Saturday, September 7, 2013

What are Little Girls Made of?

Sugar and Spice and everything NICE!

That's what little girls are made of!!

Granddaughter Raynie came to spend Saturday with us.
It's a lot of fun to take a 3 year old shopping.
Turned a routine Sam's run into something special.
I bought her the Sugar and Spice cookbook and a journal/keepsake book.
She just started preschool this week so I got it just in the nick of time!
We pretty much snacked our way through Sam's with all the free samples they were handing out.

By the time we drove home Raynie was fast asleep.
Granddad carried her to the den couch where she slept for an hour or more.
While she napped I made Shortbread Cookies and the dough for Tea Cakes.

Raynie loves to bake!

The cookies turned out yummy!!
Louis Dean was eating them by the handfuls!

We loaded up a basket with all the things for a Tea Party....

and took it out to the camper.
We had a lovely time - just the two of us! Oh, THREE! I forgot! Raynie's imaginary friend, Toby, joined us.
I couldn't see him but Granddad could. Louis Dean said his wife, Ellen, had an imaginary friend when she was a child. He likes to think of them as guardian angels.

This is Raynie's tea gown. It fit her perfectly!
I have both small closets stocked with dress up clothes for tea parties!

After our TEA - I participated in a wine tasting party - an UNUSUAL wine tasting party!
The hostess had people over to her home and the ones who couldn't come joined everyone online via Facebook. We all posted pictures of our wine choice and some posted pics of where they were. One gal was on her porch watching the rain and another (in a different town) was on her patio all lit up with fairy lights. I only had the small half glass. Then we were off to get hamburgers for supper.

Louis Dean had been looking forward to this all day.

Our day is done.
It has been delightful having Raynie here.
She decided to spend the night! She has slept out here in the camper a couple of times.
Once she and Summer came down to visit when we were in Katy and then she stayed last month when I hosted MiMi Camp - even though she calls me Bella!! Louis Dean called me Linda tonight and Raynie was offended!! Bless her heart! She really does think my name is Bella!!

I'll close with this sweet little video.....

Now I think I'll read a few minutes and go to sleep myself! It's just now 10:00!
We left Louis Dean in the den watching football.


Linda said...

Great post, Linda, love the photos. Those cookies look delicious.

Sandra said...

nite nite.. so sweet and I liked hearing your voice.. that tea dress is so pretty and she is adorable. i always liked tea sets and still do

Kathy said...

What a sweetie! She is just so adorable. I'm glad you had a good time today. I'd love to be at one of your tea parties.

Vee said...

Seeing that sweet little smile on her face, I can tell that she was purely enchanted. What a wonderful time for her!

must love junk said...

How how sweet!! You're creating such great memories for Raynie! (My niece's name is Rayne :)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So sweet! Fun times for Raynie (my grandgirlie is Ranen).

jackie collins said...

Looks like a great memory was made! She is adorable!

Carla said...

What a sweet post. Bella? I like that.
I never thought of hosting a Wine tasting party.
Did she pick out the wines? That sounds fun.... mmmm