Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Stringing Our Country Days Together........

Saturday was our last full day of Critter Chores!
I noticed on our way down to do them there were some sunflower like flowers.

Maybe these are mini sunflowers!
Still, they are pretty and I went back and picked a bouquet after our Critter Chores were done.
Dean and Sherry had done such a good job in leaving lots of fresh water and feed that the chores were not hard at all. We refreshed a good many waters and put in fresh food for those critters who stay in their pens.

We spent Saturday doing our projects. He with his building and I in the camper.
It was a Susie Homemaker kind of day for me plus I put in a couple of hours writing.

This is the newest baby chick on the place and my first time to get a good look at him.
The ducks and geese went into their pen without too much trouble.
Everyone in their pens and accounted for except the old goose who refused to cooperate.
No critters lost on our watch so we were happy!

Saturday night's menu was roasted veggies, grilled smoke sausage and corn on the cob!
It was so good! But then, everything seems to taste better in the country!

Dean and Sherry arrived back late Saturday night so we were off duty Sunday morning!

I made us a big breakfast for Sunday afternoon!

I was so excited about setting the table in the front room.
I like eating at a TABLE! I took this pic and then Louis Dean picked his plate and glass of milk up, took a few steps to his 'easy chair' and proceeded to eat.
It is what it is, folks. He was happy so I was, too. 
But I ate at the table.

Mint grows profusely at home and I remembered to bring some with me when we came down here last week. Since I am only drinking 'mocktails' these days - a fancy glass and a sprig of mint makes it more festive. I dink tea and water thorough out the day but when Louis Dean pours his glass of wine, I pour my Diet 7 Up and we sip along together.

There's always something interesting to see....and they surprise me when I turn around and see them.
This guy was on my basket.....

and this fellow was on my paint palette tray.
Both were in the front room.
Our camper is pretty air tight so we don't usually get uninvited guests in there.

The progress made so far this trip is mostly in the utility room.
All I have done is clean and fluff the front room.

I had just moved things around to take a pic of the cooking area when Louis Dean stepped into the picture to do something with the breaker box.

We are now and will always be 'glamping' which is just the way we like it.

I love our camper cottage - and pinch myself from time to time because it is such a dream come true!

I love seeing the horses run along the fence line in our 'front yard.'

Dean and Sherry came down to visit Sunday evening.
Sherry has the sharpest eyes. We were all sitting in the front room when she pointed out the window and said, "Look! That hawk caught a snake! See it hanging out of his mouth?" 
Sure enough, the hawk was flying over Mr. Jackson's field and even I could see something was dangling from his beak!

Sherry and I laughed over Mr. Jackson's donkeys.

Life is so fun down here!

Dean and Sherry left to fix fajitas and bring them down for a Father's Day Dinner.

Fajitas, beans, rice, avocados, tomatoes, cheese, cilantro sour cream, flour, corn and a combo of flour/corn tortillas, chips and hot sauce - we had it all!! And it was ALL so very good!!

They also brought the evening's entertainment!
We all watched the movie together and I made popcorn.
It was a wonderful evening!!

Both Amber and Summer had sent Louis Dean messages and he felt very much loved.

That catches me up to today - Monday! Or it was. It's after midnight but I am pushing on and will simply post this late.

I went to 'town' today.

It's funny how our time down here works.
The first few days we are so excited to BE here! 
We take pics of the scenes and the critters and are bouncing with excitement.

Then the middle of our visit - which lasts the longest - we feel more like we actually live here.
We relax and flow with the gentle rhythms of the country.

Monday was the first time I have left the ranch since we arrived on Thursday.
This time I drove straight down County Line Road all the way to Texas Avenue.

There are some big changes happening in Mart!

Talk is a guy from England married a girl from Mart and he has bought up quite a bit of 'downtown.'
This is the future coffee shop, gym and liquor store. The later will be coming this winter. 
According to the sign.

Exciting times!

Also - by the same people - we will have a new restaurant!!!

I'm all in!!!!

And this is the old house that the couple have updated and renovated!

It's so much fun to watch all these new happenings happen!

I went on to the Dollar store because you can just about get anything you need there!

The cotton fields are growing! 
They are not in the same places as they were last year.
 I guess there's something to rotating the crops.

I love seeing all the country scenes.
About the time I took this pic on my way back - it started raining.

That didn't stop me from picking sunflowers, though!
I got home just as the steady soft rain turned more aggressive!

Love it!!!

It didn't last nearly long enough!

My fresh bouquet of sunflowers!

A Dollar Store treasure......


Another Dollar Store find.
Essential oils are good at keeping the pests at bay. 
I placed this one beside the two bouquets of fresh wildflowers.

And my fancy smancy 'mocktails' glass!
I also stocked up on my supply of 7 Up and flavored waters.

The rain has gone and left a pretty landscape behind.

This is such a beautiful time in our day.
The day recedes and the night begins to fall.
Louis Dean sat out on the porch while I painted in the front room.

It's never too late to do art.
Since the windows are open, Louis Dean and I could continue to talk and visit.
I painted only the horns on Buddy and closed up my palette.
We finished off the night and he went to bed and I came in here to journal.

Every day here is special!
Going to bed tonight counting my blessings.......


Kathy said...

I just love going through your day with you. The flowers that look like smaller sunflowers may be Black-eyed Susans. At least they look like that to me. Glad you got some rain. I know it's been pretty dry down there.

Vee said...

We call those wildflowers “Brown Eyed Susans.” They do have a sunflower quality to them, which I had not realized until you mentioned it.

I love your “self-talk” in the country...relaxed, happy, and blessed.

Wow...big doings in Mart!

Susie said...

Linda, Glad you and LD are relaxing there. Sounds like Sherry and Dean Made a good father's day dinner. Happy LD had a wonderful father's day. I love seeing the pictures from your time there. Take care and stay cool. Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

mxtodis123 said...

OMG. That food looks so good. I bet it was delicious. Pretty Brown Eyed Susans. Haven't seen them since I moved to the city. Your camper looks so cozy. My dream was to own one and travel about. Not going to happen, though. Hubby needs to be near his doctors. But. I enjoy living vicariously through you.

Arlene Grimm said...

I would love to see the inside of the renovated house in Mart. It looks lovely. So glad that they are trying to revive that area. I wish someone would do that in my hometown.

Deanna Rabe said...

I enjoy hearing about your days at the ranch. I was thinking your flowers were black eyed susan’s too, though I know that there are a variety of sunflowers.

Changes in the wind said...

Lovely laid back days in the country and all the food looks delicious! Where is the pet chicken that comes and roosts on your ladder?

Sandra said...

the name suzie homemaker fits you to a t. my favorite thing in your fluffed up front room, is all those windows and the view out of them.. I love bright light. I know you don't.

jujupage1 said...

I love the look of your camper! Yes glamping will always be the best type of camping!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be a bit of adjustment from city to country but it would not be hard at all to settle into your country life. I love that you finding those sunflowers, they really do brighten things up. Glad all is going so well for you. I also like your dollar store finds. I haven't been to ours in a while, but you've inspired me to visit it soon. You just really never know what you might find there!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know we both always say this to each other...but we are both so very blessed and thankful for the good lives we have. You're busy and that makes it fun. Love your flowers and the beautiful horses! Enjoy your afternoon friend!

Carole said...

More writing progress! Nothing will stop you now! Cheers

Debbie said...

Your meals always look amazing! I am like you...I like to set the table and eat at the table!!

The camper always looks so nice and so spacious!! I think those flowers are brown eyed Susan's!!