Thursday, June 21, 2018

Critters, Rain, Heat.....Art and Walls!

Today is the Summer's Solstice and it is hot in the country!
Yesterday was a Rain Day but even when it came down heavy, the ground swallowed up every drop and the ground didn't even stay wet! No need whatsoever for our mud boots.
We really need a long, heavy soaking rain - but I am grateful for what we had.
The air dropped nearly 10 degrees when it was coming down but as soon as it quit, the humidity lay heavy on the air and we would come inside the camper from time to time just to cool off and dry out.

As soon as the horses see me, they start ambling over knowing I have a treat for them.

It was sugar cubes last evening.

You can see this one still had his tongue hanging out!

Dean teaches a Karate class in Waco on Wednesday nights so Sherry came down to visit with us for a few minutes while he was gone.

Rufus knows I have some little something for him to eat and is not bashful in nudging me toward the fridge. Rufus is Dean's dog.

Blue is Sherry's and he is on the shy side but I make sure he gets his fair share of snacks.

He's such a sweet, gentle dog. He's up in years and has some ailments that cause him pain.
Sherry takes such good care of him.

The weather made for a beautiful sunset.

Last night before Sherry left, she helped me fix Deanie's Santa's eyes.
They were wide open blue ones and he just creeped me out when I would look at him.
It's a ceramic piece and Sherry is a gifted artist and has done some excellent pieces so she knew just exactly what he needed!

See what I mean? 
Louis Dean said he looks like the light's on and no body's home!
Or he did, anyway!

I have been sleeping so well since we have been down here.
Only one night was I a bit of the restless side.
Every day I have been mixing up some liver cleansing herbs with applesauce and have also been drinking a lot of water. Next Thursday I have my blood work done again.
I am hoping and praying the liver functions numbers are lower and that my TSH is higher.
In looking at the chart of past results, it shows my thyroid has always been on the lower side for the last 3 years and then this year fell even lower. Since I have no thyroid, it is a matter of dosage so hopefully the lower dose will make my number higher. 
I have read lots of info about the hypo and hyper thyroid conditions but it still doesn't make sense to me - and it doesn't have to since my doctor is in charge and I am just following her instructions.
My liver functions have also been elevated for the past 8 years - but like the TSH - this year the number really jumped up.

No matter what I do - as in going to bed earlier - I still sleep hours later than Louis Dean.
He is up and out there working every morning when I get up.

That's why a big country breakfast is actually our lunch!
Today it was more like 11:00 so I guess I did get up earlier than the 11:30 on Wednesday morning.

Can you see those boards leaning up on the house just outside the window?
Louis Dean thought they were ceiling boards but they are really wall ones - and already painted front and back. He likes to paint both sides and I forget why.
He was all excited since he thought we had used all of them so he got to work last night and took the makeshift shelves he had up there down and this morning he was sawing and hammering when I opened up the camper door.

We have an AC/Heater that will go under the window by the door and that is something to look forward to as the summer heats up.
Once he builds new steps to the camper, the whole new addition will be totally closed in.
He will also put up insulation and the ceiling - all in good time.

Louis Dean pulled the table where I'm doing my art out away from the wall and windows and I just kept on painting while he kept on working.

This is Emu, the little banty rooster with a big attitude!
I have worked some on him for the last two days and am going to let him dry good before adding the final details and brush strokes.

For whatever reason, I am using a lot more paint these days and I like it.

It is fitting that on the Summer's Solstice it should be nearly 100 degrees!
My paint will be dry by morning!
Not really bit enough to work on it.
Oil paint dries slowly and that allows you a longer time to work with it.

I have two more feed sack replicas to paint and I am thinking of painting one of the horses on one and another one of Buddy on the other.

So far this year, all I have painted are critters from the ranch.
Tomorrow I will work on my pastoral landscape.

We will be putting the room back together tomorrow.
He laughed tonight and said he should be finished by the time I wake up in the morning!


Susie said...

Linda, I would love to be painting along side you and learning. I love all you paintings. I bet even when LD is fast asleep, he dreams of working....that's the working-est man I know. LOL That big breakfast/lunch should keep both of you going the rest of the day. Our rain was very heavy at times and it has helped the lawns and the crops around here. But 37 miles over to the west, my daughter had 4 inches of rain in one day. High water signs on the road there. I begged her to be safe going to and from work. Blessings to you and LD, stay cool and hydrated. xoxo,love you, Susie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm loving the feedsack neat! Tell LD to take care and drink lots of water! He's a power worker, isn't he? Hugs to you both!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We've had a few 90 degree days and more coming our way by next weekend a week from now too. Thankfully we've dropped back to the 70's and 80's which is norm for us. I would have to be living in air conditioning with 100 degree temps. It will be so nice when the room is totally enclosed and it too will be air conditioned for you. You've done a great job with all the critters. I haven't painted in oils for quite awhile. They do take longer to dry. I get up early every morning but then I go to bed early too. Still breakfast around 11:00 seems to hit the spot. Your's looks wonderful. Try to keep cool. Happy Friday !

Changes in the wind said...

Hot I can do but the humidity kills me. I know you will be glad with everything is finished but believe me that ac would be humming away even without a wall hahaha

Sandra said...

blue and rufus are my kind of them. we are having the same heat here, outside is like breathing water. did you know horses can get sunburned? I did not until my friend who as 11 horses told me about it. I am loving your critter paintings since I love your critters as they are...

Debbie said...

those horses are gorgeous!!! i would not be able to tolerate those temperatures, i struggle with anything over 80!!

the room is progressing nicely, i hope ld has a break scheduled for after he is done!! the rooster is beautiful!!!

and those santa's look like 2 different santa's!!!!

Carol Slater said...

It has been very hot and humid here too! I am still attempting to find time to read but with getting ready to camp for 9 days and patiently waiting on my new camper I have not had much time.

Christi Duke said...

Wow, whenever I think Phoenix is too hot I remember we have almost no humidity! Growing up my father had a beautiful blue Austrailan Shepard named Blue like Sherry's dog. He was the smartest dog I ever met...he could bring my father certain pairs of jeans - as in he knew the difference between Levi's and Wranglers!