Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Different Kind of Wednesday!

This was the first Wednesday this year that we have NOT spent the day with the grand quads!
Granddad is still contagious - I guess. I forgot to ask the doctor how LONG he would be infectious.
He is improving but still spent most of this day in bed - in the guest room.
I am still battling with my allergies and do NOT want anything else!

I emptied the dishwasher today and there were only bowls and soup spoons in it!
Oh, and a couple of ladles along with several water glasses!

We used PLATES this afternoon when we had sandwiches instead of soup!
Making progress!

I have been meaning to clean out the fridge for over a week!
ALL of my sisters have CLEAN refrigerators! How do they DO that???
My daughter in law, Leigh Ann, has a clean one, too. I always gaze admiringly at them when I visit their fridges for a bottle of water or a glass of tea.
My daughters tend to have fridges that look much like mine!
I wiped every inch and downsized 'things.' We always buy mayo in a HUGE container. I had already transferred it to a plastic container formerly holding powdered cream and when THAT was fairly empty, I put the rest in a plastic bowl with a lid. There is Jello in a butter tub and jalapeno peppers in a yogurt container.
Is it any wonder that we lose track of what's in what????
Today I wrote the contents on the commercial containers - just so we won't 'lose' them!

What was Louis Dean doing while I was cleaning like a mad woman with her hair on fire?

Lounging in the bed with a book.
Now Louis Dean is NOT a reader! However, he is beginning to feel better - see how he is in bed but wearing his overalls? 'The Shack' is his all time favorite book and I read it out loud a few years ago.
He likes it so much he is willing to read it again by himself!
I snuck down the hall and snapped this picture of him without him even noticing.

Back to the kitchen I went!
I always do the routine things - empty the dishwasher, wipe the counters, sweep the floor every day.
Today I did the EXTRA bit of cleaning that makes all the difference.

I did this needlework in 1999 and remember it well. Amber was swimming with The Pirouettes of Texas and I was sitting on the deck stitching. I washed this - it was beyond DIRTY!!! - and then stapled it back on my trash container. One of us has set an iron skillet on it and I could NOT get that part clean no matter how hard I scrubbed. Still, I love it!

As I cleaned today, I listened to these classical music Cd's.
Remember when we had cassette tapes???
Just as the Cd's were coming out, my daughter, Summer, gave me this five album set.
It has remained my very favorite!
My stereo holds 5 Cd's! Win! WIN!!!

I had several candles lit today as I cleaned room to room.

THIS is the one in the kitchen.

The day is done. We tend to finish our days earlier when we are not feeling well.

It's time to sip my wine and wind down this day!


Deb said...

hope your allergies get better was such a pretty it's chilly...

Kathy said...

Glad LD is feeling better. The hard part now is that you NOT get it. That's what always happens at this house. We pass it from one to another.

It sounds as if you had a good day even though you didn't get to see the quads.

Debbie said...

Glad to hear that Louis Dean is starting to feel a little better....nasty bugs going around this year. Sound like you had a productive day though. Sure hope he doesn't share his bug with you...have a good rest of the week!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh I know you must have missed those grands!! Thanks for stopping by....and your sweet comment!

Ginny said...

I am glad that Louis Dean is staying in bed and not trying to do much. He is taking care of himself. And you are taking care of him! So he has to get well very soon! Your fridge is so clean! I try to keep up with ours, as there are only the two of us. Your needlework is lovely and makes the trash can so pretty!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I usually don't comment..I just read and enjoy your quads:) I hope LD recovers quickly from the acute bronchitis, we have both had it and it took us about 5 weeks to get completely better. I have allergies too...candles will do me in. Especially with bronchitis. I hope you don't get it. I escaped but not for long enough. We both took Prednisone and antibiotics to get over it and rested everyday.

Penny Miller said...

Louis Dean looks so cosy and well cared for snuggled up with his book. I do hope he starts to feel better soon. Your wee desk looks fab Linda! Do give us a tour of it soon! X

Mrs.Rabe said...

So glad LD is feeling better. It's nice to have a quiet day at home to clean and putter around isn't it?

I know you both missed those quads today.


Sandra said...

my fridge looks just like yours and also none of the containers contain what the container says on the out side.. i am just glad no one looks in mine but me and bob. and the dogs of course.

Stacey said...

I sure hope LD gets better soon.

My fridge stays kind of clean out of necessity. We bought a counter depth fridge and it doesn't hold that much. I have to maintain the mess all the time to make room for things.

Susie said...

Linda, You are right to take do not want anything else along with the allergies. So happy to see LD reading in his bibs. Glad you could get some things done and relax yourself. I know you missed the little guys today. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie


Oh sweet Linda, I love your posts, they're so inviting with food and loveliness. I have some allergies and yes, I hate them, so I do take care of them too. I'm glad dear LD is feeling better so you both can enjoy Valentine's weekend together.
I see you are not the cuties and you miss them. I'm missing my two little girls too!
Hugs and you always make my day with your sweet and kind visits.

Wanda said...

Oh yes, your posts are like a good novel, I can't lay down. Page after page, post after post...I just love them all. An especially when we do things just the large mayo jar from Costco. And the daily routine in the kitchen!!! Hope YOU both are better. I just saw on fb you are really sorry...saying prayers of healing.