Friday, April 25, 2014

Red Neck Clothes Line!

Friday mornings find me driving west to Fort Worth! I admit to being a little under the weather this morning.
Tuesday afternoon I developed a croupy cough and every day since then I have felt a little worse.

Mother suggested IHOP and hot coffee sounded good to me.
While Mother can't actually SAY 'IHOP' - I know what she means when she acts like she's drinking coffee and then says. "Don't you think??"

She would be disappointed if I didn't take our picture every week!
I had turned my phone where we could see ourselves and Mother noticed the sunlight through her hair and thought it was messed up!! Mother and her hair!! Louis Dean calls it a 'glue job!' It won't budge!
After we ate I took her home and showed her a slide show of all my Easter pictures. There were none of my oldest son and his family and she noticed. I assured her he was there but by then we were feeding the babies and I couldn't get around and snap any of him. Mother hasn't seen him in so long she can't remember! That's why she likes to see my pictures. I visited my sister, Deanie, for a few minutes before coming home, turning on the AC in the guest room, spraying my throat with some spray Deanie gave me, smearing Vick's Vapor Rub on my chest and Ben Gay on my neck and crawling into bed where I stayed for nearly 3 hours!
When I woke up I noticed Louis Dean had changed out the laundry I had started this morning......

however I was surprised to see his overalls hanging from the fence!!
He is so funny!! Once when I was out of town for a few days he changed the sheets in the bedroom.
He laundered them and put them back on in time for my homecoming. I was pleased but wondered where the down comforter was. He said he didn't know!! He remembered washing it but could NOT find it anywhere!!!

I finally found it draped over this picnic umbrella!!!
He said, "Oh, YEAH!!! Now I remember!!"
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at him anymore - but I am!!!
Never a dull moment with HIM around!!

After my nap I sat in the gazebo with him while he rested.

He had a project going on today!
This is the area where our spa used to be and he's now turning it into a sand box for the grandchildren.
He's always doing SOMETHING!!

Since I'm still not feeling well he was in charge of dinner tonight.
Hot dogs in the gazebo!
Works for me!!
Happy Friday Night, Folks!!


Kathy said...

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. At least you have LD to help you out. Hope tomorrow finds you better. I love how LD hung his overalls on the fence! That's something Joe would do.

Wanda said...

Sure hope you're feeling better real soon. Love the redneck clothesline. I hang my skirts on hangers from our patio umbrella. Love the fresh smell.

I've packed, showered, clean out the frig so I don't come home to green I'm taking a break to visit a few friends before we head out in the morning.

Deanie W said...

Our LD is so creative w/ the laundry:) So funny! He is a great guy! Take it easy for a few days!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Feel better soon Linda.

Blondie's Journal said...

I hope you feel better soon. You are a trooper for keeping that date with your mom. And I love it...psychologically.. . Is it really a help? Oh yeah! I was missing it when I had my spell over the past two weeks. Never tried Ben Gay but will remember it. Funny name!! Ha!

LD always makes me laugh. He is so industrious! And yes, always working away at something. He would be a great example to my hubs! lol!

Get better, dear.


Jutta said...

OMG - those jeans decorations are awesome! I actually first thought they were hanging there for a purpose like supporting some plants or just another way to use denim as art! Way to go LD!
Your garden by the new fence /wall looks great! A lot of work prodeces such a view. Is is your other neighbor behind the small fence where the sand box will come?
This morning I will get the cake and flowers to my grandbaby's christening party. I am up early!! Plus I will meet my second oldest's new boyfriend too. What a day to be plus it is sunny and warm! Lovely!!!

Sandra said...

so sorry you are croupy... think doctor? maybe? don't wait to long.. i am impressed he has 4 pairs of overalls and must have at least 5 since he must have been wearing a pair when he used the red neck clothes line. bob's redneck clothesline is the swing set and door knobs...

Vee said...

Yes, do think doctor. Don't be like a certain someone here who has been ill for two weeks and will not make the call. Grrrrr...

Louis Dean's solutions for clothes drying seem very practical and I certainly hope that he gets in no trouble for calling your mother's hairdo names. =D

Feel better soon!

Changes in the wind said...

Hope you feel better soon.....

Susie said...

Linda, You may want to look around the neighborhood...everyone may be hanging clothes out like that now .LOL. That LD...where there 's a will...he is going to find a way. . Bless your mom's heart. She loves you girl. Take care of yourself. xoxo, Susie


Linda feel better son hon... I'm always sick in the Spring, I suffer from'hay fever' due to plants and flowers. Your mom looks great!
Have a fun weekend.

Dazee said...

I love your Gazebo and back yard. Photos of your home always feel so cozy and welcome. The quads are always fun to watch growing up! L.D. made a solar dryer in his backyard! Your mom is always smiling, how fun! I missed out on blogging for a few days so I am happy to be back and visit! Thanks for sharing Linda!

Ginny said...

Your gazebo with the little lights is just so beautiful, almost like a dream! What a great picture of you and your mom, I love that she is fussing with her hair. That gives the picture a good story. Tell Louis he gave me a big laugh with the glue job! You and your mom do look alike. I hope you feel better soon.

Carole said...

Hope you feel better very soon, Linda! Keep your feet up! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Angie said...

Hope your feeling better Linda! You and LD are perfect for one another. You take care of him when he needs it and he takes care of you when you need it!

Pondside said...

Take care of yourself, Linda.
I love the way LD does the laundry. Sounds a bit like The Great Dane!

Linda said...

So lovely to see photos with you and your mother, Linda, and I love the cat photo too. Take care of yourself, and I hope you are feeling better.