Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Satisfying Saturday!

This was a satisfying Saturday!
Taking a day off helped us tackle a new day with renewed energy!

The FIRST thing I did - after coffee and reading - was to put on my grungy working clothes!
These are really GRUNGY!! Clean - but they don't look like it!

Next up was getting Louis Dean BEE-YOU-TEE- FIED!!!!
He didn't LOOK happy......I agree!
But it was for his own good!

Then he went to work on that bathroom floor!

Since he is on a blood thinner every scrape bleeds profusely!
I was his personal First Aid Attendant! 
Fortunately - he stops bleeding easily - and I am SO grateful!!

While he was working.......I did my yoga on the mat I retrieved from the trash - BRAND NEW! - at the Westlake RV Resort! Living in our camper for over 7 months seems so long ago! That was THE best camping resort EVER!!! We are NEARLY to the point of having fond memories of that whole experience.
Nearly! Not quite yet! I still revel in the fact that we are HOME!!!

I had a nicer video but I said 'Yogurt!' instead of 'YOGA!!"
Go figure! It must be that Texas accent!!
I am getting back to my daily disciplines - Bible reading (which I have continued non stop) and EXERCISE!
Those are THE most important to me.
I have exercised - yoga and Pilate's since I hit the 60's -  every day since I was 35 years old. I remember the days I did high impact and step aerobics! 
The last year with all the changes in our lives - I have not been as faithful.
I continued to walk but I need to do MORE!!

While Louis Dean worked on getting the linoleum AND the tile that was UNDER the linoleum up....

I worked on Harrison's birthday quilt!
My LAST one!!

I ended up using some fabric my friend, Candie, gave me a couple of years ago for the backing!
It was perfect!

Louis Dean and I took a lunch break - sandwiches and part of a movie!
Run Silent! Run Deep!
Be still, my heart!!! Clark Gable AND Burt Lancaster!!!

HE finished getting the old floor up!

I finished Harrison's quilt!
My goal was to make it look like a BOY'S quilt....
I hope I succeeded!
It has now been washed and dried and is rolled up and ready to give!

 A sit in the gazebo enjoying the late afternoon rain......

We had an early glass of wine because I had to leave before 8:00 pm.

I am spending the night with the quads while A & M get a little R&R.
This works for ME! The other set of grandparents pulled the day shift.
I have the night one and Louis Dean will be here for the morning routine.
By the time the babies miss their mommy and daddy - they will be BACK!

So, after a satisfying Saturday, I am taking my glass of tea, my Country Diary and my book - 'Shoot the Moon' by Billie Letts - and going to bed!  Calling it a day! A very SATISFYING  day!!!


Say What? said...

Busy, Busy! :)

I LOVE the quilt. As a mother of two boys, I'll tell ya ... it is perfect for a boy.

Have a wonderful night.


oh the quilt turned out fabulously!! And the bathroom flooring job...and it IS a job!----is something the two of us have done on occasion, and it's WORK!! I too am on blood thinners, so I know just what it is like to have the tiniest of scrapes and blood everywhere.

Your day was perfect, I can tell.

Kathy said...

I loved your video. What a beautiful garden you have! I can understand why you sit out there each night.

The quilt is perfect. And you got all four done before the 31st!

I couldn't believe you cut LD's hair. Joe would never let me touch his. He always has to go to a barber. LD's looking good! Tell him to be careful with those little scrapes and cuts!

Sandra said...

hubby did that to both our bathrooms about 3 to 5 years ago, memory fails me... but he wore shorts and no shirt and i did not dare take photos since he did NOT want to do it and i was afraid he would stop working. i can't watch movies about submarines, i am claustrophobic and i can't breathe.

Vee said...

You two get more done in a day than the average American bear! Very impressive. It was so cold here yesterday that I curled into a ball and called it "over." Ha!

Harrison's quilt is wonderful. They're all going to love their quilts for years to come.

Deb said...

a busy that quilt....have fun with those sweeties...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Wow, I forgot how difficult it must be, for a Jack-of-all-trades-Man, to be on blood thinners! Whoopsies! but you are on nurse duty.

Again, you two get so much done, you are amazing. :-)

Kelly said...

I know how rewarding that must feel to get so much done in one day. I love days where I feel like there was a purpose to it. It makes for good sleeping too! Harrison's quilt is adorable. It definitely looks like a boy's quilt too. That photo of LD's bloody hand looked scary! My mom and father inlaw take blood thinner meds too. Glad that he didn't have to go to the hospital!

Linda said...

Wow, his hand looks so sore...good that you are helping him, Linda. Beautiful quilt.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Louis Dean barefoot in the bathroom, LOL, and he is on blood thinners...he is blessed to have you and I know you are thinking visa versa by the time you finish this sentence! <3

Harrison's pocket quilt is adorable! Are the bandana's removable? HOW DARN CUTE!

I knew you two would be making up for lost time on Saturday, after Friday's day off! Yogurt on Texas sister!

Happy Sunday!

Nonnie said...

You and LD just never lack for something to do. Seeing the pic of his hand brings back memories for me. My DH was on blood thinners last year and had a run-in with a tiller and a grinder. Tell him to be careful!!! Love the quilt. So cute.

Susie said...

Linda, I cut my Teddy's hair too. I use a devise call a flowbe. You hook it too a vacuum cleaner and it sucks the hair up and cuts use spacers to get the right length.LOL Your work clothes look like mine.:):) I ended up with mine on and under the truck to help Ted with the universal joint. Ted never puts the truck on jack stands , that's how people get crushed , when they slip. So I can tell you, there is no room for boobies under a truck. We just could not get it done today...yikes, he thinks we need a special tool..we may be just calling our mechanic and have him come get the truck to finish it.
I love the quilts you made the babies. They will be so special. LD has really worked on that bathroom. He's a keeper. It'll be nice when everything is done and you can enjoy your fun times. xoxo,Susie

darlin said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful and it is definitely a boys treasure!

LD hard at work again, he's as busy as you are! I'm sure the renos will be worth all the effort though.

Have a wonderful week Linda! I might not be back to visit here for a bit, I'm off touring again but only for a week and I don't leave until tomorrow but I'm here now so just a heads up! :-)

Carla said...

Love the quilt. I hang my head in shame and embarrassment. I haven't touched my machine in ages so you know what that means.