Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Country Life and WINDOWS!!!

We made it to the country yesterday! After leaving home at 1:00 in the afternoon - and stopping at Hillsboro for a delicious late lunch - we were in Waco by 4:00 and spent several HOURS at Home Depot getting supplies and then HEB stocking up on groceries. As I was checking out there, I discovered I had left my credit card at The Lone Star Cafe! Thankfully, it was one of the VERY few times I had cash money on me!

We did arrive before dark!

Just look at that awesome driveway the 'white beast' - as my sister calls it - is sitting on!!

We sat up late last night talking to Dean and watching this spider spin her amazing web in under an hour! This is right where the truck is parked and Louis Dean accidentally walked right into it right before we came in to go bed. He didn't mean to disturb her until today - but he forgot it was there.
Silly man. He made me get a flash light and check his clothes before he came in. He didn't want to bring 'HER' in with him!

It might be the country air or the fact that we are more relaxed or something else -
but we slept so WELL last night! Our AC is humming along nicely and it was cool as a cucumber in here!! It was 10:00 when I finally woke up this morning and Louis Dean had turned the coffee on but was waiting for me before he even had his first cup. Ahhhhh.......

Dean took a photo of his peacock this morning.
He's outgrown his pen and they are going to build him a new one.

While Louis Dean put on his work clothes and started framing in the windows of our 'Add a room'....

I put on a pair of his socks to cover the skin between my short jeans and my shoes so I could go romping through the wildflowers! There's a good bit of poison ivy down here!

I remembered to bring my Texas Wildflowers book. 
Wish I had brought an empty journal to document the ones in bloom.

The fields are mostly yellow this trip.....
I saw a strange one I had never seen before.
It looks like layers of batting after the buds open.
I'll take better pics of it tomorrow and look it up in my book.
Some of the wildflowers have funny names. I'm loving this adventure of cataloging what I see.

I rode my bike up to mail a very belated birthday card to Amber!
I have been so late to everything the last few months.
I missed Deanie and Charlie's anniversary and several birthdays.....including Roy's which is today - I think! That would be Ruth Ann's husband. I need to pay more attention!

This is the view past the ranch......

and the view entering.


I ended up down at the chicken coops where I gathered up some truly 'farm fresh eggs!'
One was spotlessly clean and still warm to the touch.
Dean washed them for me before I took them back up to the camper.

Dean helped his dad with the windows.

Two are up and the other two followed.
We are in 'Git 'R DONE' mode!

It's been a wonderful day.
I read some.
I did housekeeping chores.
I made a good dinner of beef tips and onions in the crock pot and served it over mashed potatoes along with rosemary carrots and cantaloupe and corn on the cob.
I meant to make a banana pudding tonight - but that didn't happen.

The sunset was beautiful this evening.

I went down to feed the horses the cobs from the corn as well as the husks.

As soon as they see me, they know I have treats for them and they come right up to me.

This shy one comes last but at least he does come.
He used to stay back.

I haven't heard any locust down here yet....but I'm listening for them.
It's been such beautiful weather - for a May and June in Texas - it has been wonderful!

I was late in mailing Amber's card and I still need to get Mother's to her.
She turned 91 on June 6th! She and Amber and Deanie's youngest grandson all share the same birthday. I need to get her a pair of the slip on shoes she's been wanting.
She can't talk on the telephone any more so our communications are only in person and those have  been few and far between lately. Deanie has not been well lately but she is slowly improving day by day. She did too much for too long and her health is still very fragile.

To close out this day's journal - Rayne turned SEVEN!!!
I started to say 'this afternoon' but I see it is late so it was yesterday afternoon.
Happy Birthday to all my favorite June People!!!
Rayne - my granddaughter 
Cathy - a dear friend
Roy - Ruth Ann's husband

And now I am off t o bed and since I am 'retired' - I can stay up late and sleep in and I do so love that about my life!!!!


Bluebird49 said...

I find myself smiling each time I see you've got a new post up here!

Y'all are so blessed to have Dean. Sounds like the home cooking goes on at the ranch, too. Two hardworking men to feed!

Enjoy every breath, Linda! I know you must!

Sandra said...

bob and I often talk about how much we love retirement, really love it. just like you and LD. tell LD I LOVE the windows, they are beautiful and that room is going to be really beautiful. can't wait to see the finished product and what you put inside it... not that I think you will decorate a porch room LOL LOL

Sandra said...

the golden sun glow on the horse is awesome

Susie said...

Linda Hope you got your card back. Looks like things are starting to move right along there. Oh that sweet cutie pie Rayne...I wish her happy birthday. I saw my Emma yesterday,got hugs and kisses. How I miss her being Rayne's age. Good idea about the high white socks. That's how Ted will be look while cutting wood this year...too risky with Ticks. Blessings to all, xoxo, Love, Susie

Vee said...

Your mom still stands so tall! She is one hip 91 year old. Praying for Deanie to feel better and better each day. I miss a lot of opportunities to wish people a Happy Birthday...organization is not my strong suit even with a tickler file. Enjoy these country days breathing the rarified air. I know that you'll all pace yourselves...right?

Sandy said...

I can't wait to see the finished room! I keep up with your every post! Your Mom looks great at 91.
Have a wonderful day & stay cool!

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a gorgeous county sunset! And you videoed it, too! Wow, the windows are looking so nice!! It is going to be very pretty and spacious! Looks like Mr. Peacock is looking fr some action! He is so beautiful. YAY, no more mud! Love the mailbox!

Linda said...

Glad you're having such wonderful weather. Is the bathroom to be a project for this summer as well? I enjoy seeing pictures of the animals.

Carole said...

Love your windows! I always think that lots of light makes everything better - although it does make hanging pictures tricky. Cheers

Diana Ferguson said...

It's coming along! I know you can't wait to get to use this great space.