Saturday, July 11, 2020

Critter Chores!

When I left you in my last journal entry, I was going to sit out on the deck and do some star gazing.
I saw not one, but TWO shooting stars!!
I couldn't believe it!
Louis Dean saw some back in the winter but these were my first this year!

I had set my alarm for 7:00 Friday morning and we were down there doing our chores by 8:00.
Amon had already been there to put the 8 goats out and was gone by that time.

Earlier in the morning would be a better time for us since it gets hot pretty fast.....but 8:00 is about as good as we can get.

We came back to the camper to do our devotions, reading and eat a quick bowl of cereal and then we were off to Waco to pick up a preshaped pond shell at Lowe's.
The day started well. We used our WAZE navgation system to get to Stanton's Eye Glass, which was on our way to Lowe's first.
I was in and out in 10 minutes.
I like my glasses - they are progressive lens - but I still read better with a strong pair of reading glasses.
Maybe I will get used to them after I wear them awhile longer.
We got to Lowe's and only the pond kit and hoses had come in.
(We ordered online last week.)
Louis Dean got all bent out of shape and refused to pick up the order since it wasn't all there.
Things went down hill from that.
We then stopped at Home Depot looking for another can of that Colonial Red - but they were out. I bought a can of Navy Blue, though.
Even with Waze and me telling Louis Dean how to get from place to place, we continued to turn before we were supposed to or he sailed right past the street. We managed to find Aldi and I went in to pick up a few things and we were headed home. By this time we were both on each other's last nerve!
He wanted to stop at Buzbee Feed Store to get seed for a fall garden. Whatever he was looking for, they didn't have. By this time I had read the email from Lowe's saying if we didn't pick up our items within 7 days, they would be returned. Not knowing when the pond shell would be in - we drove BACK to Lowe's! We were totally stressed out with each other by the time we got back to the ranch. I had missed taking my Celebrex and my feet were hurting, I was hot and tired and felt like I had a bladder infection.
Louis Dean wisely left me alone and I went to bed until time to do the evening chores.
But you know what was funny?
I got an email on my phone not 5 minutes after we got home - the pond shell was in and ready for pick up!!

We felt better after our showers and decided a good night's sleep would fix everything.
And it did!

I can't tell you how much we are enjoying our kittens!

They seem to love each other and play together all the time.

When we got back from our chores this morning - again starting them at 8:00 - we saw the screen was off the front window and Samantha and Tabitha were outside exploring.
They didn't run off or anything and it wasn't hard to get them back inside but it concerned us that they got out. We don't want to lose them!

It's been too hot to do much.
Louis Dean can't go outside and play in the dirt like he wants to.
He did a little bit of tilling and intends to get a few plants in the ground tomorrow.
It gets hot in the front room!
That was this afternoon.
I just checked and it's now 88. A more reasonable temperature.

The camper is basically a tin can and heat up fast!
It gets really cool in here at night and I try to keep the lights off as much as possible to keep it as cool as possible. And we keep wet tea towels in the fridge to wrap around our necks when we get too hot.
We also bring the kittens inside the camper during the hottest part of the day.

This afternoon we took good long naps and then feasted on some ice cold watermelon.

Tonight when we went down to do the evening chores - we wait until the sun goes down - we treated the peacock to a piece of the rind. I put some in all the hen houses and even gave some to the geese!

We really do have these down here now.
I'm still not used to seeing them!

One more day of Critter Duty!!
We are so happy to be of help to Dean and Sherry after all they do for us.
They called to check in this afternoon and I am happy to say they are having a fun weekend at the lake.
They certainly deserve it!


Bluebird49 said...

The kittens got out!? Wow, I am glad they are ok! Which one is the dominant one, the instigator? There is usually one who is a bit more adventuresome!! 'fess it Samantha or Tabitha?! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‡!

Boy, it sounds awfully hot there. I'm glad Louis is not out playing in the dirt while it is this hot. Is there any sort of room air conditioner you could get to put at least in the front room? There is a lot of glass in there from the windows. Glass heats our house up so much! I know the camper has got to be awfully warm, and I guess there is no shade.I was hoping maybe the front room was being cooled. 😯 I'm sure we long as you don't overdo, you'll be okay - you all are more used to beat than I. I just get sick from too much heat. I should try to get more acclimated to it, but the older I get, the more it seems to get worse.
I'm glad the the shell got to Lowes, although a bit late! At least they won't send it back. Isn't it felt any how, it seems as we get older, things like that seem more serious than when we're in our 40s or so. Ed gets so nerve-racked by "surprises" and things he hasn't planned for.
He has planned for two deliver tomorrow's message. We'll be glad when it's done, because it's stressing him out so badly. I told him if he could get up there with his guitar, he'd be fine. πŸ˜„ He's fine teaching a class, but the pulpit seems more threatening to him, and I know he is more than capable to give a message. Oh well, it's only 15 minutes or so, and the people at church love him! 😍
Y'all try to stay cool this week!

Susan said...

This hot weather can really can get to us. I hope everything works out with your pond.

BeachGypsy said...

Oh what a little beauty she is in that picture, the sweet little kitty!! They ARE GROWING FAST. Our Beckie is right here beside me, she looks like the one in the picture dont know if thats Tabitha or Samantha. I love to see shooting start too, back when me and Mr. Front Porch were courting, we would go out every August 12 and 13 to watch the Perseids meteor showers--some years were amazing!!! And we'd see so so many. We used to go out in the country and lay in the back of a pick up truck and watch the sky, ha ha LOL. Glad your parts and peices came in and now you got them. That sounded like a very stressfull day for sure! Love seeing the animals and I bet they loved the watermelon treats. STAY COOL MY FRIEND!!

Sandra said...

don't take this in a bad way, but i laughed my head off all the way through your shopping trip. The Last Nerve thing! we do this ALL THE TIME! anything that goes wrong and goes wrong and goes wrong gets on more nerves. you are like we are, get home rest and we are fine.... we are so hot here bob can't PLAY outside either. he does do some sawing and chopping before 9 am but after that it is deadly hot. he did not listen and sawed a giant fishtail palm that I said was to big for his poles saw. now the chain must be replaced. Think LAST NERVE material trying to replace that chain. i have one laying on the table waiting to see if it fits. more last never time on the way today and love the chicken and crowing video

Arlene @Nanaland said...

We have all had those days where we could pinch each other's heads off!!!lol Glad your pool shell came in!!

Changes in the wind said...

It seems to me you didn't get very good service a Lowes, think I would complain. The heat is awful everywhere it seems. Don't know how the critters can live through it. Those little kittens are too inquisitive for their own good:)

Vee said...

Heat just adds to the stress level I'm sure. I did NOT think it was funny that, after all that you went through, the order came in. Guess it gives you a chance to do it all over again. Chill pills are in order. 🧊 🧊🧊

My daughter was saying the bottling plant where she works is so hot that everybody walks around wet all night. Sounds purely miserable to me.

Happy projects! Be sweet. On purpose.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry you had such rough day. WE all have them now and then and what can we do but grin and bear it. Having a pond is going to be a nice addition with the weather so hot there. I can't take the heat and have my feet soaking in that pond to cool off. Take care and keep cool as you can there.

Rain said...

Hi Linda :)) Critter duty sounds like fun. Those kitties are adorable. I watch my pets all day long, they are all getting older, but once in a while the dogs pick up the tug of war rope and play for a while! It's hot here too so we are all taking it easy today. The big chores start again tomorrow! Great idea putting the tea towels in the fridge, I must do that! We've had days like the one you described...many of them lately! :)

Latane Barton said...

The heat and things not working out like they should is enough to set anybody's nerves on edge. Glad you two got cool... in both ways, hehe.

Robyn said...

hi Linda,
it is SO hot here in SC. today we are at 96 with a heat index over 100. We are sweltering here and so is my vegetable garden. The eggplants must be loving it though because they are just popping out all over... My husband and I get like that when we are tired and hot too. it's best to just take to separate corners once in a while..LOL... The kittens are adorable!!

photowannabe said...

Boy, do I hear you on the Getting on each other's last nerve..HaHa...
Some days just go down hill without much of a push to them.
Hot and things going not as expected really get to me.
Watermelon can fix just about anything.
Hope your Kitties don't get too brave and go exploring too far out at the ranch.
Take care and please stay cool.
We had what they call a "Brown Outage" when the Electric company shuts down everything because everyone is using too much "product". It was 106F yesterday and The AC was cranking away..No power for 2 hours...the house was so warm..HOT that when power restored The AC went into over-drive...did it gain anything???..not to my way of thinking. Our AC was going full tilt until about 2 AM. It's going to cost us an arm and a leg..for sure.

Susie said...

Linda, I truly understand how people get up-set when it's so dang hot. Plus the why things are run the Lowe's store, you'd think they would hold that pond till all the fixings were with it. Those kittens were lucky you got back when you did, they might have found trouble. Don't get me started on turbines, I hate those big ugly eye sores. I prefer solar farms to something that ruins the horizon. Plus they make flicker and a noise. My friend said she and her husband love them, I told her , I call those "not in my backyard, maybe yours." Cause it seems they go in where people hate them. LOL We have over a hundred in our county.
Take care of one another , stay hydrated and safe. Blessings to all, xoxo,love you, Susie

Hootin' Anni said...

When it rains, it pours. My my, what a day that was. I'd still be dazzled. I don't like things when it doesn't work as planned. You two are much stronger. Love those kittens!

Judy said...

If only you could share a little of your heat with us...we haven't had much here this summer! Glad you survived the day that went from 'bad to worse' and have such a good sense of humour about it all! Take care of yourself.

Carole said...

We have a few wind farms n NZ but I don't like them much. Ugly noisy and chop up birds... Glad the kittens didn't take off. Cheers