Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pumpkin Spice Muffins and Falling Leaves!

This morning I went outside to water - even though it rained yesterday!
It was 100 degrees today and it is utterly amazing how quickly things dry out in this heat!

While I was out there I saw five leaves fall to the ground!
It's happening. Slowly but surely.
Soon this heat will give way to milder temperatures.

I made Pumpkin Spice Muffins this morning to take to my doctor's office.
September first was a special day in SO many ways.
It marked the beginning of my Medicare and supplemental insurance!

I have spent most of my life being uninsured. Getting insurance is not as easy as you would think.
Especially if you are not in perfect health.
I loved whipping out my cards this afternoon and updating my records!
It was a good visit! I lost a few pounds - that's always nice!
I lost an inch and a half in height - not so good! I am now 60.5 inches tall!
Perhaps that's why I had a bone density test this afternoon.
I already have degenerative joint disease which I think is like arthritis on crack!
I have had three joint replacements and know more will come eventually.
These surgeries have made all the difference in the quality of my life.
Not to worry! NOW I have insurance and can go to the doctor without my stomach knotting up at how much it costs! After all the tests - routine for my age - I assured everyone I would NOT be visiting them more frequently! Most doctor visits are unnecessary (I read that once) and I tend to believe the fewer the better!
The office staff LOVED the muffins!

This afternoon I continued my fall decorating.
The foyer is pretty much 'done!'

I may add touches here and there but I am doing the main stuff as I go from room to room.

The angel I bought at the Goodwill last year has been transformed into a Harvest Angel.

Several things were purchased last year after the season and stored away.
It's like Christmas to open up the tubs and spot something new I had forgotten about!

My pumpkin patch. Or ONE of them, I should say!

It's fairly easy to decorate inside with the A/C on and forget about the HEAT!
It's another to go OUTSIDE and sweat!

The living room sports two matching wreathes on the doll cases.
I will be buying a large pumpkin for the coffee table.
I spray paint it gold or copper and glue 'jewels' on it.
It last all season.

I did a bit of decorating in the camper last night when we were out there having our evening wine.

Den, kitchen, living room, foyer, porch and camper - CHECK!
Still to go - dining room, sewing room, gazebo, bathrooms!
I keep a small tree decorated all year in our bedroom.
It's been adorned with my romantic Victorian ornaments for months and months now.
I'm thinking of using WHITE fall things on it this season.
I could spray paint some of what I already have and maybe add some new!
This will be something I've never done before so I'm kind of looking forward to it!

The season really IS changing!

The locusts are droning out their last farewells.
As happy as I am to hear that very first one in the spring -
I'm ready for them to leave now!


Kathy said...

Your harvest angel is absolutely beautiful! Well, your whole house is really.

Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen listening to the locusts also. The sounds of summer.

Bernice said...

Yum pumpkin spice muffins one of my fall favorites those along with a cup of coffee in the morning is my kind of breakfast;)
Love how you decorate everything. Have a question for you,how many bins of decorations(spring fall Christmas etc) do you have and where in the world do you store them all?
Thanks for sharing:)

Linda said...

I have an unreasonable amount!! a dozen tubs and lots and lots of black garbage bags FULL! The fall goes up in the house attic. It fills all the available space. The Christmas is in the storage building attic - built purposely to house my decorations! The spring, Easter, Patriotic as well as the summer themes are also up there - packed ever so tightly! I had a collection of beach themed things - lots of shells, etc - that I used for August every year but I gave them all away to Amber. I have enough to decorate more than one house but now I have the gazebo and camper! I use it ALL every year. It's like trying to pick your favorite child. I can't neglect anything. I know....it is a sickness. But if I lived all alone and no one ever saw it - I would still do it! I decorate for ME! I feel blessed that friends and family also enjoy it.

Pondside said...

Wow - your house would be a hit on a fall house tour! I haven't done a think yet - perhaps this weekend. If you lived close by I'd be calling for advice!

Sandra said...

congrats on the medicare card, i have had mine for 4 years now.. i love the welcome pumpkin...i only listened to 3 seconds of the locust, we have them here and they drive me nuts...

jackie collins said...

So pretty! Your decorations lift my spirits and get me in the harvest mood! Degenerative bone disease is painful and very expensive, I have avascular neucrosis and some days it is hard to move but I am so "greatfull" for each and every day. Thank you for sharing your generous and happy attitude, your posts always brighten my day!

Bernice said...

Wow! It is not a sickness it is cool, love it all!! Thanks for sharing all your decorating!

Kelly said...

You've done a great job decorating for Fall! You're on top of things this year. Glad to hear that you're insured now. That is so important. You never know what could happen and to be without it would be terrible. I loved hearing the locust. That sound just spells summer to me!

Vee said...

I was very interested in reading about your doctor visit. Can't agree with you more about staying away from them inasmuch as it is possible! ;D I know so many older folks who are in a perpetual revolving door at every doc's office in 14 counties. I doubt it does them any good.

It certainly is looking festive down there! Far more so than up here. And ohhhh that incessant droning...I know what you mean.

Vee said...

I don't know how I managed to reply to Kelly! Oh dear! Blame the iPad again.

Jan said...

We are seeing a few yellow leaves on the trees and a rare red leaf on a vine. Fall is definitely on it's way-just wish the thermometer knew it!

Linda Primmer said...

Wow Linda, you have your Fall on and it looks great~
Your pumpkin find is lovely and a bargain. Enjoy the season. xo Linda

Cheapchick said...

My Mom says when women age they shrink in height and men just get hairier :) Cheers!

Susie said...

Linda, I think any spicy pumpkin is delicious. My girls alwasy wanted pumpkin bread....then they learned to make it. :):) I love your fall decor. I know that even though you have insurance...can you ever have enough !!! xoxo,Susie

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It even smells like fall over here! Pumpkin and spice. Yum.

I'm all in favour of staying away from doctors offices as well..if at all possible. We pay a premium for our government health care plan in our province...and so there are no charges for our visits to the doctor or the hospitals. Thta has it's pros and cons as well!

Debbie said...

everything looks so beautiful, i too, am ready for fall!!

i just love that new picture of you and the one in your header!!

the muffins looks great, i'm sure the staff really appreciated them!!

Linda said...

Love your photos, Linda! Those muffins look amazing, I am sure the folks really enjoyed them. Thank God for insurance, I am so happy for you.

Vee said...

Had to come over and see the new banner! It looks great!!

Carla said...

I so wish we could have came by to see you when David and I hit Ft Worth but that didn't happen
Imagine that.
I would have loved to see the decorations in person.