Friday, June 8, 2018

Mother/Daughter Times Two!

Summer has had several bad days suffering with an inflamed bursa which her chiropractor attributes to her fibromyalgia. She's been down and out and in bed for days. Yesterday she began to feel a little bit better but not well enough to drive over here to Irving from Rowlett.
I went to sleep with a prayer in my heart for her and when my phone rang at 9:30 this morning (Thursday) it was Summer saying she was on the porch at my front door.
Thankfully she arrived in the nick of time because she was pretty sick to her stomach.
She managed to get in bed (in her childhood bedroom) and stayed there for a few hours. I had some nausea medicine and she took that.

While she rested, Louis Dean and I had our coffee and reading and then I was off to Fort Worth to  see Mother and Lillian. I took a hand full of snacks to top off their baskets since I won't be back for a few Fridays. 

Mother was in the bathroom for the first 45 minutes I was there so I visited with Lillian.
As soon as Mother came out and saw me - she immediately put on her lipstick!

It's our tradition to take a selfie and she was all ready!

We had a nice visit - albeit a short one.
I'm not sure Mother is as grateful as she should be to have such a sweet room mate as Lillian.
Lillian has been doing the work of the staff in helping Mother dress and putting in her ear rings and filling her water bottle and adjusting her hearing aid. Lillian is getting tired and I don't blame her.
She had to quit helping Mother put her pajamas on because she hurt her back in doing so.
I encouraged Lillian to pull the curtains between their beds and ring for the aids to help Mother.
I hope she does. Lillian has the heart of a caretaker but she underestimated the demands Mother would make of someone like her.

I try to beat the traffic getting home and still had three errands to do on my way so I bid them farewell and headed out.

I stopped at a cool liquor store to pick up some bourbon for Summer.
I try to buy Texas made products and this was one!
I may have been guilty of buying this for the bottle.
After Summer finishes it sometime this year - I will use the bottle for something.
Like putting my mouthwash in. Or for homemade salad dressings. Or to put bubble bath in instead of the plastic jugs they come in. The possibilities are endless!

Next stop - Sprouts!
I've never been a big fan of this place but I'm beginning to change my mind!

There are some things you just can't get in Puerto Rico!
Sabrina gave Summer a shopping list and Summer gave it to me - at my request!
I wanted her to rest up so she can get on that plane in the morning!

Steel cut oats!
I have heard about them but haven't had any myself.
Still, I got 3 pounds for Sabrina!

I bought some produce for good prices for us and then picked up something to eat on my way home.

Less than $3! Chicken salad, cheese, pretzel crackers and grapes.
Along with the Starbucks tea that Summer gave me this morning - it made a very nice late lunch!
I may shop at Sprouts more often!

Louis Dean had taken very good care of Summer in my absence.
He is concerned that she is not getting the proper food - and he's right.
She is often in too much pain to get to the kitchen much less cook something.
She slept for a few hours and the nausea had gone away for the most part.
Still, she had taken medicine on an empty stomach and had not eaten anything today and very little yesterday. So - he insisted on making her some bacon and eggs and toast and she ate them right up!
He felt good and so did she.
Funny how good it makes us feel to make someone else feel better.
She ate and went back to bed.
By the time I got home around 5:00, she was feeling better.
I was in the gazebo with Louis Dean when she got up and came out to join us.
We had meant to get her hair cut, go to a movie and get pedicures on Wednesday but that didn't happen. But - since she was feeling better NOW - we picked up and went to get her hair cut!

Just like that!

She needed it short for Puerto Rico.
Next up? Pedicures!!
Normally, I go to Lovely Nails but they close at 7:00 and at 6:00 when we were there, they said it would be an hour's wait and then they could only do ONE!

That's how we ended up at nail lounge.
I will definitely be back!
We got there just ahead of the storm that was hitting and we were being pampered in far North Irving as Louis Dean lost power here at home. We rode the storm out in style!

Nail Lounge offers complimentary drinks and excellent service!
The chair massagers were amazing!

Virgin margaritas or not if you prefer......

We had the Deluxe Pedicures and I chose the cucumber whatever it was they did.
Summer got the peppermint.
After they put the cucumber slices and rose petals on me - I looked over to see if they were putting peppermint candies on Summer!
We left all fresh and smooth and relaxed. And the storm was over!
Louis Dean called and asked me to pick up pizzas on our way home so we wouldn't have to cook tonight. Easy Peasy!

Summer will be in Puerto Rico for 41 days so she gave Louis Dean her early Father's Day gift and card. The card was the best!!

She read it to him and he was touched.
A true Father Figure is a precious thing to my daughters.
And Louis Dean is a treasure both to me and to Summer and Amber.
Actually - my whole family - siblings and all - adore him!

This is the denim shirt Summer gave him.
She gives the best gifts!

Louis Dean is a man among men and I am forever grateful God brought him into our lives.
When I first heard this song shortly after I met and then married Louis Dean - it became the song that described to me perfectly what kind of man he is.
He did earn my trust making 'memories of us' and he is a man of his word.
He is a man like no other I have known and has truly made my world better than it's ever been.

I don't mean to preach tonight but if you are young and think life will be boring when you grow old - I am here to tell you that romance is still alive and well even when you are in your 70's, 80's and beyond.

And that's enough of that!
Good night! I will be taking a nap of a few hours before getting Summer to the airport by 6:00 AM.
Then I'll come home and go back to bed!


Carol Slater said...

I pray that Summer will feel better as she makes her trip to Puerto Rico. It's sad that she is so sick that she spends days in bed, but I truly understand. My daughter has chronic neurological Lyme and she was that way many days in the past. She finally has her cocktail of meds that seems to work.

Susie said...

Linda, Good to see you and your mother in the photo. You do keep busy girl. Glad Summer started feeling better, praying she makes it to P.R. okay. Louis Dean is a wonderful man, in so many ways. Being a good husband, father and grandfather is tops. A denim shirt, perfect for the working man. Blessings to all of you, Love, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

I just saw your photo of Summer about to board her plane on your Facebook post. She looked so happy. Hope this trip is just what she needs.

Estelle's said...

Bless you and those you can be a struggle for many and hopefully, Summer will be well to enjoy her visit. Y'all are a gift to each other.....lovely Linda.

Tina said...

It must be so hard for Summer to be struggling so much! I hope her Puerto Rico trip is just what the doctor ordered. It also sounds like she needs one of your snack baskets like you made for your mother and Lillian since she is not able to prepare food for herself a lot of the time! Glad she got to celebrate Father's Day with Louis Dean and he looks very happy with his denim shirt! You've had a special couple of days spending time with your daughters! Hope your weekend is restful!

Deanna Rabe said...

Louis Dean is a gift from God to you and your family! God is good, giving us beauty for ashes.
I’m glad you told Lillian to let the nurses aides help your mother. That’s what they are there for and Lillian can just be her friend and not a caregiver.

I’m coming to Texas in August! I’ll private message you and see if we can meet up for lunch!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope Summer is feeling better and enjoys her trip. Having nails done would be a treat. I've never had that done. The best thing is that you had your mother daughter time together. After that early trip to the airport I'm hoping you have a fantastic Friday !

Changes in the wind said...

So glad that Summer is able to come and rest before her trip and that you could have a little fun thrown is as well. LD is indeed a special gift from God to you and yours.

Sandra said...

also all your blogger friends love LD to... glad Summer was well quickly and could get her hair cut and be ready to fly off today. I wish her a safe and healthy and pain free trip.

Linda said...

No doubt Summer needed some TLC from you two. I do hope Summer comes back from PR much improved. Just one of your days would be my undoing. I can only stand so much fun and I have to head for peace and quiet. Ranch life, here they come.

Debbie said...

linda, i read every word...i LOVE your commitment to family and your joy for live. i hope summer does ok in PR, it all makes me a little nervous!!

and did they put peppermints on her legs, you forgot to say!!

love to LD, he is the bomb!!!

Bluebird49 said...

I understand so completely how Summer feels. Fibro gives you intense pain, complete exhaustion at times, and rest and whatever meds help are the only thing you can do sometimes. Still, moving around a bit, as much as we can take, is good, too. I've suffered with it since the 80's, when I am not sure they had even named it. It took forever for them to get me a DX. One side effect is emotional anguish, and even feelings of guilt because you can't do things for family or even yourself sometime. I know Summer would know this and agree, and I am so sorry she's been through this!!
I agree, your family got a wonderful addition when you and Louis Dean met! Precious! But he got you and your family, too! You got Shihan Dean and Sherry, and everyone reaped wonders!!
Oh, the pedicure, and time spent with a daughter sounds heavenly!!

Carole said...

So glad you got a bit of pampering! Hope Summer's trip goes well - I assume it'll be hot there - maybe that might help her? Cheers

Vee said...

That song is a special one. *sniff* And there is never enough of that! I described my marriage to John as a healing from a less than wonderful first marriage and I think you feel the very same way about your Beloved.

Summer probably thinks of your home as a healing place and I am sure that it is. God bless her flight and her time in Puerto Rico. Prayers for continued healing for her.

So glad that the two of you were able to have some fun together before she flew off.

It made me smile to know that your mom wants to put her best foot forward for you. Moms are like that...yes they are!

A blessed and happy weekend to you!

Nonnie said...

Awwwww, that is all just so sweet. You got yourself a really fine man there. So loving, talented and caring. He also got a good woman in you. I think I have missed out on something with your daughter. Is she getting treatment in PR?