Saturday, June 30, 2018

Home Again! Home Again! Let the Action Begin!

We left the country Tuesday afternoon and I did not take even one picture after we got in the truck.....that is until we got to Hillsboro.
I did take a couple of videos as we were closing up the camper and the front room.

It's always more fun to arrive than to leave here.

I admit to being a tiny bit blue when I locked the camper door.
Life is so easy here. It's just Louis Dean and me. And the critters. And a sprinkling of wonderful visits and meals with Dean and Sherry. The country is where I am the most creative and do my art and writing. After the sun goes down, I usually do a bit of a walk about and at night we sit outside and look at the stars. In the mornings we have our coffee. Occasionally we go to town but even that is not stressful. Plus we don't get TV so we aren't bombarded with news.
You can see why it's hard to leave there.

We drove to Hillsboro where we always stop to eat and I was starting to feel a little better.
Then I called Lillian and she was upset that Mother did not take them moving her to another room well. That's when I felt myself sliding down the slippery slope of depression.

By the time we reached Dallas, I was there. Depressed. 
The traffic, sirens, burdens and concerns - it felt overwhelming.

We came in and within an hour or so the laundry was going and I had unpacked.
While we were gone, the ground shifted and our front door became very hard to unlock and once unlocked it was hard to lock back! That's not good so Louis Dean started watering thinking the ground would shift back. Except he watered the wrong side and it got worse. Now the door drug the floor and would only open part way. Oops!
He got it closed and locked for the night and decided to tackle it the next day.

The one bright spot was this pair of super cute socks our sweet neighbor got for me.
I am saving them to wear July 9th - when we go back to the camper!!!
Thank you, Olga!!

Wednesday was our 13th wedding anniversary!
 We are asking God for at least 12 more so we can celebrate our Silver Anniversary together!

We meant to go out to dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse which is where we went on the night we were married. 

We were so excited on our wedding day.
Louis Dean was like a little boy!

I married when I was 14 and had never dreamed I would one day have a real wedding. But I did.
It was absolutely wonderful!
Louis Dean has not only loved me these last 13 years and two months but he actually LIKES me, too.
And he is proud of me. This has been a whole new experience for me.
And, of course, I absolutely adore him!
For several years we celebrated our anniversaries with a trip to Galveston because I love the beach.

In 2012 we celebrated in Katy, Texas with a visit to see the Baby Quads before moving down there in August of that year.

Then in 2014, Amber and Mike took us to Nick and Sam's Steakhouse for the best meal ever!!!! 
You could cut the steak with a butter knife - it was THAT tender!

But I just didn't feel like going out and celebrating this year.
Maybe later.

Plus it was so blooming hot!!!

Instead, I decided to tackle my depressed state of mind and try my fool proof therapy!
Either deep clean something or do a project!
I chose to repaint the guest room since Deanie was giving us her bunk bed set and we were picking it up Friday. So I took myself to Home Depot where I bought Forbidden Red paint and all the tools plus a room size rug.

I would like to thank my friend, Virginia, for our Anniversary meal!
Louis Dean was hungry for Subway and that's where I went on my way back from Home Depot!
It was a really truly treat from Virginia because I used the gift card she gave us. PART of it, anyway!
We get to do this again sometime soon.

So we ate and watch a TV program and then I went to work in the guest room and Louis Dean went to work.......

on the front door. He fixed it so it works. It's not pretty and it looks like it's been the victim of countless break ins now. I can paint over all that wood putty. Soon. I will get to it.
Now he needs to put down another thresh that what you call the thing at the bottom?
Right now large bugs and small critters could come in under that door!
He's going to do that really soon! I hope!

I painted this first wall Wednesday night. The walls were already a red but not as good as this one.
I had painted this room soon after my divorce in 2004 and I had next to no money. The top red was okay but I didn't have enough for under the chair rail. So I painted that a green that turned out to be the color you see on billiard tables. It.was.awful. So I had some brown paint that I painted over that green with a big sponge. Better. Not great but better. Then I sponge painted the red with some of the brown to tie the two together.

This wall is a before pic so you can see it's close to the same red as the new paint.
This would be Thursday's wall to paint.

Thursday proved to be even hotter than Wednesday!! It was a triple digit day but not 107 degrees!
The car was HOT!!

I had blood work to do that day and I thought I was supposed to fast - but I wasn't!
I left the hospital about 1:30 and went to Aldi to buy some groceries and more snacks to replenish the baskets for Mother and Lillian.

And looky looky what they had!! 
My hands down - all time favorite - wine!
I bought 5 bottles since they only order this twice a year.
I need to go back and get more.
I was just hoping my blood work would be better and that I could still have an occasional glass of wine in the future.

Reaoma likes rice pudding and I found some in the dairy section all nice and cold.
I put my perishables in insulated bags from Trader Joe's and headed over to the nursing home.

I had made fresh tea that morning and brought it in a container to pour into the bottle I brought last time. Reaoma has always liked tea so I made a herbal fruit blend from the new tea bags I bought at HEB last week. Plus I added fresh mint and lemon. I told her it would be like drinking a fruit salad!

I get down on my knees by her chair and hold the tea for her to sip from through her straw.
It is hard for her to swallow so I tell her I am in no hurry.
Then I started telling her some of my favorite memories of us together.
Just 4 years ago she could walk with a cane and talk. She talked very slowly. Very slowly. 
I reminded her of the time Ruth Ann and I had picked her up and we had gone to the movies.
We were walking to the exit after it was over and I heard Reaoma say......very slowly.......
I looked down at that point and sure enough! The elastic had said, "ENOUGH!" and her pants had fallen to her knees!!!! Ruth Ann was in back and I was in front of her and we got them back up but we were all three laughing so hard it's a wonder we didn't all wet our pants!
We have all laughed about that so many times since then.
So guess what Reaoma did????

She raised her head up and LAUGHED!!!
 LOUD, too!!
That made my day!
Reaoma laughed my blues away!!
I came home and painted that other wall!

This morning I woke up and went straight to the computer to check MyChart - the link to my medical records so I could read my test results.
I happen to know my amazing Dr. Suma Abraham gets up before 3:00 every work day morning and does all her paperwork. And doctors have a TON of paperwork. She does this so that when she gets off work, she is off and can spend time with her four children and her husband. She doesn't mind going to bed early and getting up early in order to have family time. I have known Dr. Abraham since before she even had children and now they are all in high school and beyond!

Good news!!! 
My Liver Functions were way down and my thyroid was slightly up - both good things!!
I will always have to limit my wine but at least I can still have a glass now and then.

We got ready and were on our way to Fort Worth around noon.

We first visited Lillian. She looked beautiful and so much more relaxed now that Mother is in another room. She had been doing way too much for Mother and it was starting to affect her health and that's just not right. We had stopped to get Kentucky Fried Chicken so we all ate lunch together. Mostly me and Louis Dean. Lillian nibbled one piece of chicken. I am determined to find something she likes to eat! I may need to bring in some more shrimp and cocktail sauce.

Then we went to see Mother.

She was asleep when we walked in but woke up when she heard us.
She didn't look nearly as bad as I feared and she knew us and acted much as she always has.
She thought my drink cup from KFC was a milk shake for her and was so disappointed when I showed her it was just ice. I promised to go out and get her a shake later and bring it back before we left Fort Worth to go home.

Mother is failing. I know that. Still, she knows how to push buttons and I think she 'acts' more 'vacant' when she is around Deanie and now she is angry at Lillian thinking it's her fault the staff moved her to another room so when Lillian went down to visit her, she acted like she didn't even SEE her or know she was there. I have never visited Mother when she acts the way she does with Deanie. I don't think she acts that way with Nita either.
At any rate......that's a saying I have picked up from my step son......
I hung all her picture frames on the walls for her, filled her goodie basket, wrote her room # in every piece of clothing in her closet and drawers - because Deanie has asked the home to do her laundry now. It had become such an issue and I won't go into it here but I daresay the home will not see the same things in the laundry that my sisters were seeing. Like I said, I think she was pushing some buttons and that was the last area she had any buttons left. Now there aren't any more.
She needs a laundry hamper so I told her I would be back later with one and I would bring her a milkshake.

Then we went to Deanie and Charlie's to pick up the bunk bed set they gave us.

Charlie bought the staircase part and he built the rest.

It is super sturdy and I am so excited to have it!
Double on bottom and twin on top!
The quads are going to be surprised as will Rayne when she comes back to visit next month!

Louis Dean and I had a great visit with my sister and her husband.
We laughed so hard we cried!
Deanie is feeling better these days and has started to decorate and unpack.
They moved to this new house when Mother first came to live with them. 3 years ago?
Mother lived there for two years and has been in the nursing home a year next month.
I'm so thankful that Deanie is happy and she is. Charlie is, too.
They are now retired and you can see the relief in both of their faces!
Charlie and Louis Dean loaded the bunk beds and they were heavy!
Louis Dean said, "We are doing really well since this is the first time Charlie and I have worked together."
Just when we thought we had laughed as much as we were going to .......
Charlie made us laugh some more!
We were at the door getting ready to leave.
I had put my sunglasses on and had both my walking around glasses and my reading glasses on top of my head. I had noticed Charlie taking his glasses off and cleaning them, putting them back on and then taking them off and cleaning them again.
As he was hugging me goodbye - he started laughing!!!!!
He said he had spent the entire time we had been visiting trying to focus on the pair of glasses on my head - thinking I had one pair on and he was seeing TWO!
That's because there WERE two pair!!!
All four of us were laughing as we left!

We stopped at the Dollar Tree earlier today to get a pen to mark Mother's clothes when I found all these glorious sunflower things!!!!

I love them all and will probably go back and get more soon!!!
Right after the 4th of July, I will spreading sunshine around here by way of sunflowers!!!
And you know what????
It's after midnight so it is officially only 62 days until September First!!!!
I think it's safe to say I am not the least bit blue anymore!!!


Sandra said...

sorry about the depression and glad you laughed it away. with all that you do for others it is hard to hold on to depression. also all the traveling and visiting and driving.. can't get depressed helping others. I am with you , county living is my preference.... sorry your mom is not doing well, sounds like you and Deanie have it under control

as of July 9th FL has a new law, no one under 18 can get married

Vee said...

It is good to know how to make the gloomies go; they can descend without much warning. The ranch is such a blessing because it gives you that precious down time where you can be you and do just as you wish. July 9 will be here very soon.

Nursing homes are difficult places, nearly joyless places. Precious little laughter there... Reaoma’s laughter — a gift! I have a question regarding this, but I’ll ask behind the scenes, if I remember. I am glad that Lillian has found some peace and quiet and that your mother will not be able to tug at Deanie in wrong ways. May she know peace, too.

Have a blessed weekend and Happy Belated Anniversary to a very special couple. 💖 Always celebrate!

Susie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and LD, Linda. Loved seeing your wedding pictures. Glad you got over the blues. I understand I get them every once in a while. Such a great photo of Reaoma. She is still in there, that must make you happy to know. Hope your mom gets to realizing she needed her own space. That will be a great surprise of the bunk bed for the children. Love all your sunflower things. I have been thinking of you this week, since my sister said in a letter, "to heck with this heat, I am ready for fall. " It made me think of you and Neil Diamond. :) Blessings to you and LD, stay hydrated, please. Love you guys, xoxo, Susie

mxtodis123 said...

Happy Anniversary. Beautiful pictures. So obvious you two are in love. Sorry to hear about our mom. Hoping things improve. I adore both of your places, your home and your camper. They both look so inviting. That's the way home should be.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A very happy Anniversary to you both ! What a blessing you are to each other. I guess you really did get busy after returning to the city. Here it is Saturday and we're about to have some of your summer heat here. Very unusual for us to have 90 degree days and we have a heat advisory here. That new bunk bed is really going to come in handy for the grandchildren's visits. I love sunflowers and like what you found at Dollar Tree! They are so very cheerful. Hope you have a great weekend and can keep cool.

Deanna Rabe said...

No wonder you got depressed. Its hard to deal with someone who is so self focused. You, Linda, are not that way! God has given you the heart to be grateful and find joy in life! You spread sunshine.

Linda said...

You were in over your head before you even got home. I’d forgotten about cracked foundations in Texas. I like the bunk beds, and no doubt the quads will too. You and your siblings are so much nicer to your mom than I think I would be.

Changes in the wind said...

Happy Anniversary, nice to see all the pictures. Glad your blood work came back good and sorry your Mom is so difficult but you continue to love her.
The bunk beds are really nice!

Cheapchick said...

I am sorry you are feeling blue. Probably not watching TV is a good thing, hubby wants me to quit watching the news. Perhaps you should allow yourself one sunflower thing a day? If it makes you happy why not?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Those sunflower things sure do brighten us all up! I may have to go to our store and see if they have any. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. How happy you are and blessed! Sweet hugs!

Bluebird49 said...

I so enjoyed this post! I'm happy for Lillian, and am thankful for my mother, who was not controlling and angry!
I'm not going to make this long. I wanted to tell you Happy Anniversary!
Ours is today, the 30th. (52 years today.) We've been sitting and talking of our memories. we're not doing anything special either. We had fried chicken for dinner our first evening of the day we married. Tonight, we will have it again!!
God bless you! I'm glad to know Deanie is better!

Carole said...

Happy Anniversary! I like to think that when we get sad sometimes, it helps us appreciate when we aren't. Cheers - you are a good daughter - and very diplomatic about your mum.

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad that you were able to move out of the depressive state you came home in.

I am sorry your mother plays those games with your sister and you, too, to some extent...going to get a milkshake because you felt guilty. I have been there and done that, linda!!!

I am glad your mom has her own room now so that her old roommate can get some rest that she needs.

I hope you have a great week and get a 'sweep' put on the bottom of your front door so that don't get critters in there. xo Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

You have such a full life, Linda--you are always coming and going. Before you get totally relaxed, you have to move on or are faced with some grim reality. I think its amazing you have your lid on this straight! But you laugh, in your writing I can see that you thrive on friends and family and laughter. And you have incredible energy.

I so enjoyed this post. Hope you get back to your country home soon! Believe me, we are all suffering from this heat! :( But its better in a place we love.


Judy said...

Laughter is truly the best medicine! I always enjoy reading all the bits and pieces of your very full life! Happy Anniversary...and best wishes for the next twelve (plus)! All the best as you deal with your failing mom. Not easy.

Robert Barbara said...

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