Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Bread!

I have been making Easter Bread for over 30 years using a recipe out of a 1969 Farm Journal Cookbook. Yesterday my husband 'helped' me! More like HE made the breads....THREE batches and they turned out beautiful! I am in the habit of dating my recipes and my kids would write their names if they helped. Making this recipe brings back many happy memories. I  hosted a Good Friday Dinner for many years and before that we often had an Easter Egg hunt and meal on Saturday before Easter. Good times with friends, neighbors and family! This year we are having family here for a late afternoon meal and fun and games! I have always enjoyed doing the fun things on Saturday then having Sunday to celebrate the fact of our risen Saviour! Happy Easter to YOU and YOURS!

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Tennis Girl said...

This is beautiful bread! So cute!
Happy Easter!