Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday! Fun Like a PARTY!!!

I am always excited when I wake up on Tuesdays!
It's my FUN day!!
I get that first cup of coffee down and then I'm on the phone to Ruth Ann as we map out our day.

We agreed to head out at 11:30 so I had time to do my yoga first.
I opted to go outside on the side deck and this was my view as I lay in my favorite yoga position.
Corpse pose!

Our first stop was the Salvation Army in Dallas on Inwood Lane.

As usual - I made a haul!!!

A lawn caddy ($15) and a Radio Flyer tricycle for Harrison ($20),
A Santa Fe cook book, a set of red flannel sheets for the guest room ($6), a hand made puffy quilt for the guest room ($20), a denim apron and a denim curtain with the tabs fastened with the metal thingies like on overalls! The babies will LOVE fastening and unfastening these!

Sonny Bryan's BBQ place (the original location) is right next door to the Salvation Army so that's where we ate lunch! We sat in the are that was open on the sides and the music and atmosphere made us feel like we were in New Orleans!!

The food was delicious!!! Would you just LOOK at that ONION RING???

Ruth Ann and I  enjoyed eating and visiting and catching up with each other.
I do so love Ruth Ann! Before we knew it - it was time to get ourselves to the movies!
We chose Gravity as our featured presentation! Let me tell you THAT was a TENSE movie!!
We were EXHAUSTED when we left! As a matter of fact - she and I sat through most of the credits simply because we had to rest enough to get UP and out of the theater!!

As I drove up in the driveway, Sabrina was pulling up to the curb.
Time for ART!

Sherry and Cindy arrived bearing all the makings for personal pan pizzas!!
YUM!!! This was indeed a PARTY day!

Then we PAINTED!!!

We are loving the way  our paintings are shaping up!

Every step makes them look better and better!

Tuesday nights have been art nights here in this dining room for over 35 years!

Ruth Ann and Sherry and Sabrina are such talented artists!

The time FLIES by!!

You know those 'Painting With a Twist' art classes?
We were tossing around names for our group and came up with PEP!
Praying, Eating, Painting!
We always start each evening with prayer and we usually eat something together as well!

This is the photo we are using for this project.

It all looks really messy but it cleans up in no time.
I am a very neat housekeeper - but a messy painter!!

This morning I woke up and thought I would be a smarty pants so I hauled all of my clothes out of the closet.
It is a small closet so I have to change it out from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer!

I figured if I unloaded it all I would be forced to deal with it before going to bed.
Just WHEN I thought I would have the TIME to do this today is beyond me!!
I am sitting in the gazebo writing this journal entry and there is NO WAY I am going to get to that closet tonight! Praise God I am married to such a great guy! He suggested we just cozy up in the full sized bed in the guest room. Bless his heart! I do love him!!


Sweet Tea said...

35 years is amazing. Wow!

Wanda said...

What a day! What a "Haul". Everyone's painting are looking great. I have to do the same with fall/winter and spring/summer clothes. Those pizza's look good. Gravity is an intense movie, it was on a TV channel the other night.
Love all the items you got at the thrift store.

Kathy said...

Another fun Tuesday for the record books. Shopping, eating, art... How wonderful! I think PEP is a good name for your group. You are all full of pep!

I have to do that with my clothes too. It just takes so much time to sort through things and switch out the closets.

Ginny said...

what a fun day, art and great food! I just bought a Van Gogh print for the kitchen. I do NOT know how you keep getting these great things at Goodwill & Salvation Army!!! Certain people just seem to have a knack...not me, boo hoo!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Linda, you make me happy.

Susie said...

Linda, You are blessed with true friends, great family and that loving man ,LD. You seem to always have the best time. I would love junking once a week and making art too. Hope you are having good weather now. It's been nippy in the mornings and nice by afternoon. xoxo,Susie

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a fun day!

Angie said...

What an awesome day! You did make quite a haul at the thrift store. I love thrifting so much!

Those personal pan pizzas look yummy! I think PEP is a perfect name

Such a fun filled day!!!

Deb said...

you girls always have so much fun...great finds too!