Saturday, August 24, 2019

Lunch With Brenda, Friday's Quilt Show, Chinese Medicine and more.....

Thursday morning I baked banana bread - being so frugal that I didn't want to waste four perfectly over ripe bananas! I froze one loaf and sliced the other one up.

I may frost the second one with a brown sugar frosting when I get it out of the freezer in the next week or so.

Brenda came for lunch Thursday - I had been missing her.
While my life is out there for everyone to see - Brenda is more private and it was good to catch up with all that's been going on. Everyone seems to be so busy with all that life is throwing at them - 

It's a good thing to stop the action and sit down for an hour and eat lunch together and just visit.
I made a good salad and then we had baked potatoes and BBQ brisket.
Our lunches are important to us so we scheduled the next one for September - including another good friend of both of us - Shirley! From now on we will be three lunch buddies!

Summer arrived Thursday afternoon and she and Louis Dean started on a project for her van.
They were deep in thought and plans when Sherry came in from the ranch to spend the night.
It was like a party on the driveway!
I absolutely love it when people spend the night. 
Makes me feel like it's a holiday!

Friday morning Sherry and I drove over to Arlington to the Quilt Show.

Our whole purpose was to surprise Ruth Ann who had no idea we were coming.
However, there were a LOT of people there!
Sherry called Roy to find out what Ruth Ann was wearing but even that description didn't narrow our search down that much. So Sherry called her and asked how she was enjoying the quilt show or was she even there yet? They chit chatted a bit and Sherry learned she was in the vender's area.......
Ruth Ann was really surprised to see us!

We had such a good time visiting and meeting the other ladies in Ruth Ann's quilting group!
Now I am not a quilter! I whack up denim and I sew to mend and I can make a few things but I am not a mathematical mind that can cut precise lines and sew like a true quilter does.

I have no idea how these ladies do what they do.
Just looking at some of the intricate stitching had my stomach tighten up.
There were some quilts that were so wild I wondered how in the world they did that.
And to be honest, there were a few quilts that made me dizzy just to look at them.
But they were all so well done and amazing......

This must have been the best one there - it was displayed right at the front entrance.
Here are a few of my favorites.....

Of course, I would love this one!!

I love that there's a fishing rod in all four scenes here.

Texas theme.....

The lady bugs remind me of my friend, Debbie, here in Irving.

Such clever ideas.

Who would have thought of THIS?

Butterflies made form hankies.

Finally! A denim quilt!!!

I actually made one similar for Logan.

I love it!

Ruth Ann, her other four friends and Sherry and I all went out to eat lunch together and we laughed and talked like old friends. I'm so happy to know Ruth Ann has such good people to fellowship and quilt with. They meet every single Thursday!

Sherry and I left (my knee has been acting up - so much so that Sherry took the wheelchair just in case I needed it - and thankfully I didn't) not long after lunch to go to IKEA.
We both had a few things we wanted to get there and then we were off for our last stop......

The Hong Kong Market Place in Grand Prairie.

Dean has told me all about this and I have been meaning to come over for a long time.

I felt like we were in another country with all the exotic foods and different foods.

We have duck eggs at the ranch. Geese eggs most probably, too.

I bought Fish Sauce since I have seen this in recipes.
Sherry makes a Coconut Chicken Soup with it and I am wondering if you all use fish sauce and what do it use it in? I tried to find a smaller bottle but this was what I bought.

There's a whole section devoted to Chines medicine and that was my real reason for wanting to shop there Friday. My knee has grown more painful over the last two months and I finally got to the point where I called for an appointment. The injections did not work for me - as much as I wanted them to - they just didn't. I have bone on bone on one side of my knee and a good bit of inflammation as well as some nerve damage. I wanted to put off surgery until the winter but at this point I will do whatever the doctor recommends.

 I had my right knee replace 11 years ago this month and have been so thankful for that!

Here's what I said on Facebook about the Chinese Medicine:

Dean has long used Chinese medicine and has given some to me over the years. The Eagle Brand oil is what I immediately rubbed on my knee. I have bone on bone on the inner part of my left knee as well as nerve damage and a lot of inflammation. While it doesn’t fix anything it does help with the pain. The stuff in the can is a long patch of medicine. I cut it in a rectangle to fit my knee and put it on like a giant bandaid. It last all day and I take it off at night and reuse it the next day and the next until the medicine is all gone on it.

White flower oil is good for congestion and sinus problems. You just sniff it or rub a tiny bit on your temples.

The red box is great for arthritis and I use it on my knobby arthritic fingers.

If it weren’t for my step son I would not know how to use any of these. He a world class martial artist and knows a great deal about Chines medicine having used them all through his 40+ years of Karate training/teaching.

Sherry and Summer both spent the night and we had a party!
Amber told me how she cooks whole cloves of garlic so we had those as an appetizer out on the driveway.

Dinner was baked potatoes with BBQ brisket - the same as Thursday's lunch with Brenda!
Plus a huge salad.

Our evening entertainment was Sam Elliot!

Sherry went back to the ranch early this morning. We will be seeing her soon as we are going down Monday morning. Still, it was so nice to have her here and get some extra time together.

Summer and Louis Dean continued to work on her van project but he was very careful to come in and rest, drink lots of water and work in the shade.

I made us super good Taco Salads for lunch and then Summer and I both took good long naps.
I woke up when it started to rain.

I had some of my fall tubs still out but Louis Dean had already helped me store away all my spring and summer decorations up in the storage building attic.

Summer took this picture!
That's her van they are working on.

We were watching the Dallas Cowboys football game and Louis Dean made grilled cheese sandwiches for all three of us.

It's been a good Saturday!
Before I go - I want to brag on Reaoma's daughter, Pam!

This was not the first time she has saved some one's life!!
If we were not going to be at the ranch then, I would be right there watching them honor her on Monday night! 

I'm trying to get in under midnight!
This is the sewing room - my last room to clean and decorate!I have already made some progress since I snapped this photo.
I will see y'all tomorrow with my finished room!
Good night and may God bless......


Bluebird49 said...

Girl, you know how to party. You'll have enough memories to last you several lifetimes. How many people can say that!
Be careful going back Monday, friend!!

Sandra said...

there was a football game? is it time for that? our lifeguard is an acupuncture doctor, he does a lot of Chinese medicine also. glad LD is feeling well enough to work on the van. I have not seen this Sam E movie, I checked prime and it is not there. phooey... I love his movies. I agree with your comment on do what the doc says about your knee, the sooner the better for that

Tina said...

The quilt show and meeting Ruth Ann looks like so much fun! I love the butterfly hankie quilt and the bee quilt! And you ARE a quilter in my mind, I could never make the denim quilts that you put together so fast! I'm going to bake some banana bread and try putting brown sugar frosting on it, that sounds so yummy and I've never tried it! Your decorating is so cozy and pretty and you are ahead of schedule for your "September Morn"! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Vee said...

I am so glad that Pam was there so that the good doctor is still here! What an amazing feeling it must be to know that one’s actions made that kind of a difference.

Linda, I am so sorry to learn more about your knee and that it is paining you so much. How good to get some relief, but as you say, that you are willing to do whatever the dr says is an indication that all is not well with that knee. Praying for The Lord’s healing touch.

Summer looks great! She has always had a smile that lights up the place. Hope that she and Louis Dean are able to figure out the fix for the van.

So good to see Ruthann. We, who feel as if we know her, miss her!

Happy trails down to the ranch tomorrow...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's always good to take tie to spend with friends and family. The days go by fast and before we know it a year has passed us by. Nice that you set a time to meet up again soon. Those quilts are lovely for sure ! So many differnerent ways to make them. I do admire any one that quilts, tt's a talent that is fast going out of style. Glad you found some relief for your knee. Living with pain is not easy at all. Take care and take it easy Happy Saturday!

Changes in the wind said...

Fun to tag along with you to the quilt show...such amazing talent. Nice that you keep close with friends and family. That market was something else, not sure how you know what to buy. Glad LD has a project that isn't too vigorous and he is taking precautions and Summer is able to spend time with him.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I’m sorry about your knee! I’ll be praying about that.

What fun to surprise Ruth Ann! We miss seeing her on the blog! Those quilts are amazing!

I like having guests, too! We have a lot coming up for this week! I’ll tell all about it on the blog!

Debby said...

Pam is a true hero. Being able to respond like she did is pretty amazing.
You are such a busy one.
Those quilts are beautiful.

Chatty Crone said...

You do more in one day then I do in a week or two! LOL
I am focusing on those quilts right now - I have a friend that does quilting - but nothing like that. Those were gorgeous and I know you know how much time and work is involved in making one.
I had my knew replacement done in 2012 - but like you I am glad I had it done.
Hope the Chinese Medicine works.

Robyn said...

What great fun! I Love quilts but I also have no idea how they do all of it. I'm more a crocheter. I love Sam Elliot. No matter how old that man gets he will always be a looker... Loved all the photos and those quilts were gorgeous!

photowannabe said...

I'm sorry your knee has been giving you such fits and pain.
Do what the Dr. says and get it fixed. You are far too busy and helpful to be sidelined with pain.
the quilts are really something the bee one...
I'm so glad you can be with friends and family.
Even a taco salad is a banquet when you prepare it.
Happy to hear that LD is mindful of the temps. and is taking care of himself. It shows that he even scared himself with this episode.
Can't wait to see your photos from the ranch.
Safe travels.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Pam is a hero! I love the quilts. My favorites are the rooster, trucks and the bees. My knee is the same as yours, only worse. Bone on bone, it is deformed and bends outward from so many years of arthritis, and is loaded with bone chips. The shots finally stopped working for me after about 10 years of them, but the radio frequency ablation works wonderfully, no more pain! I get it twice a year from a pain doctor. An orthopedic doctor will not tell you about this because they want to operate. what is the van project? I am also thinking Louis Dean's blood work was normal, hurrah!!

Susie said...

Linda, It did my heart good to see you, Sherry and Ruth Ann together again. I bet Ruth was thrilled. ONG those quilts are wonderful works of art. What talented quilters. I would have loved seeing all of them in person. So fun to have your lunch times with friends, then to have Sherry and Summer spend the night. I know it had to be the best time. I absolutely love that Sam Elliot movie.
I am thinking you may have to have another knee surgery, if it's bone on bone. Ouch !! I loved seeing the good food also. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Carole said...

Linda, first - fish sauce - I use it in place of salt in most asian dishes - try it in a noodle dish or in a dumpling soup. It doesn't taste fishy at all - it is similar to Worcestershire sauce a bit.

Second - the quilts - how fabulous - were any of them for sale? How much were they - ballpark? I have bought some quilts and have them as wall hangings - not full sized ones. That ladybug one was great. Cheers

BeachGypsy said...

So glad to see you have been by to see me my friend Linda and glad you liked the post about the pretty dolls. Oh Linda I grew up playing paper dolls too, I ADORED Mine! I dont think hardly any little girls of these days even know what paper dolls are, LOL!! We played ours underneath the big old live oak shade tree, on an old soft quilt. Summers of the past.........long past. Sigh
Looks like y'all have been so busy and I love catching up with you....I'm off to read your post now.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Wow, Linda, you certainly did get everything in just under midnight. What wonderful times you spent with family and friends, once again. Those quilts looked amazing - all so beautiful and colorful. sorry to read that your knee is causing discomfort. I'm not sure about Chinese medicines but then there are all sorts of alternative remedies that folks swear by and many that work for them.

Dana said...

Linda, would love to know where you got your jack-o-lantern cooking pot.Love all your fall decorations.