Wednesday, June 20, 2018

All About Louis Dean!

Louis Dean is a happy man tonight!
 In 5 days he has already accomplished the goals he set for this month's time at the ranch.

I wonder if that means I can share of my 'Honey Do Wish List' with him?
He already had the roofing felt up on the new utility room so this trip (after he had to take out the window in there and move it over after I mentioned it would be right behind the washing machine) he was determined to get the tin up and finish the deal.

He hasn't been sleeping well at night because he keeps thinking about his projects and fretting over them in his mind. This morning he announced he was going to 'Do This Thing' as the kids say!

He single handed carried all the tin for the roof to the front.

Back last year when Son Dean helped get the heavy plywood up on the roof, he - being a Master Karate Teacher - literally THREW the heavy pieces up there. I saw him do it!

Now these pieces of tin aren't anywhere near as heavy - but we still use the term 'throw them up!'

And so he did!

Good job, Louis Dean!!

After a lunch break, he was back up on the roof screwing the tin down and doing whatever else he needed to do to complete the roof.

Just a man and his drill.......on a the rain.......

We did have rain today! 
Off and on and we hope to have more during the night as well as tomorrow.

By the time the heavier rain arrived, the roof was done and Louis Dean was inside!

What did I do all day?

I fixed our breakfast, made tea for the day, got the coffee ready for in the morning, made a banana pudding for you know who, made the bed up and aired the camper out because it was so nice we didn't even need the AC for much of the day.

I loved getting to open the room darkening drapes and getting to SEE this room!
I remember back a few years when we were in Katy and every time it rained hard, my side of the bed would get wet. It was awful! Finally when we brought the camper back to Irving, Louis Dean had to tear open the ceiling above the bed and redo it plus the right side of the camper wall.
He has redone and rebuilt so much of this 1999 Wilderness 31 foot camper!

It will live here at the ranch for the rest of its life!
This window faces West so that's the reason we have lined drapes to block the sun.

Early this evening I did a walk about the ranch.
On my way down to the peacock pen I spied where a coyote had taken one of Sherry's black chickens and dined on it across from the camper. I shudder just thinking about a coyote so close at night.
I think twice before going outside!

The mockingbird was singing his heart out!

The peacock pen looks like it's finished now. And I noticed they have moved the two mother hens with their three baby chicks to a different pen. Things are constantly changing. Sherry says Dean is about to move the goat pen soon.

Look what a pretty cat Dean and Sherry have.
His name is Saki.

Not only is Saki pretty - he's a good mouser.
Sherry says 'she' and Dean says, 'HE!'
Saki is a boy cat.

I walked on up to the big tank and marveled at how dry it is.

We had some showers today and hope for more tonight and tomorrow.
A LOT of rain is needed to fill those tanks back up.

Mr. Jackson's cows were saying, "Moo evening!"

Only Mama Donkey was out in the field today.
Mr. Jackson owns the land across the road and keeps cattle over there, too.

When I walked back down to the camper, Louis Dean was out filling the hummingbird feeders.

This time I made my own nectar for the feeders.
1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Boil. Cool. 

We don't have a lot of hummers but we do have some!

See the red chair on the left with the white cap shoes on?
It had a bad leg and Louis Dean cut the bad part off and we would put a block under that leg whenever we or someone else sat in it. Louis Dean said he would fix it someday when he came across the right size pipe. He found it! It was part of an old telescope and he made it work perfectly!!
He said, "THIS is why I don't throw things away!!"

Slowly but sure we are getting things done.

This was the sky tonight.......amazing.
I can't help but think about the glory of God when I see something like this.
Every morning he sends us a sunrise and every evening a sunset. At night he gives us a moon and starry skies. Each one lifts my heart in praise!

Today was Tuesday and that means art!
Actually, I set it out yesterday and painted a little bit.

I am calling this one all but done.
There's a few more hairs I want to paint on him but I need to let the oils dry a bit first.
This is Buddy. He was Dean's favorite goat and he still misses him.
Buddy was as strong as any goat could be.
He had a personality AND an attitude!
He was also extremely photogenic!

This was our Tuesday and it was a good one.
Our days here on the ranch are gently rolling over to the next one
And every day has its own special charm. 
We have six more.....and we plan on savoring each one!


Linda said...

Thank you in advance for each comment! We read them all and enjoy hearing from you!

BeachGypsy said...

Your little home sweet camper is cute as can be! It's shaping up so nice. I make my own hummingbird nectar too! It's so easy. That Louis Dean is such a hard worker. You have a good man there Linda! Love all the pictures of the beauty of the country, keep 'em coming!

Carol Slater said...

What a nice place to call your country home. I am very proud of Louis Dean! He is quite a worker!

Sandra said...

OMW! what a day!!! and YOU GO LD!!! wild clapping for getting er done in one day... LUV LUV LUV the Buddy painting. it seems to me ranch life is never done, always something on the list for LD and Dean.. I am jealous but not of the work, just the critters and wide open spaces, also no night wanderings for me with coyotes out there

Susie said...

Linda, Your blog title says "All about Louis Dean ",then you show an old goat at the end...what are you trying to say ?? LOL. I just had to tease. I love that painting, you are very talented Linda. I made Ted come look at LD working. I said now there's a working man. We decided if you don't quit working, you can still keep working. God bless LD, hope he slept well after he achieved his goal for this time at the ranch. Even the chair leg. I loved hearing you encourage your sweet man.You two have something so special. Stay cool and hydrated. Love you guys , blessings, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great job Louis Dean did on that roof and all by himself. Glad it was a cooler day. I love listening to the rain on a tin roof. I have on on either side of me. One on the carport attached to the house and one over the sunporch which is on the other side. You did a great job with the goat picture too. I'd say you both had a successful day. The sunset is beautiful. They always remind me to be thankful for another day. It's a dark start to the day here with lots of clouds, rain is coming our way.

Changes in the wind said...

It is unbelievable how LD works at his age. Love the picture you painted, it is wonderful.

Hootin' Anni said...

Once again, I'm admiring your art work. And, all of L D's accomplishments!! You two are so 'in sync' with each other, it's such a blessing!! LOVE THE CAT!!

ellen b. said...

Well that was a very productive day for sure. Glad that roof is done. You've got a hard worker by your side for sure. Hats off to Dean! Love the painting of Buddy! Have a good rest of the week.

Debbie said...

hi linda, ld is such a hard worker, everything looks great (i think i said that yesterday)!!

i am so familiar with the mockingbirds song, i have so many here - but i still enjoyed it!!

nice capture of the hummingbird - and you art is, as always, really beautiful. what talent you have!!!

Vee said...

My goodness! All and I mean ALL I managed to do today was water a few plants and go to my grandson’s graduation from elementary school. We won’t discuss how quickly children grow, which is where my head has been.

Louis Dean gets so much accomplished...yes, it must be time to bring out the “honey~do” list.

It pleases me to know that you are painting and writing and still enjoying the country, though some nights sound pretty wild with critters roaming and snatching hens away...

Carole said...

You've captured that goat's attitude so well. Cheers

Deanna Rabe said...

Go Louis Dean! He's amazing! I think my Tim will be like that, cause that's what he's like now! We're blessed with our guys, Linda!

Nonnie said...

Louis Dean is truly a treasure and you are so blessed that he is able and wants to do those things. I like Buddy and I'm with you on the skies. I love sunsets and they do make us think of His glory. So beautiful. Every one a masterpiece. Listening to thunder right now and thinking of how majestic is our God!

Saimi said...

That Louis Dean, what a guy!! I love that he is a project man, I'm telling you my dad and him would get along famously! You do have a busy life on that farm!! Holy cow girl what an artist you are! I'm so impressed with your skills. We had a beautiful sky tonight as well, with a hint of thunder.