Sunday, July 5, 2020

Texas Heat And Christmas in July!

It's been HOT in Texas!

The front room really heats up!
It's Sunday night as I write and we have been here in the country a full week.
We've got a lot done in that time!
Louis Dean is happy his fence is all up and tweaked.
I was looking out the bathroom window watching him straighten up a corner pole using a chain behind his truck. I saw the chain snap! Bless his heart! He couldn't leave well enough alone and ended up pulling the post clean out of the concrete! But he fixed it.
He did most of the fence work before the weather got really hot!
And next weekend it will be even hotter at above 100 degrees.

Salads are perfect for these summer months and we eat a lot of them.
These are our homegrown tomatoes from home.

I set out my art table on July 1st and finished the painted buntings.
I was going to paint things for the Ardmore, Oklahoma craft fair but I seriously doubt that will happen now.

All done!

On to the Christmas in July art projects!

Underpainting done.

I'm painting two of for me and one to give.
I haven't chosen the Christmas painting giveaway yet for this year but I need to do that soon.
Plus I need to do a painting for our Chinese Christmas Tree with my siblings.

We were sitting out on the deck when I looked down and noticed Louis Dean was wearing two different shoes! He saves his old shoes for working outside. It's the hardest thing for him to throw away a pair of old shoes!

One of the main projects he's been working on this weekend is finishing out the wall.
He did it, though.

We treated ourselves to peach shortcake!
From our front deck last night, we could see some of the country neighbor's fireworks and they were really pretty.

I missed being with Amber, Mike and the little Bells.
We had a tradition of going with them to see the fireworks display after grilling out.
She sent me this cute pic of their predicures!
It takes awhile for Amber to paint 40 toes!
I've always been able to tell whose toes belonged to who!

We are going home tomorrow and will stay just a few days before coming back to do Critter Chores while Dean and Sherry go out of town.
I was worried about our flowers, garden and things dying at home while we have been gone...
but it's rained 4 times in Irving this week. Plus a sweet neighbor has been keeping an eye out as she passes our house on her daily walks.

Saying a prayer for all of us to stay safe and be careful.
Goodnight from the country!


BeachGypsy said...

Oh look at those cute little pedicures---so so cute! Glad y'all had a nice holiday. We mostly stayed home except for walks. Did house projects and ate alot of good food! ha ha! It's sure getting hot here as hard to take long walks in the heat. We try to keep it up, but sometimes it's just too much. Tell Louis Dean we think he did a great job on the fence! And I LOVE THOSE painted buntings. I've been watching and waiting for one for years now....I have yet to spot one but they say we have them here in our marshes. they are beautiful birds. How are the kitties? Did the fireworks scare them? How is Summer??--you mentioned another surgery?

Bluebird49 said...

Love those sweet toes!
Oh -- and it's nice to see Louis saving his old tennis shoes to wear for working! Our generation was taught to use and reuse! He got a lot done, even with the fence post and chain thing. 😕,

I wondered how your plants were doing back home, but I know you have good neighbors.
Yep -- we know that God will see us through all this. It has been something new, that's for!💕

Beyda'nın Kitaplığı said...

Resim çok güzel olmuş:)

Stacy said...

You two have been busy! Everything looks great...that salad? YUM! The paintings are so pretty! Those adorable tootsies! Try not to overdue in the heat. It's awful here in PA too.

Sandra said...

I feel like you're safer from the virus when you're out there in the country. I'm still laughing at the non matching shoes. Bob has the same problem with throwing anything away no matter how old and decrepit it is he has shirts that are nothing but rags. I once went to work with a blue shoe in a black shoe but at least they were the same type shoes haha love the 4th of July toes! Glad there was no LD harmed in the snapping of the chain

Robyn said...

Hi Linda,
It's hot here in South Carolina too and that humidity is just awful which makes it feel even hotter... Your salad looked delicious!! What was in it?.. Oh your paintings are adorable... I LOVE the birds..We actually had our county fair this week but they should have just canceled it because there was no crafts, no animals etc.. Really was a waste... I love that idea of Louis Deans wearing old shoes for work! What a genius idea!

Changes in the wind said...

How funny that LD had on different shoes, at least he doesn't ruin a good pair. He does a lot for his age, always amazes me. You got a lot done on your paintings and they look great. That salad sure looked good, don't fix many of them and not too sure as to why. It is hot here too:)

Susie said...

Linda, You should paint LD shoes to match :):) He makes me smile. I loved seeing all the little painted toes. LOL Your bird painting are beautiful. I love each one. Please stay cool and safe. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

Kathy said...

LD is in good company. I once went to work with two different shoes. I went out at lunch and bought myself a new pair. Ha, ha! I don't have any tomatoes yet, but I am hoping. Yours look wonderful.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my we are in the 80's here right now but it is a lot cooler inside . It's 78 in here right now and that is where I try to keep it. It's comfortable and I don't like to have to put a sweater on inside. any cooler and I get chilled unless I'm moving around a lot. The sparklely nail polish is popular for the forth. The girls were doing their nails when I went to my son's house on Saturday! Very cute. Try to keep cool as you can there!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Before the week is out they say it'll be in the 90's so we'll be inside keeping cool for sure.

photowannabe said...

You are always in my prayers..stay safe and hurry back to your beloved Ranch.
I love your projects and can't wait to see what you do with the Cheese Grater suggestion that Ginny made. Its going to go perfectly in your kitchen someplace.
Darling buntings and your Christmas project is going to be awesome.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your artwork is looking beautiful! Lots of projects ♥

Judy said...

Always good to check in on you. Trust Linda to be busy with Christmas in July! Smiling at LD's shoes. :)

Wanda said...

Its hot here today too. Not quite 100. See you are back to painting your Santa Claus pictures. I still have not pulled out my paints...keep thinking about it, but it just hasn't happened. Sigh..

Still have my daily routine of taking care of my dearest. Counting out pills, checking weight, recording BP...etc. But it's the delight of my life to care for him. He is stronger, we take walks and even get out to the Thrift store, and had a burger at In N Out.

Life is good. Love and Hugs.

Carole said...

do be careful. We are lucky here not to have the virus in the community - but it means all returning Kiwis have to quarantine for 14 days - currently of the thousands that have returned 22 have had it. So many kiwis are returning that the goverment is now restricting the number of flights due to strain on the quarantines facilities - converted hotels. How times have changed. We used to have lots of Kiwis living overseas and now they can't get back fast enough. Cheers

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Hot and humid here in Pennsylvania! Thankful for ac! Your salads look good. I need to plan for cool meals for this week. I always keep a drink with me too so I stay hydrated!

I like your paintings. That’s a cute Santa and Mrs, Claus painting!