Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Things.....

Here are some snapshots of my Friday things........

Lunch with Mother at Red Lobster - one of her FAVORITE places!

Shopping at Trader Joe's - one of MY favorite places!

Coffee and ice cream with a jelly doughnut cupcake - from Trader Joe's!

Nita's home, porch and yard have returned to normal and it is beautiful!

My grandson's pet! Sam has a snake!
I won't show you the picture I took of the snake eating its dinner - a tiny tiny mouse.

What a clever craft idea!!
Leigh Ann's sister made these blocks and I want to make some!!!

A little time spent with the oldest three grands!

Who doesn't love Yogaberry???

A belated Grandparents Day card.......

Faith all dressed up for her sock hop! From the really OLD days, she said!

Louis Dean with an early birthday cake for me.
He is so sweet and is complaining about us being apart for my birthday.
I won't do it again! I promise!

A cake and a bag FULL of Bath and Body Works Fall treats from my awesome friend, Dawn!

Zander is the the 9 year old boy we have held up in prayer all day.
The last report I got was late this afternoon when the surgery was ending - earlier than expected.
The tumor they removed is extremely rare. Less than 100 in the USA.
They had to remove 7 vertebrae. Chemo will most probably follow.
Zander has been a close classmate friend of our own little Andie since Kindergarten.
He is the smiling child on the right.

As I wrote this morning on Facebook.....

"Life is fragile. Handle with prayer."


Linda said...

Linda, it is so true that life is fragile! We must handle it with prayer. Looks as if you and your mother had a lovely lunch at Red Lobster. I love that restaurant, and there used to be several locations here in Montreal but there are none left, at least to my knowledge. Zander is delightful. He is in my prayers.

Hootin' Anni said...

Looks to me like one PERFECT Friday!!! [love the felt skirt and poodle...oh how I remember those days]

And your mom...I ♥♥LOVE!♥♥ the color of her blouse.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, beautiful Linda!
I love your Friday ritual! It's fun seeing you back in the swing of things! Such a FULL day, you had. Your Mom looks great! Faith in her 50's adorable! ...and your handsome LD in the candle's light of that pretty cake...pure sugar for a sweet lady!

Vee said...

Sweet little guy...he has my prayers.

Oh LD is such a sweet man! Tell him that you'll hurry home asap.

Nonnie said...

You are surrounded by so much love. I'm thinking that's cause you're always giving it yourself. You are very brave with that snake.
The fifties. How well I remember the poodle skirt with petticoats under and the little scarf around the neck. Those were the days.
Blessing and healing for that little boy, Zander.
Your LD is a sweetie.

Kathy said...

Lunch with your mother, time with the grands, cake with Louis Dean. What a wonderful day! Faith is so cute in that 50s outfit. We won't tell her we actually wore poodle skirts, will we?

I'll be praying for Zander.

Sandra said...

gorgeous grand kids and i love that porch with the hanging glass panels.. wish i could take my mom to lunch...

Sweet Tea said...

I had so many comments to make till I read about Zander. Oh my word!! Praying this boy makes a good recovery. I am speechless when it comes to illness and children.

Susie said...

Linda, Praying for Zander. What a shocking story. So young, it hurts us grandparents to read things like this.
Good to see your Mom is enjoying her day with you. You are a good daughter. Your LD is a special man. That boy loves you ! xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to you! Looks like you're having a nice one. Was that your hand holding that snake? Oh my! I fear snakes more than anything and forbid my kids from having any sort of reptile as a pet. (You know mom's usually end of taking care of them anyway). I couldn't sleep at night knowing something was slithering around in my house (caged or not). Eeek!!!! So far, we've had animals with fur only and I'm ok with that. LOL!

Carla said...

Love Nita's porch! But the snake ... No..No No.