Friday, May 17, 2013

A Wild and Crazy Party! NUTS!

I am up very late tonight - actually it's the wee hours of the MORNING!! We had THE best Nuts Party!!!! 
I hosted a Ladies Game Night and we had a ball!!

The Tea Station complete with strawberries, lemon, and mint!

My teas resemble a fruit salad!

Then there was the bar with wine, Diet Coke and Amaretto, the makings for skinny margaritas as well as an assortment of flavored margaritas.
This all looks pretty and in reality only a half bottle of wine was poured and we used half the bottle of skinny margarita mix. I still have all the flavored ones to use for the NEXT party!

I baked a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.

My sister, Luann, bought ice cream!
You can only buy these at Walgreen's and only for a limited time.
These are 'deLISH'.
The flavor by Trace Adkins is Maple Macadamia Mash-up.
Vanilla and Chocolate Magic Swirtle was the flavor by Penn Jillette.
My sister watches Celebrity Apprentice and wanted to taste these so she could vote!
Pretty much the favorite with the crowd tonight was the Maple Macadamia Mash-up!

Summer brought a box of In-N-Out burgers and Fries!
None of us had ever had them before and let me tell you they are GOOD!!!
There was SO much food we cut them in half so we could enjoy EVERYTHING!!!

Ruth Ann brought these delicious chicken salad croissants!
As you can tell it was a 'Bring a Dish' kinda party!!

I didn't get pictures of the double layer chocolate cake and the assorted cheesecake tray OR of the BBQ ribs hot off the grill! We did NOT go hungry tonight and I did NOT count calories today!

My super cute firstborn daughter, Summer DEE!
She really IS as sweet as she looks!

My new friend, Linda!! The Ladies Game Night idea came from her!!

My lucky deck of cards!
Amber had these made for Mother's Day several years ago using the picture of my children and me on my wedding day!

Let the game BEGIN!!
Our first winner and her FIRST time to ever play! LINDA!!!

Can you tell we are having FUN?
My sweet lady like sister in law, Ruth Ann, was in high form!!!

Summer regaled us with stories!
This one she is describing a routine we all would do when Amber brought home a new boyfriend.
Let's just say we laughed til our ribs hurt!!!
LOOK at Ruth Ann holding her head from laughing so hard!

I wish you could have been here! We made so much noise laughing Louis Dean said he was thinking he should call 911!! ( He was hiding out in his music room!)

Luann went home early but that still left six of us to play!
Nuts is a card game like Solitaire on steroids!!

We paused in the action for dessert and skinny margaritas!

My friend, Candie, arrived a little later so we kept a full table going all evening long!
AT least 2 people are needed to play. Everyone has their own deck of cards and the more people you have the more FUN it is!! 

It was a great evening and this picture of  Ruth Ann and Ilene is my favorite!
It was wonderful to cut loose and play games!
Good food, good friends, good times!!

Thank you all for the prayers for those affected by the storms here yesterday.
Granbury, Texas was the hardest hit and suffered great loss. Six people died and many lost their homes.
We have family members (cousins)  and friends living in Granbury.
They are all fine. We count it as a blessing that the only thing we had to bear was water getting in the den.
Louis Dean cleaned out the gutters and has a plan to fix it where it won't happen again.

It was those blasted beards (beards is my word for them - I don't know what the REAL name is!) that stopped up the gutters and caused our water problem!
We still have a mess to clean up out on the decks and I was very happy tonight was NOT a garden party!

It is WAY late and I must get up in the morning!
 It's FRIDAY and that means the beauty shop run!
Happy WEEK END, Folks!
It's HERE!!!


Bernice said...

Good food drinks close friends and family, and a
great hostess it was bound to be a wonderful fun night.
Thanks for sharing, and have a Great Weekend!

Bev said...

Sounds like a blast!

Pondside said...

What a good time you had - so easy to see in every photo.
I'm glad that you and yours are unharmed by the weather - and so sorry for those who have been so terribly affected.

darlin said...

Awesome! We all need some fun in our lives and that you had! The food, oh my goodness, that's a lot of food you had going on and good for you not to count calories on an evening such as this. My turn on the 25th not to count calories for one day. :-)

Sorry to hear about the storm, this is the first I've heard of it. I'll keep the families who lost loved ones in my prayers.

Have a wonderful day Linda.

a portland granny said...

Your vim and vigor never ceases to amaze me!! You come up with so many fun ideas. I think about following you around for a day and I am exhausted! We used to play a game called Nertz with individual decks of cards--wonder if it is the same game--I do remember that it was loud and fun. Well, have a good Friday. (knowing you, I am sure that you will!)


Kelly said...

Your party looks like it was loads of fun. The food alone makes me wish I could've been there. Yum, Yum!!! When you have a party, you do it up right! I've never played that card game before. Glad to hear that you and your family were spared from the storm (for the most part). Tornadoes are so scary. We get them here in GA a lot too. Hope you have a restful weekend now.

Angie said...

I sure welcomed the weekend today! It's been a fun week but a long one. I'd like to say the weekend looks calmer but it really doesn't. Another full schedule ahead!

Your party looks so fun. I saw your invite on Facebook and I so wanted to come. Living so far away just doesn't make it possible but you can bet if I was closer I'd so have been there!

Hope you have a great weekend friend :)