Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Show and Tell Tuesday!

I do love a good Tuesday and I have a lot to 'Show and Tell' tonight!
Our movie of choice this afternoon was 'Identity Thief' which was hilarious - and had some raunchy parts we could have done without - but not a bad movie for fifty cents! Ruth Ann and I decided to visit the restroom during the embarrassing moments so we pretty much enjoyed the whole thing right down to the happy ending! Next week - Admissions!
Next in our day was a visit to the DAV Thrift store where we came out with NOTHING!!!
Totally unlike us!
We did enjoy seeing the vintage displays there which are NOT for sale!

Summer and Jesse had a little horse just like this one!
We stopped for Happy Hour at Sonic and then hit up our faithful Goodwill!
Perfect! A cart filled with DEBRIS!

I scored with this lovely flower arrangement in a tin watering can.
It will live out in the gazebo when I get it all freshened up.

A cute metal purse for Raynie. I was going to send it home with Sabrina tonight but she said
her birthday is coming soon and suggested I fill it with play/pretend make up and accessories and I hope to find THE perfect 'Dress Up' dress next week while thrifting!

This dog was just too cute to leave in the store.
He will be washed tomorrow and go see the babies!
I'm thinking he'd make a great bottle proper!

This hand painted Italian vase will hold my next bouquet of roses and honeysuckle.
It is so very elegant! ($2.50!)

I struggle with finding the right gifts for some of my family at Christmas.
This coffee mug will be going to my oldest son.

As will this brand new never opened Springbok puzzle.
Jesse is a huge baseball fan so I think this will make a great gift!
I even have a place in mind to store things so come Christmas I will be ready!
I will hopefully remember where I've hidden them away!
(Look in the cedar lined trunk!)

I HAD to get this sweet artsy frame since it WAS Art Day!

The faux ivy was $0.15! That's my son and Mother in the photo taken some years ago and a baby picture of me in front.

Mother gave this to me recently. She's sorting and giving away some of the keepsakes she's saved.

This was my favorite find of the day!
Amber and Ben listened to Hap Palmer when they were babies!
I got this for less than fifty cents!
I tried and tried to play it this afternoon and was so frustrated the CD player kept saying 'no disc' when I pushed PLAY! I was so goofy!! It's a DVD!
Our player isn't hooked up yet so I'll take it to the quads next time I'm over!
Speaking of the quads - Amber posted The Quad Squad Eleven Mont Update!
They are growing SO fast!!!
We are usually sitting outside waiting for the art ladies to arrive.
Ruth Ann and Louis Dean go way back! Ruth Ann is Ellen's younger sister and she met Louis Dean when she was just a little girl.

We had to visit a few minutes while the sun slid down a bit more so we could paint without the sun hitting our eyes! I opened up this Peach Sparkletini and got all fancy with some baked white cheddar Cheese Bits served in individual bathroom paper cups!
Yum! YUM!!!

The sun moved and art was underway!

We painted until 'Dark Thirty!' when Louis Dean strung up a light and we painted some more.
When we couldn't see any more we sat and visited a few more minutes.
After everyone left Louis Dean said, "Are you ready to sit out with our wine?"
Apparently he doesn't count the time we sit with friends and family as the final 'sit' in our day!
So we SAT again - for a little while.
I love the fact he wants to sit with me.
These are memory making moments and I treasure them.
I do admit it's a little bit hard for me to sit still for very long.
Louis Dean does a much finer job at SITTING than I do!
I'm working on it!



Jutta said...

Simply love your way to enjoy the life. Live it 100%.

Deb said...

Another awesome Tuesday with great finds

Sandra said...

so many treasures to find so little time. i love the basket of debris shot... you did find a lot of bargains...

Bev said...

What treasures and what fun...and I'm with LD... I always like to sit 'again' with hubby after the company leaves!

Vee said...

You fill your days beautifully with people, fun, and your beloved. I recognized your beautiful mom right away. How sweet that she is making sure certain things are with certain people. Someday I want to go shopping with you. I never see this kind of debris in our local shops and certainly not for those prices. Oh, wanted you to know that I cut up jeans today and made a little stash for whacking into squares. You just never know when I'm going to catch whatever you've caught. Ha!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You are certainly a 'busy bee'!!!! No doubt about it.

You pack so many things into your days.

And thus, make lovely memories. Along with all the now-fun. :-)

Linda said...

What luxury to sit outside in the dusk!

Linda said...

Linda, great post! What treasures you found! I absolutely love thrift stores, especially charity shops. Goodwill stores here in Quebec are known as "Renaissance". Renaissance is French for rebirth.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

What a fun day and an even better evening with family and friends. You will have to work on your "sitting skills." :)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Never a dull moment over there...you pack so much into each day! Painting until dark sound like the perfect way to end the day.

Carla said...

Well you may have left the one thrift store empty handed but looks like you hit the jack pot when you went to Goodwill.