Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Haven't Been Myself Lately!

I REALLY haven't been myself lately!!!

I have been 'under the weather' - more or less - since September!!!
I battled UTI's until the end of October - then my mother became seriously ill in November and by the time SHE got better, Louis Dean came down with pneumonia and at one point I fainted from sheer exhaustion! We limped through the holidays and then promptly fell ill as the New Year arrived!
My head cold morphed into an allergic reaction to mountain cedar - the only thing that seems to flower here in Texas in January! THAT morphed into a virus that I caught from Louis Dean who, in turn, caught it from our beloved quads. It seems to have been a vicious cycle.

Louis Dean and I have been ill or 'feeling poorly' for so long it's almost got us down!!!
I have been looking for the silver lining and there is ALWAYS a silver lining!
I found THIS on Facebook and have decided to MAKE IT COUNT!!!

As I have spent hours and hours in bed, I have used that time to pray and meditate and THINK.
I admit  I also played Scrabble and Words With Friends and read - a lot!

Today - after I played around with the Photo Booth on my iPad - I actually dressed and put on make up and LEFT THE HOUSE for the first time since last Tuesday!!!

Where did we venture????


After we loaded our cart with all the essentials of life at this point - Kleenex, prescriptions, cat food, milk, zip lock bags and bread - we decided to throw caution to the winds and EAT OUT!!!

The hot dogs are something to write home about - in case you don't have anything else to say!
What??? We have only had SOUP and SANDWICHES for days now!!!
Don't you think HOT DOGS are a step up????

We stopped to fill the car with gas before we pulled away from Sam's just in case we feel like going anywhere anytime soon!

As soon as we got home, Louis Dean unloaded and I put things up and then we both went to bed!!!!
In order to keep from 'gifting' this whatever it is! between us - HE is camping out in the guest room and I in our bedroom. He is such a gentleman!

After our naps, he helped me take down and pack away the last of the RED decorations!
No more RED poinsettias, hearts or ribbon!
The Valentine Tree on the porch is gone and  I now have a clean slate to decorate - as soon as I feel like it!

To celebrate we decided to do what we love to do best!

Sit on the driveway with our feet propped up on the stone wall and sip a glass of wine!
As we sat out there, our sweet little neighbor girls came over to pet Lucy and visit with us.
How can it BE that we have watched these girls grow up so FAST???
They moved in next door shortly before we married and now they are TEN years old!!! Just as we will soon celebrate TEN years of marriage!
Listening to these girls laugh and play is THE sweetest music to be heard in our neighborhood!

They went in and we stayed out there to finish our wine......
and dream dreams, watch stars, and make plans.


Pondside said...

What a time you've had! I hope you have shaken all that sickness and are on the mend now. Your evening glad of wine sounds like a fine tradition. Take care of yourselves!

Linda said...

You had a fun time, Linda, and I hope that you and Louis Dean are on the mend and that you continue to be. Get your rest and take care of yourselves.

Kathy said...

Spring is just around the corner and hopefully that will chase all the sickness away from you and your family. You have had quite a time of it and it seems as if bed is the best place for you right now.

Debbie said...

I am sorry to hear that you have had a rough time of it. it does seem sometimes that it is just one thing after another. But it is also good to hear that you find the silver linings and the blessings all around you because they are ALWAYS there too aren't they? I have to tell you that i thought you brave at the time when you took care of the quads when they were sick with a virus as that it made you much braver then me....Truthfully I am soo careful in what I expose myself to as it always seems to hit this "older" gal harder and longer then the little ones. Get your rest. kick up those feet and enjoy these times you've been blessed with. because you certainly deserve it.

Ginny said...

I am so glad you were both able to make it out for a good Sams trip to stock up, then back to bed! Gosh I hope you get well soon. And I know the Quads will be really missing you! I am in the process of taking down all my reds. Oh my, the wind is so bad here it feels like the house may blow down! Many churches are cancelling tomorrow. With the wind chill, it is to be twenty degrees below zero!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

What a cold and flu season it has been. On Mr D's 2nd day in the hospital they called a "code triage" and cancelled all surgeries that we not urgent for 24 hours. Every bed in the hospital was filled. His status went "progressive care" on Friday morning. There were no beds in PCU, so he had to stay in ICU. Last night they moved him to med-surg. He may come home today.

I am so sorry to read that the two have you have been under the weather for so long. It is good to read that you and LD were able to rekindle your evening ritual on the driveway with a few sips of wine.
Wishes of healing blessings to "you two" !
Thank you for your encouraging words through this difficult week for me!

Arlene Grimm said...

Hope you both are feeling better soon Linda!

Susie said...

Linda, You were starting to look a little green around the the picture. LD is looking better now. I am happy to read you spent time together doing the driveway thing. I am praying you both get totally well. I truly have been worried about you both. You are family to us. take care and rest awhile. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Mrs.Rabe said...

I hope you both are on the mend soon, Linda. What a time you've had of it. I'm glad you've had some good times in between the sickness!

Enjoy your day!

NanaDiana said...

I am glad you were feeling well enough to get out for a bit. I, too, have been ill since late Fall-with pneumonia that just won't quit. I think I am finally on the mend. Hope you do better day-by-day----both of you. xo Diana

Vee said...

You still got your sense of humor! I have never seen you that green!

Oh my. I do hope that you both are in full recovery mode now. If I could, I'd be bringing a steaming bowl of chicken soup and some lovely Pilot crackers. If I had any Strawberry Shortcake, I'd being you some for dessert. Alas, John made himself a mixing bowl full of it for his Valentine's Day dessert. A mixing bowl! (I, by comparison, had only a custard cup's worth. =D ) Hope that today has meant further resting and cozy times. Do you think you could use some Geritol? When I start feeling poorly, that's what I take.

You take care of yourselves now!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Pretty much the same at our house, we don't go out much and crowds are really germy so we just stay to ourselves. I have disinfected everything and changed our toothbrushes several times. We wash our hands many times a day...and carry Lysol wipes everywhere and we are finally better...knock on wood. WE are both so sensitive to perfumes that we finally put a sign on our door no perfume allowed and that has made a difference too :) Good luck...I was real tired of cooking chicken many ways:)

Beth said...

Hope you are feeling much better by now, Linda. You need to recharge your energy 'cuz you have LOTS of things you enjoy doing, and want to be able to do! Be well!
Hugs, Beth

Diana Ferguson said...

Take care of yourself!

Sweet Tea said...

This has been a hard winter. Perhaps that means that Spring will be all the sweeter for those of us who have been sick. I'm so very thankful to be well again, and I'm praying the same can be said for you and LD very soon.

Linda said...

Sorry you and LD have been feeling so poorly this winter, hope you both feel better SOON. I am envious of you....being able to sit outside with a glass of wine. We are not as cold and snowy as the east is, but it's still cold here. Can't wait to see what your next decorations are.

Angie said...

Sounds like it's been a really rough winter for the two of you. Prayers that both of you are feeling top notch very soon my friend.

Carla said...

Sounds like things are a tad better. Love how you started this post..."no feeling like yourself." What a way to kick off feeling better... a nice healthy hot dog. LOL Glad you were able to have that glass of wine again at the end of the day. Hugs