Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Weekend to Remember!!

Saturday was a great day in so many ways!

Louis Dean found this treasure and I was surprised to find that it was dead.
He looks like he's rubbing his hands together before eating his dinner!
I saved him and sandwiched him inside a card to send to Rayne in Puerto Rico.
She loves all things flora and fauna.

I was working both inside the camper and out in the front room when I looked out and saw the horse resting in our 'front yard.'

I had just pulled the shucks off 6 ears of corn I bought at HEB on Friday for only $1!
When I bought them, I thought if nothing else, I would feed them to the horses.

As it turned out, Crystal - Dean and Sherry's daughter, was coming that afternoon to spend the weekend and we were going to have a special dinner made by Sherry at Crystal's request.
I said we would contribute a salad and buttered corn on the cob.

The horses love the shucks and they also love the cobs - even minus the corn!

I do so love these horses and I believe they love me, too.

I took a lot of photos and I think I have a few possibilities I can paint on my two feed sack replicas on our July visit down here.

Louis Dean frets when they come so close to the 'house' I try to feed them up on the road or out in the field.....but it was just so handy to feed them where they were that day. So I did.

This is my Country Look most days down here on the ranch.
I don't fix my hair. I barely wear any make up - just enough so you can see my features.
I'm nearly always wearing denim.....this time an old denim jumper that is nearly white with so many washings. And an apron. Always an apron. And now - always a pair of glasses. These are my 'walking around' glasses.

I need them to spot things like this killdeer nest with two beautiful eggs in it!
I walked right out to the road and saw this clearly! I wasn't even looking for it although Sherry said she had seen killdeer earlier this week on the road from 'our place' to theirs putting on the hurt act to distract anyone from going near their nest.

Alas, today (Sunday) the eggs had been smashed by an unknown critter.
I am so happy I got a photo and video when I did.

Saturday night was fun like a party - to quote my friend, Megan!!

Crystal requested chicken stuffed peppers with beans and Spanish rice.
She made the guacamole - the El Chico recipe version - and she also brought the best red wine Mart had to offer!!! It was delicious!

Crystal is one of Louis Dean's favorite people.
She was the very first person to step into and see the camper after he had redeemed it back in the summer of 2012 before we took it to Katy so we could help Amber and Mike with the quads.

We ate. We laughed. We talked.
It was wonderful!

Everyone loves Crystal!
She is Dean and Sherry's only child.....and truly an amazing young lady!
We were ALL so excited to get to spend some time with her.

After dinner, Dean and Sherry went out - supposedly to take the leftover food back to their house and we continued to visit with Crystal. Then they returned and SURPRISE!!!!

They brought up the fireworks we had gone in together to buy back for New Year's Eve!
As it turned out, January was a deep freeze month and fireworks were not an option. 
We did use some of them when Amber, Mike and the quads came down for their traditional spring break visit. 
In Texas, you can only purchase fireworks two times a year -  10 days before New Year's and 10 days before the Fourth of July.

What a way to end such a great Saturday night!!!

Today I spent some time painting.......

and Louis Dean built a table to hold his guitar with a space underneath for his tub full of music books. 

And he has already used it tonight!

He sang everything from Sonny James to Marty Robbins......Mac Wiseman and others.

I packed up my art table and will finish this painting next month.

Only one more full day here.....Monday.
I am going to Waco and hit up the Goodwills and a movie.
Louis Dean will stay here and do what he does best - another project!

I posted before my other pictures loaded.
Sometimes I get in a bigger hurry than the Internet here.....

In other news.......

Summer sent me this pic from her day in Puerto Rico!

It's beautiful there!

They were off on a day trip touring a closed plantation which supplied the sugar for Don Q tequila.

The orchids are HUGE there!

I am so looking forward to July when they all return to Texas for a few weeks!
I am thinking a big party is in order!!

And here is my Amber looking all cute in her summer loving smile and outfit!

Seems everyone is enjoying the month of June!

And I close with this picture from my friend, Jutta, in Finland.
Her day is beginning just as mine ends......


Linda said...

Sounds like country life just keeps getting better for you. That’s wonderful. Soon as you hit Irving city limits you’ll be frantically busy again. Lots of people to see and things to do.

Bluebird49 said...

I like that painting already---can't wait to see more!
I KNEW Louis Dean could make a better table than he could find. :}
What a great trip youall have had,again! A party,too.
Rayne and the orchid should be a painting!
xoxo, Trudy

Estelle's said...

What a lovely photo of Rayne...everyone looks healthy and happy....and, I am loving your new room down at the ranch..only YOU could make it look this welcoming and inviting...what a gift!

Susie said...

Linda, I love seeing the start of a new painting. You and LD sure stay busy. I love that LD made a little table. So fun to have a family dinner together with Dean, Sherry , and Crystal. Your children look like they are truly enjoying summer. I love the month of June, we only have one more week too. Take care down there and be safe upon your return home. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Loved seeing your beautiful granddaughter. I did not know Dean and Sherry had a daughter. Loved seeing all the progress on the Chapman Casa. It is looking good. LD is amazing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That was an amazing fun packed weekend for you all. Loved seeing all the pictures. I think your daughters have their mom's great smile. Enjoy your last day in the country. I know you will miss it so, but then there will be fun to be had in the city too. Happy Monday !

Sandra said...

as always your photos tell a perfect story... love those horses and did not know until you told us that they eat the shucks.. today I saw it with my own eyes. Rayne looks wonder and they all look so happy in the island paradise. or almost paradise... I love the painted horse eyes.. glad you got to see Crystal

Deanna Rabe said...

So wonderful, every bit of it.

Our horses love corn cobs and watermelon rind and all kinds of good stuff!

Dean and Sherry’s daughter is beautiful! Isn’t it wonderful to have so much love in the family!

Chatty Crone said...

Linda I am so glad you found me. I got into an overwhelming mess with my blog and it just got too much and i stopper for awhile - and now I am slowly coming back.

Anyhow - did you move?

Where are the little ones?

Looks like you keep really busy.

Love those horses.

So glad to leave a comment.


Carole said...

Linda, you should get LD to pick a simple song for you both to sing together - no need to do it in front of anyone else - but singing is such an uplifting thing to do. Some songs that are pretty easy to sing include Yesterday, build Me Up Buttercup, Achy Breaky Heart, and a fave of mine please don't let me be misunderstood! Your weekend was so lovely. Cheers from a chilly place on the other side of the planet!