

I admit to being picture happy!

I meant to get more group pics but it just didn't work out.
Amber knows to get with it right off the bat or it won't happen.

So much going on!

Our little man!

Love his tie!!!


Amber actually enjoyed her Easter visit I think!!
Christmas Eve was pretty hard on her but with the babies getting older and then with nice weather and they can get outside - well, the visits will not be such an ordeal for their mama!!

Louis Dean said, "Get a picture of that!!! Get a picture!!!"

Only a Grandma would buy dozens of confetti eggs and think nothing of the mess!!

My Loga Bear!

My sweet little Amber!

It was such a fun afternoon!
SO happy to have my youngest son back in Texas after living in California for a couple of years!
Have I mentioned that already?

Pretty little girls!

I love this one of Logan!
Granddad bought another bench for them now that they won't all fit on ONE any more!

I know! TOO many pictures but they were so adorable!!!

Louis Dean got a little tired and decided to go in and rest.
Guess who came in to find him??

Not many pics after the Easter Egg Hunt!

Louis Dean and I fed the quads in the kitchen as they sat in their strollers while the 'grown ups' ate together in the dining room and the older grands ate in the den.
I had planned to take them on a stroller walk after dinner but that's when it started raining!
Plan B......

We corralled all the kids in the den and blocked off the exits!
That allowed the others to continue their visiting.
Levi cracked me up!
He seemed so grown up to me!
"Okay! WHO had these first??"

Three of my four children were here and seven of my eight grandchildren!!

Faith was such a help with the babies! So was Levi!

We put pajamas on the quads and they looked so sweet running around.
The babies did excellent being in such a 'highly occupied home!'
Nothing I have is more precious than they are!
They have learned to 'touch with one finger' and with every visit will get accustomed to our house!
I am looking forward to them coming OFTEN!!!

Last night after everyone left Louis Dean and I retired to the gazebo where we looked at all our pictures from the day and listened to the rain.
We went to sleep with our back door open and the attic fan on.
This morning we slept in and took our time with our morning routine.
I packed away all the Easter things and cleaned the house up.

There's something a little sad about packing up the spring decorations so I thought about what NEW thing I could do with the front door.

A tea cup wreath!

I have so many pretty tea cups!

I secured them to the wreath I already had hanging on the door using florist wire.

I didn't use the Spode and special cups my daughter, Summer, has given me.
Just the ones I have picked up thrifting......

I have been wanting to make this for a long time.....

and today was the DAY!!

I cannot take credit for the idea!

I love this little book and when I look at it - which I do every season as it is divided into seasons - 
it ALWAYS reminds me of  Judy at My Front Porch!

I love my wreath!!!

I try to keep the front porch nice as it is the first impression when someone comes to call.

It's been a wonderful day basking in the glow from Easter!


Amber B. said...

Great post mom! I did enjoy our visit VERY much. Loved getting to eat a plate of hot food, not having to jump up every five seconds to track someone down and getting to linger over dinner with my husband and my brothers! Thanks to you and LD for making it all happen!

Wanda said...

What a wonderful many memories and beautiful pictures. Love your teacup wreath. One year I did a teacup Christmas tree and tied them to the branches with pretty ribbon.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family...

Ginny said...

How wonderful! the perfect Easter, and perfect pictures! I am so glad you showed us! I adore your tea cup wreath. It may not have been your idea, but you made it very well, it is beautiful!

Estelle's said...

What a lovely Easter day Linda! The babies and all the children look so cute! Happy y'all had a wonderful day!

Sandra said...

i smiled all the way through the egg hunt, the hiding of the eggs and the kids hunting them. they look so adorable and everyone so happy and full of joy. your table looks beautiful

Changes in the wind said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful the tea cup wreath.

Sweet Tea said...

You can't buy what you had on Easter Sunday!

Vee said...

Sweet, sweet day. Loved Harrison knowing which camera to look at and he seems highly suspicious. LOL! Glad that it was good times.

Gosh I miss a daily dose of My Front Porch. So many missing from Blogdom these days, including myself. Must get motivated.

Love the tea cup wreath and am pinning.

Say What? said...

I disagree with you on one point! You can NEVER have too many pictures. :) I'm the same way and I don't even have grandchildren yet. Thank you again for sharing with us a day in your life. You are so inspiring. God Bless!

Kelly said...

Glad that you and your family had a good Easter! Your table setting was so pretty. I bet Amber was glad to get to relax and watch her kids hunt Easter eggs. It's always such a fun holiday for the little ones. Your teacup wreath is beautiful! It's so professional looking too. You did a great job making it.

Carole said...

A teacup wreath! Now that's something I would never have known about!

Susie said...

Linda, I feel like our babies are growing up....I feel like I am Aunt Susie...cause I have seen all the photos and film clips since they were born. LOL I am adopting all of you as my Texas family. I know you are thrilled...maybe not about being adopted but about your son being home again . :):) Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie
p.s. I love your porch. and the wreath.