Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet and Greet!

This morning I sent Louis Dean off to close a business deal and I flew around doing some housework.
I wonder WHY it is that the more I CLEAN - the more DIRT I see??

My sister, Luann, recently moved back to Texas from Tennessee. She is a fun gal!
She arrived at my house at noon and I drove us to Dallas (the Galleria area) to meet Summer for lunch!
Driving on LBJ/North Dallas Tollway is about as nerve wracking as driving in Houston!
It was worth the stress, though!

Summer and her Aunt Luann

I TOLD you she's a fun gal!!
While we did not grow up together - we ARE making up for lost time!

We had lunch at Cafe Max and I was so hungry I forgot to take PICTURES of the AWESOME salads!
I got a salad sampler - a little of all EIGHT of their specialties!
Then I proceeded to 
Just about every single bite!
Nothing like trying to lose a few pounds to give you a hearty appetite!
We took Summer back to her office and headed over to see Amber.

It was Meet and Greet with the quads!
Luann has a background in childcare so it's no surprise she was an instant success!

Her arms were full of babies!

They are wiggly little things!
Not only did Luann meet the quadruplets for the very first time.......
this was her first time to meet AMBER!

The babies are now 11 months old!
Hard to believe!

I brought 3 of the 4 'new' toys I found at the thrift store yesterday.

They were a big hit!
This one still had working batteries in it and was a steal at $1.75!

This little rocking horse is the perfect size!
Only $3.00!!

We played and helped with the 3:30 feeding!

They do love the graham crackers!
Trystan has been on my mind the last week or two as I designed and sewed her birthday quilt.

It's all done! I finished it after I got home this afternoon.
Complete with two hearts and a T for Trystan!

My tray from Salvation Army cleaned up nicely.
I could do more on it but I got tired.

The rock ladybugs were dry so they now live out by the kitchen pond.
I still need to add the white eyes and a smile!
NEXT Tuesday!

Ruth Ann gave me this sweet pin cushion last night!
NOW I know why she has been collecting tea cups on our thrift store outings!

I finished the quilt, laundry and housework and came back over to Amber's to watch the babies while they go to dinner. 

That's where I am now.  Louis Dean was on his way home as I was on my way here.
He closed on his property today and is thrilled! Praise God!
I thought I would do my blog post here (the babies are asleep - remember Amber's GOLDEN schedule!) so when I get home we can sit and visit about our day.
We each had a GOOD one!

Last night we had our wine in the living room.
Louis Dean said this is his FAVORITE room!
Probably because of his doll collection and the beautiful doll cases.
Some of the crystal has special memories for him - some for me - and some for both of us!
We keep the Tiffany candy bowl filled at all times. 
It was a gift from when we married.

Whether in the den or outside since it is supposed to turn cold tomorrow
 - we ARE the Chapman Family and we DO have lots of love and laughter!


Sweet Tea said...

What a day you had - no slowing down for you, is there?! Great photos of a fun day. Sleep tight, my friend!

Kathy said...

How nice that your sister got to meet the crew. (I think she and Summer look a lot alike.)

I can hardly believe the quads are 11 months old already. And they get cuter all the time.

Two quilts down, two to go. You're half-way there!

Amber B. said...

Trystan's quilt looks awesome!! They are going to love those for YEARS to come.

Bernice said...

How wonderful to have your sister so close now,it was nice she was able to meet the quads,and Amber what a special day. The quilt looks great!
Thanks for sharing your day:)

Vee said...

Looks as if you might have a lot of catching up to do with Luann...what fun you'll have doing that, too!

The "T" is perfect! Oh, yes, that put the finishing touch on Trystan's quilt for sure.

Yay for closing on the property! Doesn't that just take the burden off?! Wine in the living room must have been extra sweet last night.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

So happy that LD has finished with that property! Hooooray!!!

Jan said...

Sounds like a great day-by the way, we are the Chapman family too!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love that deer rocking horse How nice you have your sister back home to enjoy !

Linda said...

Great post, Linda! $3.00 for the rocking horse? Awesome!


Oh my goodness..$3 for the cute rocking horse, I can't even type, I'm so in awe! How wonderful to have your sis with you to share how you're the Granny of the year 2012! (I named you, lol) Loving the quilt hon. Thanks for your lovely visit, you do make my day! Big hugs,

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Beautiful...the quilt. And the quads...looking so healthy and happy.