Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Fun!!

I saw this pic on Facebook yesterday and I SO identified with this little lady!

SHE is MY kind of gal!!! I love sleeping in - or napping - and then propping up my iPad to play a few rounds of Scrabble or Words With Friends. I may be reading at 2:00 in the morning or even getting up for a snack! I am LOVING this season of my life!!!!

Louis Dean is still sick but he SAYS he feels a little better!
No matter - unless he wakes up completely WELL in the morning (and I doubt that will happen!) I am taking him to the doctor!

I left him in bed and I went off this afternoon to join the Texas Fun Girls Group founded by 

We get together once a month for food, fellowship and crafts.
In other words - we have FUN!!!
This is Debbie's lovely mother, Judy, on the left and her best friend, Donnis, on the right.

I'm still learning to match up names with faces!
ALL lovely ladies!!!!
This group have been friends since childhood but they have graciously included me!
The pretty lady in red taught me to crochet a 'wagon wheel' today!

I was so excited!!! I used to crochet but it has been many, many years ago!

My 'teacher' made the red ones - and then gave them to me!
I made the turquoise ones and will use these for coasters.

I was surprised to see Louis Dean sitting out in the gazebo so I joined him and we put our feet up and enjoyed the beautiful weather this evening.

Maddie took a stroll around the yard and you could tell she was LOVING being outside!

For the last 2 or 3 days, Louis Dean has been eating soups and sipping 7 Up.
After we came in, I started 'buzzing' around - which means I was doing housework.
Louis Dean said, "You know what sounds good to me?? Fried CHICKEN!!!"

I took that as a good sign and put my shoes back on and drove straight up to Churches Chicken!!
We wolfed it down like we hadn't eaten in days!!!!

I had already warned LD that I wanted to watch the Grammy's tonight.......not that I really wanted to watch the GRAMMY'S........

I tuned in for old time's sake! I wanted to see Tom Jones!!!!

Now that it's over - I promised Louis Dean we would watch a program before going to bed.
I wonder if he would like to watch Downton Abbey??


Linda said...

Linda, the little old lady in your first photo made me smile, I love her attire, so colourful. Nothing matches, but she looks happy without a care in the world. Gotta love her. :)

Penny Miller said...

Linda, have you ever read the poem 'Warning' by Jenny Joseph? If not, please Google it and have a read, I think you would love it, and you will see why I have suggested it when you read it ! X

Arlene Grimm said...

I love your blog this morning Linda...of course I always enjoy finding out what is going on at your house. But that picture of the old lady just cracked me up! And Tom Jones...thanks for sharing that he was on the Grammys. I was watching Downton Abbey. Hope Louis Dean is better today...fried chicken is almost like chicken soup.:)

Sandra said...

that fried chicken looks yummy.. i would so love to meat with your girls club. looks like so much fun from here

Cheapchick said...

It sounds like he is on the mend if he was craving fried chicken:) Maddie sure has settled in nicely to your home - who wouldn't love it?

Susie said...

Linda, I still love to hear Tom Jones sing. Your group of ladies looked like a fun time. I sure hope LD gets better soon. I don't like when you guys aren't well. You are like family to me and I want you healthy and happy. Hug each other for me. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Ginny said...

Wasn't Downton good last night? Of course it is always good! I am glad he is a bit better, but I agree that he should go to the doctor. Well, NO man ever goes to the doctor, their wives DRAG them! Is Louis Dean this way? Your wagon wheels are awesome, that is my favorite color. You made them perfectly. What a fun group with beautiful women. I never watch the Grammys anymore because of all the rap, which I hate. But I would have liked to see Tom.

Stacey said...

Hi Linda. Louis Dean has just got to get well! Too many germs floating around these days. That chicken looks pretty good.

You left me a message and said you've been working on your roses. I have too! We planted Knockouts a couple of years ago and they are getting too tall. I watched a couple of youtube videos and apparently you can't do it wrong...with Knockouts. My daylilies are already peeking up out of the ground! It's so exciting when spring is coming around.

Dee said...

I love the idea of being part of a ladies group like that. It seems like it'd be so much fun. I'm glad Louis Dean is feeling better and has his appetite back, too... :)

Sweet Tea said...

I've been pruning my Knock-out roses and I have the scratched hands and fore arms to prove it. They are beginning to "leaf out". Today was gorgeous here too. Love it!!

Carla said...

Hope you had fun with the girls. Tom Jones has aged but still looks and sounds pretty good.
Hope LD is feeling better soon