Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adventures in Quadville! A Trip to IKEA! My Poor Kitty!

We spent last night in Quadville so we could be here first thing this morning.
It's just so much easier to wake UP and BE here!

We had not seen the quads in a week and - believe it or not!!- they had grown and changed in just that short time!!

Kailey got a neck massage from Granddad while she was having her breakfast!

These two girls have their Granddad wrapped around their little fingers!!
So does Trystan - aka - Trissy!

As soon as breakfast was over we dressed the quads and loaded up for a trip to IKEA!!

I had never been to IKEA before!!

We each ended up with a good little haul!

Amber brought snacks and water for the babies and they AND we thoroughly enjoyed our trip!

My super cute SUPER MOM daughter!!!
She even found a play area where the babies got to run around for a bit before we headed home!


As soon as naps were over we gave them all baths and put on their jammies!
They had missed their granddad today so they stayed close to him all evening!

I love Love LOVE watching Miss Trystan watch TV!!!


And that Kailey is always busy with SOMETHING!!!

My sweet daughter was sure tired! Harrison loves his mommy and goes around saying,
"Mommy home! Mommy home!!"

He loves his daddy, too!! "Daddy Home!!! Daddy HOME!!"

I can't tell you how much I enjoy my daughter being a mother!!!

We ended up spending Wednesday night in Quadville as well as Tuesday night!
That's about the only way I can get Louis Dean to slow down - keep him away from his many projects!!

This morning Logan just KNEW we were leaving.
I am SO ready to take her home with me!
Soon.....very soon!

We arrived back at the house before noon today.
I went right in to refill Maggie's food and water and do the kitty chores.
I noticed that NONE of it needed to be done!! ???

Just as I was getting up from checking on her litter box she sauntered in!
She looked skinnier than when we left!
That's when Louis Dean called to me to say there was a problem!
He had unlocked the back French doors and walked into the gazebo when he hear a MEOW!
It was Maggie!!! 
She had gone outside without our noticing Tuesday night!
She had been outside since then!
The last two nights have been chilly and she had NO FOOD!
We have plenty of water features in the back yard - but no food!!

I opened a can of quality tuna and gave her some!!
Usually when we come home she has an 'attitude' and barks at us.
Yes, white cats BARK!

Today she was just very sweet!
Bless her little heart!!!
I am going to be paying her a lot more attention!!!

Louis Dean and I have been busy this afternoon cleaning up the gazebo and side yard in anticipation of the family coming for Easter!

This was my Throwback Thursday pic on Facebook today!
I noticed this photograph propped on a shelf just above the cat box!
It is a photo of the last time I had all four of my children together!
We were rolling sugarplums on a Christmas Eve.
It was several years ago!

Easter Sunday I will have all of them together again!
I already have the seating arrangement worked out!
All of my now GROWN children will sit at the main table in the dining room.
The four older grandchildren will sit at the game table set for four in the den.
Louis Dean and I will sit at the breakfast table for two with the quads in their strollers beside us!
I can't tell you how proud I am of all my children!
None of them had easy childhoods but they ALL turned out awesome!!!
I have grands from the oldest three........
I can't help but be excited for the future when Ben has children!!
He once told me HE was going to have kids the old fashioned way!
ONE at a time!!!


Vee said...

Wonderful to see the new quad pics. John and I don't wanna make anyone cry or anything, but we noticed that they are growing and losing the baby's the getting taller and slimmer thing. You showed your cat who's boss! LOL...glad that she is subdued and enjoying being back in the house. Poor thing. What a great Easter weekend it is going to be!

Wanda said...

Oh what a fabulous quad days. They are looking older just since I've been following your blog. Loved your family "TBT" it was great. Know you are thrilled to have them Easter.
Can't wait to see all your Easter Pictures.

Deb said...

sounds like more fun a can tell those babies enjoy yall!

Ginny said...

She still looks very white and clean and does not look any the worse for wear. Ikea is HUGE and the babies were so good through it ALL, they are so sweet and well behaved!

JMD said...

Oh my, I feel bad for your to get better? Right?

Carole said...

Have a great family Easter, LInda. Hugs

Sweet Tea said...

I wish we had an IKEA here - fun place to shop.
Glad your Kitty is OK.
The babies are gonna love being at Gramma's for Easter!

Miss Dishywoo said...

I have never been to IKEA either. We passed one coming home from somewhere once, but my husband "missed the exit." Your cat HAS been through a lot - be glad there's no Cat Protective Services!

Sandra said...

poor maggie, she has been forgotten twice and now left outside... glad she was ok and no critters got her... i have not been to IKEA either and looks like all of you enjoyed it...

Susie said...

Linda, Some times it's just hard to think of so many things...poor cat. Of course she would have a bird or two before starving surely. The babies are toddlers now, aren't they. I can not even begin to believe how they have grown ..I know it was not so fast for Amber right now...but one day it will seem so. Bless her heart, yours and LD's. Those babies will be raised right. Blessings for a wonderful weekend, xoxo,Susie

Jan said...

What fun to take the quads to IKEA! I haven't been yet-we keep making plans to go and something always happens. We will have all our kids and grandbabies here for Easter too. Have a blessed Easter!

Angie said...

I haven't ever been to IKEA either but hear it's an awesome place to shop. Glad you and LD got some downtime. We all need it some days. I'm not sure I'd call helping with 4 kids downtime though LOL!

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter

Carla said...

Poor Maggie. She deserves lots of special attention. With my luck she would have left and never come back.
That's a house full of folks for Easter.
Glad you had everyone together.