Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Hot Weekend in Texas!!

I think Saturday has been the hottest day of 2018 - so far!

Of course, that's the day that Louis Dean and I decided to get out and work in the back yard!

This is what my friend, Linda, wrote on my Facebook post.......

"What is it about seniors that they’ve lost their ability to use common sense?"

I have no idea! Seemed like a good idea at the time!
We paced ourselves and kept taking tea breaks and hosing each other down to cool off.
One thing about being gone for weeks at a time is you get behind in keeping things up at home.
I told myself I love the English Garden look - but things had gone WAY beyond that!
It looked more like abandoned homestead!

I whacked and clipped and cut away so much that I had six trash bags varying in size from large to SUPER large and I'm not through yet!!
We did get tired. But not dangerously so.

Louis Dean was pretty happy with what all he accomplished and so was I.

As happy as he was, though, he didn't get two winks of sleep all night long!
He took himself off to the guest room so as not to disturb me because I was out like a light!
This morning he had the coffee made when I woke up and said that he had been watching back to back Gunsmokes all night long!

I went to church and he went to bed!

While I was having coffee, though, I scrolled through my Memories on Facebook.

This is Reaoma about 5 years ago.
She was still able to walk, laugh, see fairly well and talk.
Ruth Ann and I would pick her up and take her to the movies with us on Tuesdays.

This is Reaoma just 4 years ago.
She had to walk with a cane and she couldn't see well at all.
She could still talk but her words came very slowly.

I talked to her back in 2013 when she was telling me about moving back to Irving so Pam (her daughter) could take care of her. Reaoma knew then that her body would continue to fail her and yet she always had a smile and a laugh and such a good attitude that it makes me ashamed of mine at times. Now she can't see, she can't walk or even stand alone. She can't feed herself. She can't speak.
She can't chew. She can barely swallow. I'm not sure how long she can hold on like this.
She is on hospice and has been for some time now.
I pray for her and I pray she has peace in her heart and that God will call her home soon.
And I pray for Pam.......she is such a good daughter but you know her heart is breaking.

I was glad to go to church this morning.
It was Communion Sunday and that always gives me a special time to pray as we take our turns - row by row - to go up and take communion. My prayers today were for Reaoma.

Guess who went home with me after church?

Little Logan!
She said, "If Granddad wakes up and sees me, he is going to be so surprised!"
He DID wake up and he DID see her and he WAS so surprised!!!
She and I had done a few errands on our way home and then ate a quick sandwich and went off to meet her mommy and the other kids at the pool.

It was a perfect afternoon to be in the water!
Today wasn't as hot as yesterday.......we had a 'cold' front!
Still in upper 90's!!!

My Amber has always been a Beach Babe!
Maybe because she was born in June!
Her birthday is on Wednesday but she and I will celebrate on Tuesday!
All her children love the sun and the water every bit as much as she does!

I finished this book last week at the ranch and would love to pass it along to anyone who would like to read it. Otherwise I will put it in the Goodwill bag.

I am currently reading this book and as soon as I publish this journal entry and take my shower, I'm going to fix me a big glass of ice water and prop up in bed on my pillows and read until I get sleepy!
A comfy bed and a good book!

PS......Louis Dean loved it when I read the cooments to him from the post where he sang A Daisy a Day!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Why did Louis Dean not sleep all night long? Is he O.K.? Poor Reaoma, such beautiful but sad memories...she is such an exceptional lady.

Linda said...

So Louis Dean didn’t sleep. A classic example of not using common sense I’d say. No wonder you are so exhausted by the time you get back to the ranch. The high here today was 69. Hard to suffer through that kind of day.

Carol Slater said...

Glad to hear that you two accomplished so much, but please be careful in the heat. I am also a June baby as my birthday was on Saturday. Tell Amber Happy Birthday from your friend in IN

Susie said...

Linda, I think as we age, the heat can zap our energy . Ted and I done some job not thinking about how hot it's going to get that day. Gee this weekend of running around to graduations and open house was exhausting. I loved the pretty picture of you and Reaoma. So sad that our minds can fade so quickly. I love what Logan said . Those sweet children love their grandparents.:):) Take it easy there in the heat. Summertime is for relaxing. ( says one work horse to another, LOL) Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Unlike your hot temps, we did have a cool weekend with temps around 70 degrees and lower at night and it was good sleeping weather for sure. The trip to the pool looks wonderful! Just what you needed after a hot day working outdoors. Glad Louis Dean was able to go back to bed and get some sleep. He needed the rest for sure. Your friend will continue to be in my prayers. We just never know what life may bring our way. We take so much for granted and forget to be thankful for what we have at times. More and more I've come to realize how much everyday is a gift. Hope you have a Happy Monday and can keep cool there.

Changes in the wind said...

Yes we too are having hot days but we don't have the humidity to deal with but surely not a good day to go our and work in the yard:) Seems so sad to see the pictures of your friend and am so glad you have been such a faithful friend.

Vee said...

Sing some more, Louis Dean!

Precious Reaoma, I am joining you in your prayer for your friend.

Love that Logan had some special time with you and that she surprised Grandpa.

You two pace yourselves in that heat now! (It has not yet arrived at 50° here today. The weather is on a major mood swing.)

Tina said...

You two are amazing and get so much done working as a team! It's nice that you got to spend time with the quads and a day at the pool is always so lovely in the hot weather! My heart breaks for Reaoma and her daughter, I will join you in praying that she can find peace in this most trying of times. I would like to read the "Tending Roses" book if no one else has requested it first. Hope you and Louis Dean have a wonderful Monday!

Debbie said...

it was 90 her on saturday, hazy, hot & humid. sunday the high was 62, i think mother nature is on quaaludes!!!

i don't know where you guys get your energy from but i surely wish i could have a little. i love that you guys work together and make such a great team!!!!

Linda said...

Tina, I don’t have any way of sending you a message so I’ll do it here.....a friend who is local is going to pick up the book this week and I’ll ask for it back once she’s read it and I’ll pas it along to you! I know you both will enjoy it. I sure did!

Arlene Grimm said...

I was afraid all the weed whacking had caused Louis Dean to have an asthma attack. I am glad he was able to get some sleep on Sunday. I think most of your readers have a crush on your sweet husband Linda.:) How special that Logan got some one on one time with Memaw...I know you both enjoyed the afternoon.

Rain said...

Hi Linda :) I'm so sorry about your friend Reaoma, that's sad to read. Your garden is busting out! I love the first photo of Louis Dean hosing himself off, good for him for the back to back Gunsmokes lol...we did that one weekend with that show Moonshiners...stayed up the whole night, it was fun! :)

Carole said...

Does Reaoma have ALS? So sad. I just finished a book by Lisa Genova about someone with it - it was very well written - the title is Every Note Played - it was a great read but very sad at the end. Enjoy your heat - it's pretty cold here - well for us anyway. Cheers

Blondie's Journal said...

I love catching up with you Linda. I'm glad LD knows his physical limits and heads off to bed. Don't we all? Hee hee!

Your little Logan remains me of my girl...she's very clever and funny

You warned me about grandkids!!!!!

Jane .

Deanna Rabe said...

Make sure to pace yourself, Linda and Louis Dean! Love that you get a lot of time with your daughter and the kids when you are home!

Judy said...

Isn't it fun to have the grands 'one-on-one' from time to time? Sweet Logan knows that. Take it easy in that heat!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I guess the key is to stay hydrated and you did that! Love your beach time photos and cool down techniques! Enjoy your week. Hugs to you both.