Sunday, July 12, 2020

A Country Sunday......

I went to bed before Louis Dean last night and when I woke up after midnight, I could hear him rustling around in the front room. I poked my head out the door to see what he was doing - looking for his wallet - or billfold, as he calls it. I closed the door and checked beside the bed and there it was. So I poked my head back through the door to the front room and told him it was on his bedside table. He said, ' Okay' and I went back to sleep in the girl bunk. As it turned out - he didn't hear what I said. Just as I suspected!!! He answers  me without actually HEARING me. Happens all the time.
So about 1:30 this morning he wakes me up and says, "I FOUND it! By the side of the bed!"

So....since I got more sleep than he did ....I decided to go on down and do the critter chores by myself.
This hen is laying on a nest full of eggs!

Such pretty chickens!

This is the resident peacock that roams the place.
I don't feed him. Wonder what she eats?

This is the peacock Dean gave Sherry for her birthday a few years ago and he lives in the pen with the peahen that he gifted Sherry a year after the male.
The pen is another gift to Sherry so they have room to fly.
Both males spread their feathers and shake them at one another.
There's only one peahen.

After my chores were done, I went down to check out the meadow.
Originally, Louis Dean and I had the idea of getting up early and coming to the meadow to drink our coffee before doing the chores. That plan didn't happen but I saw no reason not to enjoy a few quiet moments down there by myself.

It is my favorite place on the ranch.

The old tree was struck by a tornado at 5:00 Easter morning.
They are cutting it up for firewood as nothing goes to waste here on the ranch.

While I was sitting down there, Amon arrived to take the goats out.
He was later than usual as he had not gone to bed until 3:00 this morning.
He had given his car keys to his daughter and she had gone to CEFCO really late...and didn't come home for hours! Turned out, a customer in the store that night had a siezure and besides the employee - they were the only ones there. So she stayed with the customer until the ambulance arrived. 
Mart is a small small town and this took awhile.
That's what country folk do. I know Amon was proud of her - even though he was worried sick until she got home.

He strung all four of the smaller goats up and took them down to grazing area.

Then he brought the older ones down.
I saw how hard he worked and I was grateful Louis Dean wasn't doing it.

I took pics of the cats while I was feeding them.
Both mama cats have been fixed - and one was already pregnant again.
All four of the kittens are doing well.

These are the wildflowers that are in abundance down here right now.
Along with some cone flowers and sunflowers.....and of course a lot of bitterweed!
That's okay because we are not going to harvest the top super next Saturday on the three hives. 
We will leave that honey for the bees.

Our pond was ready for pick up at Lowe's so we headed to Waco - again.

Lots of these wind turbines are in the country now.

Our trip was smooth as silk and we picked up the pond and headed to Home Depot in Belmead.

Alas, the check gages light came on and Louis Dean said the engine was overheating.
I may have been a little bit hysterical! A service station was 0.1 mile from that point but he said NO and turned into a parking lot! We were both squawking at each other like the geese at the ranch!
I sat in the hot truck while Louis Dean took three empty plastic milk jugs to Popeye's Chicken just a little ways up from where the truck was. On the same side of the street as we were.
I absolutely went beserk when he suggested going ACROSS N. Valley Mills Drive!!!

We are now devoted and loyal fans of Popeye's Chicken!
The employees there were not allowed to take the milk jugs back to their kitchen.....
so they hooked up a water hose and filled them up from the front!
Louis Dean said they were so kind and wonderful and he promised he would be a life long customer!
Tomorrow I am going online to leave a review for the Popeye's Chicken on North Valley Mills Drive!
Bet we buy dinner there every time we go to Waco!
There was also a nice guy that stopped to see if we needed any help.
He had stopped for a guy who had a flat a couple of weeks ago and had given him his jack.
Last week HE had a flat and was at the side of the road when a guy stopped for him and gave him HIS jack! Paying it forward!

It was less than an hour before Louis Dean had added water to whatever and we were on our way to Home Depot . Wisely, Lousi Dean let me out at the door and I went in to buy Colonial Red paint and some herb plants to put around the new pond. Two kinds of basil, oregano and a heatless jalapeno.

While I shopped, Louis Dean was to buy some antifreeze for the truck.

I took my time but still arrived at the locked truck long before he did! 
No shade there so I walked to a tree shaded spot on the parking lot to wait for him.
Proof I am not always smiling!

We made it back to the ranch and it was so HOT! 
We came in and tried to take naps even though it was 90 degrees in the camper.
Actually, we DID nap.

Louis Dean was proud of his pond!

And I put dinner on in an electric skillet before going back to the girl bunk with a fan blowing on me to read and play Words With Friends.

Louis Dean was all about show and tell when I got up.
There is his pond! A herb garden will be part of the landscape and the pond will feature stones from our friend, Dee! She gave us a ton or two of landscape stones this spring.

While I was working on some art - I must paint at night because it is too hot during the day -
I noticed Samantha and Tabitha at the screen door.
The two mama cats and the four kittens were there to pay a visit.
Kind of a nostalgic moment.....

Closing our night with a campfire!
That's always a GOOD thing!

Here's an update on our Chandy Girl.....
A beautiful 35 weeks photo.
I love how she keeps us in the loop of her life!
Without this awful Covid thing - we would be there with her.

I thought it was hot in Mart!!!
Chandy wins with an even HOTTER forecast!!!


Deanna Rabe said...

I didn’t realize you don’t have air conditioning in the front room! Can you put a window ac in there?

Susie said...

Linda, It sounds like a tough time in this heat. I hate car problems and in winter or heat it's scary. I know how a man you love can flat make you crazy at times. Ted works on my nerves too. LOL. I think women worry more than men. But hey we have too. LOL I hope you and LD do not over do there at the ranch in this heat. Blessings to you both, stay safe, xoxo,love, Susie

Bluebird49 said...

Our men -- "can't live with them, can't shoot 'em", huh!
Ed's message was very well received yesterday. Thanks for the added prayers!
I'm so glad there was a fix for the truck. I can imagine how very upsetting it was for you both. You did look a little warm in that picture, but still unruffled!
Glad he finally got the pond to play with. Don't let him get too hot with those paving stones.
Oh Chandy looks ready to pop, doesn't she!? And the cats visiting the kittens was so cute.
Thanks for taking all the pictures. Glad Ammon got there to move the goats! People who use the expression, "Stubborn as a mule" musicst not know goats! ๐Ÿ˜„
Hope you all can "chill" today -- if not physically, then mentally. ๐Ÿ’•

Sandra said...

We too are getting excessive heat warnings on air alerts on my phone and from our TV news. You look like you were about to have a heat stroke standing under that little tree. So glad everything got back to normal and I don't know how you stand being in there at 90 degrees inside your country home tin can. I can relate to all the things that I'm reading between the lines haha

Sandra said...

Now I'm wondering what am on has to do to take the goats where they go and why it's such a hard job you can't just leave them in other words could you put on your post what he has to do to get them moved down there

Stacy said...

Oh gosh, men can be so stubborn about some things! I'm glad the employees at Popeye's were so helpful and you were able to get on your way again. Good things like that kind of help you keep your faith in the world. :)
Ooo...if I was there I would volunteer for goat and chicken chores, those are my two favorite farm animals. I've actually kept both here in the suburbs (we aren't zoned). I miss having them.
The kitties are cute. I love that little black and white one.
Can't wait to see the finished pond.
Have a blessed week!

Changes in the wind said...

I think the heat is hard on everyone and everything....Overheating is under-rated. So glad the people at Popeye's were helpful. The pond is looking great and LD should be proud.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So glad all worked out well Linda. I could relate to the squawking....Marvin and I have done that a few times as well. Cant wait to see the pond all done. And great that Chandy has made it so far!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you were finally able to get that pond. It sounds like it will be a wonderful addition to your garden. Oh on the over heating truck. Something to be careful of when temps are so hot. Thank goodness you have a fan to sleep with. All that heat would take it's tole on me for sure. I've just been in keeping cool, doing much of nothing so I admire all you do.

Judy said...

Oh...that is way too hot! Sorry about all the things that didn't go smoothly on your very hot country Sunday! Glad the farm animals aren't causing you any grief and the kitties are keeping you entertained. Keep smiling!

Vee said...

Oh dear! You two need to head north. ๐Ÿ˜ Well I love the pool. It provides a beautiful focal point.

photowannabe said...

Yikes..that's way to hot to do anything. I really feel for Chandy being "that" PG in the heat..oh my.
Love your description of squawking at each other..I think we must be related..Dave and I do a lot of that when things go wonky...
so happy you got your pond in . It's going to be wonderful.
Try to stay cool and enjoy your Ranch time.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You really do have hot temps in TX which is why we could never relocate there, Linda. Glad LD was able to get some water for the overheating truck. yes, to the kindness of strangers as we had a similar experience last year when our car was overheating and someone gave us a container of antifreeze. Luckily, we were able to limp to a repair station and learned we needed a new water pump!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Love your new blog look!

Mostly white...

With bits of green..

All very cool and calm looking.