Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Quad Monday and Traditional Tuesday!

We had 'Quad' a Monday!
The kids arrived to yet one more birthday gift bag from Aunt Nita and Uncle Mike.

We were amazed by Harrison! 
He read all their birthday cards this year!

Louis Dean is on blood thinners so he bleeds easily but his blood clots quickly so it doesn't last long.

Still, Kailey gets very concerned over every scratch or bruise on her beloved Granddad!

Kailey worries over Granddad's boo-boo's!

The birthday bag held four great gifts! All perfect for Quad Monday!

First - they all painted dinosaurs!
It came a sudden rain so I gave them all small bathroom cups to catch the rain water to use to wash their paint brushes.

Next up was some Kitchen Science projects!
They made a volcano using baking soda, vinegar, red food color and dish washing liquid.
It was a big hit!
Then they took turns shooting the rocket fueled by baking soda and vinegar.

They had a lot of fun with that.

Then after the rain stopped, we gathered onions and tomatoes from the garden.

They had a ball looking for the red ripe tomatoes.

The cucumbers are nearly ready to pick but watermelon and cantaloupes are still too new to have fruit on them yet.

Leave it to Kailey to pose in the tomato patch!

Then the other two girls had to do the same thing.

Although, Trystan wanted to be by the pepper plants.

All four LOVED pulling up onions and before I could turn around, they had harvested a LOT of the them!!

Then they used the hose to clean off all the dirt.

Washing the produce was as much fun as picking it!

While they did that, I was in the gazebo setting up the fingerprint station from the science box.......
I had it all laid out on the table with a paintbrush and corn starch and everything when Logan and Harrison got a little wild with that water hose and sprayed the gazebo down right through the netting!
All the fingerprint stuff was soaked. I hope it dried out okay enough to use next time!

The girls disappeared into the house and I found Logan and Kailey in my room looking for earrings.

I hung the bag I keep them in and let them choose the ones to wear that day.

They pick different ones every time.

I am one of the few people left in the world who still wears clip on earrings!

I fixed a good lunch of beans and rice plus a vegetable soup and the best garlic bread ever!
We took good long naps in the den and then played in the gazebo again.
It was a fun day full of books, games, play and more.

Dinner was easy peasy and surprisingly good.
A frozen lasagna and a frozen peach cobbler with bread and butter.

And with that - our day was done!

Bye!!! And they're gone......

Logan likes to take a selfie for me to find when I put my pictures on the computer......

Harrison decided to do the same!

We had a Traditional Tuesday complete with movie, Goodwill and art! 
All three components of a perfect Tuesday!
This morning I checked the movie listings and found one!

Ruth Ann and I made it to the noon showing and it was a good one!
Lots of old people! Since we are there ourselves, we really enjoyed it!
That Ann-Margaret is still beautiful inside and out!

We visited my friend, Reaoma, for a little while this afternoon and then hit up the Goodwill on Beltline.

I couldn't resist this fall centerpiece and a garland.

Plus a Coca-Cola tray.....

and these two pretty bowls - perfect for salad or pasta!

I washed and used then this evening for our dinner.
With all these tomatoes and herbs in the garden, I combined them in a roasted dish that smelled as good as it tasted. We had three - and only three - okra pods so I roasted them along with the tomatoes and they were delicious!

We did ART to fin sh out the night.

Always a special drink! Last week we had Frozen Peach Bellini's and I froze the extra.
Tonight I simply added a glass of white wine to the mix and blended.
Made three perfect servings!

Sherry is an artist in so many areas - stitching is one of them.

I think she called this an Egyptian stitch.

I'm loving the seascape.
Next session all I need to do is work on the wave/foam/spray and highlight the rocks.
Summer said she saw this scene in real life today.
She is loving her time in Puerto Rico!!

Louis Dean has been in bed for hours now.
He has an early morning doctor appointment.
I've kind of enjoyed myself with these few hours all by myself.
Sarah Brightman CD is playing and I think I will take my book and read in bed for awhile.
I get to sleep in!


Weekend-Windup said...

Sounds that you had a wonderful time with all of them. They all are busy doing their work:)

Linda said...

I'm amazed at how Kailey is thriving. Touches my heart to see her these days looking so vibrant and healthy. I think a child who's had Kailey's experience is almost always unusually caring toward someone sick or injured. Bob also takes blood thinners. He fell between his bed and the window the other night and got a long gash on his arm when he hit the wall mounted heater. At 85 I was super thankful he didn't break a hip. Okra is my favorite vegetable but I don't think it grows well here like it does in Texas. In fact, I sometimes have trouble finding it here. I guess it's considered Southern. It will soon be time to head back to the country. Perhaps Sherry can bring you a care package of your garden produce.

Vee said...

Thank goodness for a day to sleep in! Trusting that Louis Dean will earn a very good report for all his good health habits—interest in life, love of family, hard work, good eating (anyone who eats okra deserves extra points just sayin') and a strong faith!

That painting is lovely. How cool that Summer is enjoying such things in real life.

Those grands of yours are amazing! Smart as cookies and sharp as tacks. 🍪 🔨

Kathy said...

You have had two fun days. Those kids are growing up way too fast. I know you are loving having fresh veggies and herbs right outside of your door. It's rained so much here that I haven't gotten anything in the garden yet. Hopefully this weekend will dry out enough for me to do that.

Susie said...

Linda, It's good you let the children help with the veggies. They sure are learning lots form you and LD. Glad you and Ruth Ann had another good day together. Those dishes were perfect for your home grown veggies. I love the seascape picture. Sherry's embroidery is beautiful. Hope LD gets good rep[orts from the drs. It would be so heavenly to sleep in. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

I love those bowls you found Linda. I am a sucker for dinnerware. Loved seeing the kids at play as usual. That was a great gift and helpful to you as it provided a day's worth of activities. I received my books and I am so excited. They are packed in my sunflower bag and ready to go to Grimmwood. When I finish them I may pass them along to Diane, Lavender Dreamer, or Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics. Both of them are avid readers as well. Maybe we could write a book about the Traveling Books!!( Instead of the Traveling Pants that was popular a few years ago.)

Sandra said...

the quads look so cute in the garden and I love the HAIR shot picking tomatoes.. good job Harrison reading all the cards. on no, you are starting Sept early with that fall centerpiece

Deanna Rabe said...

What a great quad Monday and a good Tuesday! Fun, fun, fun!

Harrison is reading so well!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love Sarah Brightman, but haven't heard of her in years. She used to be married to Andrew Lloyd Weber. Your painting is already beautiful! The quads left late this time, it is pitch dark! Do they get to catch fireflies, or do you have any? Sweet Kailey "When you get blood, it scares me". I get lots of big blood bruises and bleed also. It is all over my arms and some on my legs. It is called Pupura. The girls always ask about my boo boos! Harrison is reading so well. I have found a new way to keep green onions. I put them in a glass with about an inch of water, put a plastic bag over them, and they go in the fridge. If the bag is Ziploc, you can zip it shut around the glass. So far, mine have kept almost two weeks this way!

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

I would be concerned too, at her age, with grandpa's ouchies!!!

I've seen this movie advertised online, I saw the old one, long, long, long ago. I liked that one, I'm sure I'd like this one too. Will have to check it out.

LOVE your seascape Linda.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Lots of living packed into this blog post! I can't believe you are harvesting things from your garden already. Mine just got planted last week. :) Always fun to see your quads in action!

Bluebird49 said...

What wonderful two days you had! Harrison reads so well. Amber and Mike should be so proud of themselves for raising their kids in a Godly home! They are just so precious!

Love your painting, as always. Your talents are boundless!