Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Slow Saturday at The Chapmans......

The weather was beautiful today! Here it is February 7th and it was near 70 degrees! This time LAST year - there was snow on the ground!

Louis Dean is sick. He has what the quads had and has been in bed for much of the last two days.
I have been waiting on him hand and foot.
7 Up and crackers and Jello to snack on. Bringing him tissues - okay - let's be honest!!
LD is a BIG man and uses paper towels instead of 'tissues!'
We watched a little TV in between his naps.

I did manage to get out in the front flower bed this afternoon - the one by the front porch - and cut back all the rose bushes in it. I also trimmed the liriope and pulled mint up - that ever invasive MINT I planted many years ago!! I have been fighting this Love/Hate relationship for a long time. My second blog post back in 2010 was 'I Never MEANT......' about MINT!!!!
By the time I had filled two black trash bags with weeds, rose trimmings dried leaves and MINT - it smelled just like a fresh pack of Wrigley's Double MINT Gum!!!!

I dearly love my two rosemary bushes!!
They had a bunch of dried leaves caught up in them so I pulled all those out and the air was instantly infused with that wonderful scent!!!
Who KNEW yard work could be so FRAGRANT???

I've been putting the last of my Valentines out.
This tree is in our bedroom.
The teacher card was from Amber back in our homeschooling days.

I love how she signed it 'Sincerely!'

I have just about all the Valentines anyone has ever sent to me.
I hope to have some time to sort and organize them before packing them away this year.
Summer has always sent special cards every year.
This is one from many many years ago!

A special Valentine from Ben when he was about 3 years old.
I love all the memories this house holds.

I stayed busy doing what I love to do best - keeping house.
I started in the bedrooms and bathrooms and didn't make it much beyond that.
Candles are lit and the rooms smell 'Clean!'
I LOVE that smell!!!

Louis Dean sat up a little while tonight.
When he asked about the quads, I showed him a picture Amber had posted on Facebook of Kailey.
You can tell by his smile he is feeling a little better!!!

Maddie has stayed right by his side nearly all day!

Tonight he is sleeping in the guest room so I won't catch whatever 'IT' is!!
After being sick myself for over two weeks - I don't want anything else.
He's already tucked into bed and I am soon to follow.

I enjoy taking a few minutes at the end of the day to wrap it all up in a few photos and words and then store the day away where I can go back and read it again in time to come.

I have a box of letters I have collected over the years with a couple of them dating back to the late 1700's. 
These were written in pencil and are still legible today.
Others from the 1800's were written in such a way it looks like a foreign language!
I love reading letters from long ago. I have a book called 'Letters From a Homesteader' and will be looking for it so I can read it again.
I wonder if someday my children - and grandchildren - will be reading MY 'letters.'
I like to think that blogging is the current version of the old fashioned letter writing of generations past.

As I sit here at my little secretary in the den, I can hear the tinkle of the wind chimes and the hum of the dishwasher.....and the classical music on the CD player.
Of all the hours in the day - this last one at night may very well be my favorite.


Vanessa Morgan said...

There's something so incredibly cozy about your blog. From your warm pictures to the way you describe the tinkle of the wind chimes and the hum of the dishwasher. Looking forward to reading more. Have a lovely Sunday.

Penny Miller said...

I am sorry to hear Louis Dean is not well; please pass on get well wishes from me. You still managed to get lots done in between looking after your patient! I had rosemary growing in my garden for many years, the bush eventually died last year and I pulled it out, but I miss the smell, and using it in casseroles etc. you may have just inspired me to buy some more for my spring planting X

Sandra said...

I do hope he feels better soon and that you do NOT get that crud.. love all the old valentines and your tree to... i agree with Vanessa... your blog is always cozy as is your home...

Say What? said...

I hope LD is feeling much better and the two of you are finally in the clear. You've sure had a go with all this cold and yucky stuff. I love your blog and yes, I feel the same ...I hope my boys will read it someday and have fond memories of our time together. Life is too short. It's nice to leave a few bread crumbs for future generations. ((hugs))

Susie said...

Linda, I like the quiet of early morning. I also love to read old letters. I can get to reading postcards at flea markets and almost do not want to quit. I hope LD gets well soon and that you do not get it again. It's not nice to pass it back and forth. You know it will be spring before me know it. I once planted some thing called camellian plant and it was very invasive. I ended up digging it out. Blessings for a new week of fun for you and LD. xoxo,Susie

Ginny said...

So then this really IS Linda's Life Journal! Kind of a modern diary. Poor Louis Dean! When you take care of kids, when they are sick, then YOU are sick. I hope everyone will be feeling well very soon. Maddie is so sweet and so beautiful! A tree of Valentines, and memories, so cool! And you even have ones from way back. Not too much longer now and we will be decorating for Easter, one of my favorites! I am impressed that you have actual rosemary bushes! It has been 70 degrees here too! But I know it won't last.

Linda said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill, Linda, and that now Louis Dean is too. I love how you're preparing for the next celebration - you have so much energy!

Debbie said...

I find your entries soothing and so enjoyable!! I love being outdoors and getting lost in my gardens. It's too cold here at the shore but it was warm today for February, maybe 50 degrees!!

I too enjoy tinkering around the house, always so many fun things to do!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I hope Louis Dean is feeling better tomorrow!

I love puttering kinds of days at home. It is a joy to take care of our homes, isn't it?


Deb said...

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday! Thank you for the Rosemary I put it in a vase I love the aroma and they say it is good for your memory

Vee said...

Just catching up, so I'll choose this comment box. Sorry that Louis Dean caught that bug. Glad to know that the quads are recuperating well. Glad that you are still puttering about taking care of your home and your hubby. I adore descriptions of sweet domesticity.

Carla said...

Poor LD. Sorry he's under the weather. OMG I thought David was the only one who used paper towels for a kleenex.Yes I hope one day my blog ramblings will give Pam some good reading one day. She reads it hit and miss now.