Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We're BACK!!!!

I love it when Louis Dean wakes up before I do. I had the coffee all prepped last night before we went to bed so all he had to do was turn it on. This was a special treat for him since he usually does it all! I spend the next half hour checking emails, Facebook and my blog while HE catches Opening Bell on Fox Business Channel or CNBC. By the time I get up, the house is smelling all warm and cozy - much like a little coffee shop!

We spent some time sipping our coffee and doing our reading before Louis Dean started talking about salmon croquettes. He's been talking about them for days. Once he gets something on his mind he stays at it like a dog with a bone!

So instead of a late breakfast, we had an early lunch!

Just plain good food.

After we ate we went our separate ways. The weather warmed up some today so
Louis Dean went outside to work on a section of fence while I did housework.
We are BACK to more normal life!

I love the bird! Listening to birdsong is one of THE best things in all the world!
Can you SEE the green on the old elm tree???

I did, indeed, get my art out today and the smell of turpentine was soon wafting through the house!

I even took it outside to fragrance the yard!
Painting 'en plein air!!!'

This painting is just about DONE!!!
Still pondering about that last boot on the right.
Other than that, glazing and drying and it is ready to give!
Amber requested this painting and I am thinking it will make a fine early birthday gift!
*Note to my other children......Summer, Jesse and Benjamin*
If you would like a birthday painting this year, please let me know!
I would love to paint one for you!

I also worked a bit on my Santa from last year.

Then I put the paints away and started the clean up!

My dining room went from THIS.....

to THIS!!!
Would you BELIEVE that I just now found out how to raise the flash on my camera????

Now I just need to transform THIS room!

While I have promised myself to work on my quilt every day until I finish it -
I did managed to pin the edges so they are ready to sew - tomorrow!

 I don't know how to post You Tube videos directly - so here is a link to one Louis Dean found this morning that is HILARIOUS!!!!!

If you want a good laugh - this is it!!!

Work done, we poured our wine and headed out to the gazebo!
Louis Dean had a nice fire going and we enjoyed a little 'sit' time before we scurried back inside to escape the pollen loaded air!!!
I had posted this pic on Facebook and got busted by my sister, Deanie!!!
"LINDA!!!! There IS no 'fresh air' in Texas!!!"

We are BACK!!!!!


Jan said...

So glad you're both better!

Ginny said...

I am so glad all is well now!!! That bird is singing so loudly and prettily! We have nothing green here at all. It is to be below zero tonight and tomorrow. Your lunch/breakfast looks so good!

bj said...

Awww, you two have such a good time together. Love jumps off the screen.
Loved this warm and lovable post.

Linda said...

Lovely photos, Linda. I am so glad you are both better! Lovely bird song and the early lunch looks good. :)

Wanda said...

How nice to have you back. I love salmon Croquettes. I think we had them at least once a week growing up. I haven't made them in years, and I don't know why. Do you use the canned salmon? I know Costco has it canned salmon.

Penny said...

Cheers! I am clinking my glass against yours! (Though just an imaginary one, it is only7.15am here, a bit early for a glass of wine!) So very pleased to hear you are both feeling better, sending big hugs gap cross the miles. Looking forward to hearing what you get up to now you are both feeling yourselves again X

Estelle's said...

We are so lucky to live in the great state of Texas aren't we Linda! So happy to hear y'all are feeling better! Your art work is just terrific! Hmm. those Salmon patties look delish!!! Enjoy our early spring weather my love!

Arlene Grimm said...

Doesn't it feel good to FEEL GOOD? As I am getting older I am learning to appreciate days that allow me to do all the things I want to do! I have had salmon croquettes on my mind as well. We might just have some this week! Love those cowboy boots!!

Sandra said...

glad you are BACK... we love salmon patties, that is what we call them and would have them more often but they stink up the house. how do you get rid of the smell? now i want one right now.. drooling looking at these

Vee said...

I like how you two think...early lunch instead of a late breakfast. Kewl!

Mrs.Rabe said...

So happy you are both feeling better!

Tell Louis Dean that I watched that video and got a good chuckle out of it. Funny stuff. If he hasn't already seen it , tell him to look on youtube for Aaron Wilburn's "If my nose were running money." He'll laugh out loud at that one!


Cheapchick said...

So glad both of you are feeling better - its about time :)

Carole said...

So glad you are feeling better. I did buy a new house yesterday - very exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Doreen@househoneys said...

You two are so cute together! From what I can see, not only are you back, but you're rockin and rollin! Love the paintings Linda. You're very talented :).

Bev said...

I know about LD...having something on his least it was food this time... I'm hoping he gets the right book in the mail.... I won't be surprised if it is the Shack...LOL

NanaDiana said...

yes- you ARE back. You paint beautifully, Linda! I love the boots and the Santa, too
My mother used to make the best salmon patties. I have not had them in years but they were SOOO good. xo Diana

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Glad you are feeling better and my oh my, you are one busy gal. What a fabulous boot painting, very talented. The salmon looks yummy! Jane

Debbie said...

Always a pleasure to visit, I am glad you are feeling better!! Your art is so beautiful and so inspiring!!

Carla said...

Yay glad to hear your both back and up and moving. Well If Amber decides she doesn't want that picture I'll take it for my birthday. LOL
You are one talented lady.

Sweet Tea said...

Great news that you're BACK!!