Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Babies Were on TV!

How cool is THAT?? After my day in Fort Worth I went over to help Amber get the babies ready for their interview.  The other Grandmother and I joined forces! I finished up the baths and we both did the table food feed and got them dressed.

 The reporter and cameraman arrived right at 5:00!

The babies were wonderful and played and entertained them!

The crew were impressed with how calm the household is!
They seldom scream and cry although it's been known to happen!
But not usually!

Can you see that Susy is holding Harrison during the interview?
He sat quietly and when he started squirming I took him from her.
He never made a sound!

See his little feet hanging out there?

It was pretty exciting to see how the babies reacted to everything!

Today has been the exact opposite of yesterday.
Friday was full of fun and excitement!
Saturday has been spent in a quiet lower key manner!

Housework, laundry and simple tasks.

I finished the quilt for Logan. DONE!!
It was the fastest one. I started it last Saturday and it is now washed, dried, rolled and ready to give!

I added a band of Yo-Yo's along the top edge. The backing is a sheet and I had cut it a hair three inches too short! So I used the sheet hem to lengthen it.

Three down - ONE to go!!

Some yard work was done. You can see the stone planter now at least.

Stepping stones were under all that debris!!
TRUE 'debris!'

We're calling it an early night. Last week we had plumbing troubles so there WAS no long soak in the tub for HIM and a nice long hot shower for ME! That will not be the case this evening!
Thank you AGAIN, Deanie and Charlie!!!

A simple salad and a glass of tea will be our 'supper.'
I'm looking forward to reading several chapters in the David Baldacci 'The Innocent.'
It is a REAL page turner!!!


Blondie's Journal said...

Wow...the quads made the news! Maybe a reality show in the future?!!

Your yard is looking lovely! :)


Angie said...

I read Amber's post about the Quads being on TV. How exciting that must have been for all of you.

I've had a pretty low key Saturday too. I of course didn't get nearly as much done as you did but it's still be low key! Hope you and LD enjoy your dinner and wine.

Happy Mother's Day Linda :)

Pondside said...

What a full day you've had, Linda. Happy Mother's Day to you and to Amber tomorrow!


Wow, how they've grown and now they're even TV stars! How cool is that!!! Have a wonderful Grammy and Mother's Day with Amber...boy, you guys deserve it! Big hugs,

Bernice said...

Watched the video on Amber's blog, how neat!!
My low key day is always Sunday,and love every minute of it:)
Have a Great Mother's Day!

Sweet Tea said...

Happy Mother's Day, Linda!
We both have so very much to be thankful for!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

The fun has just begun! Those little babe's are
destined for stardom! Happy Mother's Day to all!

Carole said...

TV stars already! fantastic

Sandra said...

awesome that they are now TV stars and I know they were a big hit with the viewers. love the little video with sounds....

Vee said...

All grins here! They made it to the big time before a year old. Wow.

The quilt came out fabulous. I really like that row of yo-yos across the top and the flowers in the pockets.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


And I so love seeing the girls all done-up-girly-fied, in pink. :-))))))))

Kelly said...

I just LOVE Logan's new quilt! That is precious with the little flower pots scattered around it . You are so talented to be able to make that. The babies are precious as always. I can tell how organized Amber is by seeing how she has set up areas for the babies. So glad the television interview went smoothly.

darlin said...

This is all so exciting! The quads on tv, finishing a quilt and still getting in some yard work and a bit of a read... how many hours are in your day Linda? lol

Carla said...

That's pretty cool they made it on the news. The quilt is darling.