Friday, February 6, 2015

What a FRIDAY!!!!

Boy, oh BOY!!! I had one of the BEST Fridays EVER!!!
First of all, I picked Ruth Ann up a little after 9:00 this morning and we headed west to Fort Worth!!!
We were all geared up to have FUN today and we sure DID!!!
Our first stop was at a Home Goods store right next to the Legacy Spa and Salon where Mother has her hair done. We were a little early - can you BELIEVE that???? - so we just hung out there until Donna called me to say that Mother was ready just as I was checking out with a few treasures from the clearance section!

Donna is an amazing stylist and a true treasure to us.
She takes such good care of Mother!!!

La Madeleine is in the same upscale shopping strip as the salon and that's where we had an early lunch today!

Mother was all smiles!!!!
Deanie told her this morning that I was bringing Ruth Ann with me today.
Mother doesn't always understand names and had no idea who was coming!
She was THRILLED when she saw Ruth Ann!!!
She said, "I LOVE her!!!"
Well, of course she does!!!! Who DOESN'T????

We had the BEST lunch!!!!

We even had a table by the fireplace!

It pays to eat lunch EARLY!!!
There was a long line as we were leaving.

Next stop????

Trader Joe's!

I always love looking at their flowers and herbs.
This trip I bought some eucalyptus......I simply LOVE that fragrance!!!

This was something new! I bought a box!

My friend in Florida, Dawn, told me about this!
I bought a box of this, too!!

Since it was Ruth Ann's very first trip EVER to a Trader Joe's - she got a free shopping bag!
It's safe to say it won't be her last!

From there we went to the Dollar store.
Once again, Mother NEEDED make up and house shoes!!!
I do NOT know how in the WORLD she uses so much foundation and powder!!!
And don't even get me started on the house shoes!!!
I usually end up with them and I have a year or two worth of them!!!

It was home to Deanie's after that and we sat around and visited and laughed and had so much fun together!!! I had SO much fun - I forgot to take a single picture!!!
This was Ruth Ann's first visit to Deanie's new home and she LOVED it!!!

After we left Mother we kept up our 'Party Mode!'
Hobby Lobby!!!!
I ALWAYS need something from Hobby Lobby!!!
Today it was Modge Podge - but I found several other things - on CLEARANCE, of course!!!

As I stood in line at check out I spied these old fashioned candies that reminded me of our childhood.
I bought them to share when we got to Nita's!
We had planned all week on going over there so Ruth Ann could see that 200 year old woven cover.
Nita called me while we were still at Hobby Lobby.
She was HOME!!!!
This seldom EVER happens!!!!

They weren't busy at work so she told them she would just come on home!
We had a wonderful visit!
She showed Ruth Ann the cover and Ruth Ann was properly impressed!!!

The Crocheted basket on the towel looked like it was made just for Mike and Nita's bathroom!!

Note the purple touches in this green bath!

What a treasure!!!

As we toured her home, Ruth Ann especially liked this chest of drawers that Nita and Mike bought at auction - for $80.00!!!

The muse for their new bedroom!!!

Ruth Ann enjoyed the tour!

These pillows are in the guest room.

They are avid collectors!
They collect 'EVERYTHING!' 

This is a vintage drawing of a ......plane.
Nita told me what kind but I forgot.

THIS is the plane, though!!!

It was a special visit chock full of wonderful delights!
I love vintage letters and this is one from Mike's family.

Nita gave me this embroidered tea towel stitched by my Aunt Irene - for whom I am named.

Not only did we visit - Nita served us cake and coffee!
AND we split that Cherry Mash between us!!!

Nita made a 'Land Before Time' for Mike as he has such a love for dinosaurs!

As I said, they collect EVERYTHING!!!

I left the house shortly after 9:00 this morning and didn't get home until nearly 7:00 tonight!
It was a GREAT Friday!!!!


Ginny said...

I love this last picture and the way you edited it! It really WAS a fun day! I love that cute Land Before Time Garden, how clever! I also remember Mallo Cups and Sky Bars, they were my favorites from the 50's! We like Trader Joes too! especially the sample corner. Their small tubes of hand lotion are great, and will it in a purse. What did you get at Home Goods? We are going tomorrow!!

Kathy said...

You did have a good day! And a long one. I'll bet you sleep good tonight.

Deb said...

That was a fun day! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Sandra said...

love the fireplace and that beautiful chest of drawers and what a fun day you all had together.. so many smiles and laughs... shopping and eating and getting beautiful. all girl things with your girls.

Linda said...

What a fabulous day! I stopped at Trader Joe's too.....1000's of miles from you tho. :-) You also hit another favorite store of mine - Hobby Lobby. What fun.

Susie said...

Linda, Your mother is looking so good now...thankful she 's brand new. I wish I could have went with you girls. I think your mom is getting a monopoly on house shoes.LOL. I actually laughed when you wrote that she bought some. Gotta love that lady. Love the tea towel...My Emma was named Emma Irene....the Irene is from her other grandma. :) Glad you had such a fun day, you got to be with your best friend, your mom and your sisters. What a great day indeed. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Anonymous said...

Linda, what a delightful day! Eating by the fireplace makes lunch ever so much enjoyable, doesn't it! Your mom has the sweetest smile! Thank you for sharing!

NanaDiana said...

What a day you gals had! I am glad to see your Mom doing so well. She is a character, isn't she? I love how she uses the makeup and goes through it so fast. Good for her-it makes her feel good about herself.
Love Trader Joe's but our closest one is almost 2 hours away. xo Diana

Vee said...

That little tea towel dancer reminds me of three of the quads. =D What nice visits you enjoyed all day long.

Carla said...

sounds like a full day of fun and family.. Cherry Mash I haven't seen those in forever.