Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Different Kind of Tuesday!

I wonder if the manager at Starplex missed me today?
This is the first Tuesday I haven't taken in a movie in a LONG time!
The only way to get Louis Dean to REST is to get him out of the house so today we took our good friend, Brenda, out to lunch. It is her son, Brandon, who was in a serious - nearly fatal - accident last spring.
Then a couple of weeks ago she and her husband were in a terrible car wreck. We are so grateful they suffered relatively minor injuries. Brenda noticed that LD was wearing a rather LARGE bandage on his hand and asked what had happened to HIM! He told her he had hit himself with a hammer - THREE times!!
No other sentence he said all day topped THAT one!!

After lunch we finally made our trip to Home Depot!
SO many CHOICES!!!

I bought 4 gallons of paint! That ought to get me going!
Two are actually for the kitchen but I may use a little of them to 'distress' the bathroom project.

While the commode is still in the dining room ( no art class today either!)  I thought I'd start on this cabinet.

It's just an inexpensive one that's been in here since 1983 but WHY I haven't at least painted it before now is beyond me! I love redeeming things instead of replacing them! It's less expensive, too!

While I'm not trying to MATCH anything exactly - this is the piece of wood I painted last week to go behind the commode. I'm a sloppy painter so it's a good thing I like the distressed look! I can sand off all the drips!

Louis Dean painted the top for me since I couldn't reach it!
I am short vertically challenged!
HE is a six footer!

Two coats later!
Looking better!!

I'm writing my journal entry while giving the paint a little extra time to dry before I go in there and sand it.
Tomorrow I will begin the layering of colors - alternately sanding and painting - then finish up with a stain wipe.  Louis Dean is playing his guitar while I write. He found a dozen songs by Marty Robbins on You Tube today and is strumming away to his heart's content!

The only 'Tuesday Routine' thing I did today was hit up the Goodwill.

I scored AGAIN! What a bargain these toy trucks for Harrison were.
They need to be cleaned up before I take them over to Quadville tomorrow.
I hope Amber and Mike get a really BIG house!
The TOYS are going to take up a lot of room!

Since I'll be up late tonight working - I am certain to sleep late in the morning.
That's one of the perks of being in this stage of life. 
I can sleep late, stay up late, eat when I want and WHAT I want, nap when I'm tired, read in bed.....
truth is - I can do just about anything I WANT to do!
That's a good feeling. After all the years of getting up early and raising children and doing all the things you HAVE to do - it's really lovely to take a nap at 5:30 in the afternoon just BECAUSE!


Bev said...

Looking forward to seeing you painting project... I have LOTS of things I want to paint... so would love some tips from you:)

Jutta said...

Linda, simply love your attitude towards life

Say What? said...

Your post bring me so much joy. I love how you love life!

Bernice said...

Love reading your posts. Yes at our age we can do what we want when we want;)
Cant wait to see your finished bathrom.

Sue said...

I love your blog. I love your relaxed routine or lack of routine. Some day I will retire and my grandchildren will not be living with me permanently and I will take a nap at 5:30 just because. Thanks for sharing.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Glad the injuries, weren't bad.

Hooray for getting to a project. You have so much pep! you are amazing.

while I'm on Prednisone, I'm *hopped up,* by it and think.... Perhaps this is what my very active blogging friends are like, allllllllllll the time.

I know husband couldn't stand it, if I was like I am now, all the time. But this is medicine, and it's not like your constant go-go-go ability. Yours comes naturallly.

Vee said...

Yes, it is lovely to have a life of one's own! I don't think I've ever taken a 5:30 nap, but I've sure taken some 3:00 pm ones! I can tell the little cabinet is going to be sweet. Still getting things done at a remarkable clip. I've done the dishes and that's it.

Kelly said...

I so agree! Glad to hear that you're taking advantage of sleeping in and doing what you feel like and not taking it for granted either. The cabinet in the bathroom already looks better! I can't wait to see the finished product when it's done. Little Harrison is going to feel quite special with all of his boy toys among all the girls toys everywhere. Hopefully, he won't mind sharing though. I have a feeling the girls will want to play with his trucks too. LOL!

bj said...

O, darlin' Linda, I, too, love our routines now. We eat, sleep, work...whenever we want to now. I have had many...MANY...naps at 5 in the afternoon. So what if I don't get sleepy until 2...I can sleep in any time I want to. :))

Love that little cabinet..your bath is coming along nicely.
O, and I've never heard of COOKIE BUTTER and we don't have a Traders Joe here. :(