Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The BEARDS are Falling!!

Our pecan trees are dripping BEARDS!!!
That's what I call them anyway!

The driveway and sidewalks, decks and lawn were all coated with them this morning.

They started falling after 10:30 am.
I carried my coffee to the front yard and felt the first ones fall.

It didn't take long for them to cover nearly everything!
I used the blower and by the time I finished one area they were BACK!
It IS spring in Texas!!

After working in the side yard I cleaned up (showered) and headed over to Quadville to see my grand quads!
I took the Hap Palmer DVD and the babies enjoyed watching it.
They don't know the difference between the 80's and NOW!
I think his music is TIMELESS!

Louis Dean came by after his errands and had some baby holding time.

He DOES loves those babies!

So do I!
I must admit I love giving the babies' baths!
All four got bathed and weighed and smelled as sweet as sugar!

I love hearing Logan say Good bye!!

I worked today on the side deck and slate patio. 
Afterwards our own special Stephanie (neighbor) brought over dinner just as I was going in to fix us something! We celebrated the evening with wine on the driveway together.
This bottle of Riesling (mine and Stephanie's FAVORITE wine!) was only $4.99 at ALDI yesterday.
I must go back and buy MORE!

Sweet roses and honeysuckle continue to give fragrance to our evening 'sits!'

Louis Dean rested most of this day. He has been overdoing it lately and it caught up with him.
This morning he slept until 11:00! Nearly unheard of for him.
I told him he could play quietly in his room and so he did.
Listening to You Tube and puttering around.
I want to keep him for years to come so a day off is called for now and again!

The side of the house is done but not in time to get a good picture.
That THING sticking up in front of the back pond is Louis Dean's wheelbarrow.
He hauled dirt around there yesterday and then gave out and didn't even have the energy to move it after he dumped the dirt out!

Tomorrow's another day and I believe we will awake with renewed energy!

Thanks to everyone who voted for Amber in the Circle of Moms of Multiples.
She finished in 8th place!!


Kathy said...

I've never seen a pecan tree so didn't know about those beards. They must drive you crazy. At least you have relief from them at Quadville. So cute to hear Logan say "bye-bye".

Yes, both of you should get some rest. You will feel so much better to do things the next day.

Susie said...

Linda, I hope LD gets to feel like new again. Those babies looked so cute standing by him. I like the film clip of Logan saying bye-bye. I am blown away at how fast they are growing.Take care fo each other. xoxo,Susie

Jutta said...

Linda, your posts make my day - always. Haha it is K sitting in his lap again. Must be a coincidense right!
I admit , I voted three times. Not any correct thing to do I guess.

Sandra said...

we had pecan trees in Savannah, and i remember these things covering everything, but never heard them called beards. and they do make me sneeze. we have beards falling from the oak trees and they really make us sneeze.

Pondside said...

Will you have pecans for baking from that tree? It just sounds so exotic!
I loved hearing that little 'bye bye'!

Kelly said...

I've never seen those "beards" before. Guess we don't have pecan trees around us. That is a mess the same way Magnolia trees and sweetgum trees are. They leave a mess, but sure are pretty afterwards. That was nice of your neighbor to surprise you with dinner! Wow! Lucky you. She saved the day! Dinner time is always a challenge here because it's kind of a busy time at our house. Everyone is getting home and tired and then there's a lot of cook and clean up. I do look forward to a good meal though. Congrats to Amber for at least coming in the top 10! That's a true honor.

Linda said...

First time I have seen beards. Great post, as always.

Vee said...

Beards, eh? I hope they don't take long to fall and get it done with. Fun pics of the quads. They sure do gather around LD! So cute to see.

Carla said...

I love that rose! It looks huge and oh so pretty.